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@Bradenbest Run-Specific information could be in the description, or image proof.
the description putting it back in queue is compeltely intentional and good this way.

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I recently created a new leaderboard: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​fexl

Despite submitting a run to test the leaderboard out (, Arcade Mode - Easy still shows "There are no runs." by default.

However, when applying the following filters, my run shows up:
Character - Skullomania
Gougi - Nightmare

Now, the interesting thing is that when I remove those filters and change Character/Gougi back to "Any", my run still shows up!

However, refreshing the page shows "There are no runs." again.


@AufWiedersehen in your Extra variables/subcategories section for Gougi you need to have all boxes in the value section to be checked off default

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So when you have a variable with a default applied to a leaderboard, the settings say that the board is filtered to that value by default:

But then the highlighting on the leaderboard makes it look like the board is unfiltered by default:

(Note that for Super Metroid specifically, we're currently debating whether to leave a default active for this variable)

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Not getting notifications for games that I'm following. I have notifications for every aspect of Choppy Orc, there's been multiple runs verified in the past 36 hours and I haven't gotten notifications for new PBs. Same goes for new WRs

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When submitting to a marathon, selecting a game from the autocomplete menu takes you to the game page rather than filling in the form, making marathon submission difficult. It is still possible to select the game with the arrow keys and tab.


@TempystralTempystral Workaround for now is typing out the exact game name and pressing enter in the same field rather than clicking in the search game popup.


Users with dots between their username can't be mentioned: @dd.E.M.O.

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The "Audit Log" page seems to be quite broken now. Not sure if this was because of the layout changes, but I'm assuming so. The list view seems to straight up not work, all it does is change the results per page, the content is still shown in a grid. In addition, and I'm not sure if this was the case before, but the "context" part is shown inside a <pre> tag. This works fine for most things, but with lengthy forum posts or run descriptions it causes the text to go way outside the main container and creates a huge horizontal scrollbar. This makes it pretty much impossible to read. It also seems that due to the way the information is stored it doesn't even take into account the newlines that are actually present in the post/description (they are displayed as "/r/n" instead).

Edit: Seems that the same problem is present on the "Streams" page (as mentioned here https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Site/​thread/​c0en0/​10#4wask ) and also "All Games". So pretty much anywhere you can toggle between grid- and listview.


Sorry for the double post, but this is a separate issue. Displaying/rendering the content on a series pages (like https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​10_second_ninja ) takes way too long now. I’m not sure what is going on, but I ran it through the performance tool in the Chrome. It consistently takes around 30 seconds to render on my computer.

This is after page load btw, so a client side problem (i.e. your mileage might vary). Tried to investigate a bit what the cause might be, but I didn't really find out much. It just does a lot of recalculation of style, and that seems to be what is taking up the most time.

Edit: One more oddity on the page that might help explain what is going on. When it first loads the body tag is nearly 300 000 pixels tall for some reason. Also the same problems seem to be present on https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​games (I'm assuming it is using pretty much the same code)

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So, the default value of "Game type" on a series page has changed with the new visual update. Previously mobile and hidden games (e.g. category extension boards) were hidden by default in series pages where as now they are shown by default. Unsure if this was an intended change or not with the new update.

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I can't set the region for these 2 runs for some reason.
When I set them to JPN, it just reverts back to nothing by itself.



Okay so anytime I submit a run now, I cannot put the Nationality of the game version I'm playing


So as a result, every run from being posted now is making the page look ugly, please fix

  GreenSnowDogGreenSnowDog I got the notification that the game is accepted but it seems there might be a problem as I can't find it on here


Game additions are bugged again right now.