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Why "verifiers" don't have rights to edit time in runs? We can verify only 100%-matched runs, but if someone submit +-1 second or wrong milliseconds for short games, we can't. Verifier mod can only accept or reject, that's all. But we should verify runs in any case.

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That is how the role was setup. There may have been discussion regarding adding some abilities like that to verifiers but I do not know where it has gone nor what it has led to.

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This has been brought up tons of times by many people including myself and all we ever really get in response is that it's on the todo list. I've talked to Pac and KirkQ about this in person but to paraphrase it's just not a particularly high priority right now whilst they're working on other site-related stuff.

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Actually they can change time.

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Verifiers currently cannot modify anything related to runs

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