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I requested a game and it got rejected, but I can't see the notification that showed the reason of denial. Do you guys know how to see your old notifications?


Notifications and old notifications should be under the "bell" icon in the top right. If it's not there maybe ad-block or your browser is being dumb. I just tested a reject on my end and got the notification.


Me too, I can't see the old notifications.


Can you provide a screenshot? Because I've always been able to see notifications even if they're days old. Obviously after a while new notifications will push the older notifications out of the box but it should be sticking there for a while until it is pushed out, I believe.


Yeah I only am ever able to view the last 10 notifications after I've opened it to see new notifications, the person most likely means that they opened their notifications and there were too many initially to go back and look at the denial notification


Click the person icon, go onto 'view profile', go onto 'pending actions', and there should be a section titled 'rejected runs' there.


paintophobia I'm talking about rejected game requests, but thank you.


What kind of game is it? Did you link your own run? Did you leave a page explaining game's info?


It's a Roblox game XD. I did link a run, and the page explain the game's info was the page on Roblox to play it and see info.


that still doesnt answer the question though, it would be nice to view older notifications.


Maybe this should get its own thread, but I've stopped receiving notifications despite following many games. I used to get notifications for WRs and forum posts, but they just stopped coming.


@Smajet Yeah, this isn't really the right thread for that. But in any case, it's been reported a couple times in the Site Bugs thread and the Discord. Admins are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

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