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When viewing submissions on a marathon page you are a moderator for, showing extra info goes outside of the border. Also, all submissions automatically enter Phase 0, but for some reason, I can't choose to move up to Phase 1 (but I can still choose to move down to Phase 0 while they're already in Phase 0, which does nothing as expected). These seems to happen on all themes (at least the four that I tested did this).

Edit: Also, comments are extremely vertical lol (sorry if all of this has been mentioned before)


This may not be a bug, but if you have more than 1 PB submitted for a category that allows for multiple submissions without making the slower one obsolete and someone else submits a run beats the slower but but DOESNT beat the FASTER one, you will get a notification saying that the faster one was beaten when it should say the slower one is beaten. https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​eD87aQY . The time they beat was a 1:30:54 which is my second place time (which i did with different people). Very small and not really relevant bug but figured ill put it here.

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Any series page takes a very long time to load, especially on mobile devices. It might be with loading all variations of year, platform, publisher etc. On the left of screen. Please fix it. It was even before site redesign

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Having some issues with runs awaiting verification.

Four runs that were awaiting verification did not show up in my queue until between 4 to SEVENTEEN days after they were originally submitted. Not sure how this is happening, but this is pretty bad if this is happening.

Thanks in advance!


@RazorflameRazorflame are you sure the runs were submitted 4-17 days before they showed up or do you mistake the submitted on date with the played on date?
the runs awaiting verification page doesn't cache or anything,
so it'd be very weird for the database to just not throw those runs when asked to.

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Not exactly sure if this is a bug or if its been mentioned before but sometimes when you load pages with lots of categories and with lots of subcategories, before it loads all the categories the way they have been aranged by the moderators it will sort all subcategories into 1 category and then after about a second and a half it will do back to the way they were set up


@HowDenKingHowDenKing That actually makes quite a bit of sense. That is probably what happened as three of the runs said 4 days ago, and one said 17 days ago, and they didn't appear until yesterday, so I am more inclined to believe that they were submitted with the date played at an earlier date. I don't know why the hell I did not think of that 😕 Thanks for the help!

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Having too many categories in Misc (See: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​supermetroidhacks) cuts off at the top. It probably needs some sort of scrollbar. I'm pretty sure this has been reported but I wasn't 100% so re-reporting it.

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i know i already reported this probelm occuring on mobile but appearently it happens on my computer too

i would also like to point out when you hit submit game request it automatically replaces the release date with the current date making it quite frustrating to submit a game request when you have to hit withdraw and resubmit your request for the second time around to try to fill in this bit of information accuratly only to find out nothings changed 🙂


adding new games as a series mod is broken again, it redirects to a blank page when i click the [+ Add] button on both mobile and pc, i havent tested it with the normal way of submitting

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This is honestly one of the nicer 'bugs' out there, but I'm seeing my profile banner freakin everywhere. Including in the background as I type this message. Yay Fetch!

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Also encountering bug adding games as a series moderator. Has been determined if this is site wide or limited to particular browsers? If it's site wide, should I request the game via the normal request method?

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