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There's a flag for every country including North Korea but none for Sealand. I need some representation.

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Huh, never realized Sealand had a neat flag.


I reckon Sealand should be recognised here, after all the country is 51 years old 🙂


It doesn't really matter how old a country is though. South Sudan is only 7 years old and it's fully recognised, yet Sealand isn't recognised by a single UN state.

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I think that it should at least have a flag if someone wants it, whether it isn't recognized by the UN, this is the internet lmao

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I think the point was that there are a lot of other countries that would have higher priority to be added than Sealand based on the fact that they're internationally recognized.

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Given that Sealand is an uninhabited hunk of concrete in the ocean, nobody is from there, and I'm skeptical anyone's doing speed runs there.

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Considering we have Antarctica, we could have Sealand... at least you can live there... in a way.

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In Antarctica? Yeah people do live there, some times.


I’ll donate another $10 to keep my Antarctica flag


Being able to pay for a flag sets a precedent that might be of interest to somebody like Sealand dude. Is Antarctica allowed because it's legit or because somebody paid for it? If the latter, why not Sealand? If the former, you shouldn't need to pay anything to keep Antarctica around.


Antarctica has been on the site for as long as I’ve been here. I don’t know whether it was added as a joke or not.

Also, since apparently it wasn’t obvious, I was joking in my post. I donated $10 already to get the normal donator perks and to support the site so that was the joke.