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Fixed it. Unless a variable is a sub-category don't tick a default box or else the filter will be set to that by default.

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I don't know if the issue for leaderboard creation from requests have been fixed but when I try to add a game on a series where I'm a mod, I've the "Invalid game" response after adding it.

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I dont know if its just on my end but when i see people tag each other on here the name gets doubled (one blue and one with the color of the user). This only started happening recently and again, dont know if its just on my end. Also im on mobile maybe it has something to do with that. It also only affects new messages, the old ones dont seem changed.


@BigBoiRacoonix I believe that is a bug in the new site layout that the full mods and staff have beta access to. At least that was what I heard from the discord when this first happened, I’m not sure if there’s been any updates on it since then or if it’s been shown to happen to regular users too.

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that must be why it only happens when a full mod tags another user.

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well i have a bug
i can't play twitch videos


That’s not a site bug. The site doesn’t host Twitch videos, it only embeds them. If you can’t play them, it’s a problem on your end or with Twitch. FWIW, I can watch them fine.


Hello, i'm not sure if this is a bug, but recently i've been trying to edit runs as a verifier but it isn't allowing me to edit. Have you changed the permissions of verifier or is this a bug?


Verifier does not have permissions to edit runs (never did). That said, it is something being considered.

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I am unable to add new leaderboards as a series Supermod right now.

Whenever I try to add one all I get is "Error: Invalid Game" no matter what. Doesn't work on any of the series I am Supermod for.

Edit: Just realised this has been posted about 10 days ago ... is it still not fixed? or perhaps its a bug that resurfaced?

Edit 2: This appears to be fixed now.

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Requested the game VR Troopers to be added. It was approve, but when I clicked on the approve message it loaded up the main SR page. When I typed the game into the search bar, the board doesnt exists? Should I send the request again?


Attempting to browse my account's forum posts now results in a totally empty page. This is worse than what it was like when I posted on page 38, in which it showed up without CSS but otherwise was still browsable.


Hi! Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this question, otherwise let me know where I should put it 🙂

I'm currently working on an iOS client for searching/viewing speedruns posted on this site using the API you guys provide. Love that you have it open! However, I found some issues with the `/leaderboards` endpoint. The docs says the endpoint contains 'non-obsolete runs', but I found a few cases where I would receive a few obsolete runs as well.

This is the leaderboard for the 'SSB64 - Unlock All Characters' category where I'm asking for the top 10 results, but I get 15. 5 of the resulting runs are obsolete.

Is there a query parameter I'm overlooking or this is a bug?


Originally posted by API Documentationonly return the top N places (this can result in more than N runs!)


Yeah, I saw that, but removing the parameter `top` also returns the same obsolete runs.


When creating new values for variables in extra variables/subcategories, if a value name is inputted and the mouse is clicked outside the text box, a dialog appears with "26086" and an OK button. Clicking OK creates the variable as usual. Appears on both Firefox and Chrome.
Didn't work with other options I tried. That was an interesting find.


@Quivico did you double check with the api to see if that might be the variable's id?
it being given on variable creation would be great QoL as you don't need to search the API for it.


@HowDenKing I'm no coder so I wouldn't know by any means, but the code seemed to call it a "data-variable", so it seems so or similar. It changes by specific variable and not when adding new values. Does sound convenient for those who know what they're doing.