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Hey everyone. Since I noticed that in allot of Forums - especially "The Site" - the same Questions are getting asked over and over again, I want to build up a little FAQ here.



How do I submit a run?

Simply click in the Search-bar in the top of the Site and type in the name of the game you want to submit the run to. When found, click on it and you're on the GAME PAGE. Here you can click on the "Submit Run"-Text in the top-left corner and fill out the form.


Are Screenshots/Images allowed as proof of the run?

This depends on the Game's community/Mods, but usually not.
Take a look at the rules of the game/category and if it isn't described clearly you should ask in the forum of the game or ask a Mod.


What do I do, when the game doesn't show up/exists?

You can submit a new Game on this Site: Be sure you read through the rules and everything and submit it properly. You got to WAIT for it's approval, usually it takes around 1-2 WEEKS! The Admins have a real-life as well and there're surely a dozens of requests send so be patient.


What when I submitted a run?

When you successfully submitted a run, you have to wait for the run to get verified/declined. When it gets approved, you'll be able to see your run on the Leaderboards. If not, you'll get a response why the run was declined. The verification usually takes three to four days, depending how active a game is. If your runs wasn't approved/denied AFTER 2 weeks or longer, you can ask on THIS Thread to become a Mod for the Game.


Game Categories

1. You have to be a Mod or Super-Mod of the Game you want to edit.
2. Go to the Game's page and click "Edit Game".
3. Scroll down to the "Full-game categories".
a. If you want to EDIT a Category, simply click on the name or rule text-area, or change the options.
b. To create a new one, simply click "New Category" and fill our all data.

Once you edited or created the Category, you don't have to save the game since it'll save all changes.


I have got a question regarding a Game

Go to the Game's Forum and ask there. Asking a question in the overall Forums is usually useless since most of the people don't know/run the Game, so they don't know anything about it. So don't bother these people and focus on the actual Game's community.


Where's the (Private) Messaging feature?!

Like you probably noticed, it's not ready yet. It's currently in work, but hasn't the highest priority. Actually, it doesn't have a high priority at all. There's Twitch-, Twitter, YouTube- and other PM-Systems or contacting services out there, so just use these till this one is done.


Often seen in the "Streaming"-Forum: Advertising your Stream

DON'T! JUST DON'T! Seriously! The entire Site is NO advertisement platform for your stream! Your Stream will be shown on the "Streams"-Page ( when you speedrun stuff AUTOMATICALLY! There's no need to annoy and spam the forums with these dumb threads.


Searching is the KEY

Before you ask a question, please actually SEARCH for a solution/answer beforehand. There's mostly already a Thread for the problem, so search for it first. Don't forget to also search the related GAMES-Forum if it has anything to do with the Game.

If you have any other things you would think that would be useful to be added, let me know 🙂

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I still consider PMs a high priority task as it would save both admins and users a lot of headaches.


IMHO because of what kirkq stated an admin should make a FAQ. I don't have anything against you Prefixaut but it would make it more official.


Alright, I guess I got it wrong then kirkq 😮
And yea, it's just here to at least make people aware of it. hope there'll be a official one soon tho 🙂


Requesting to add a note on how to add new categories to existing games 😉 (Post on the game’s board according to a different thread on here)


Hey there, I looked everywhere on site, but I'm not able to find an email adress where we can come in contact to moderators regarding account creation details,

I've found the "contact" section of this website on the top, but on my win7 computer it just opens a textbox saying that this needs to open with another aplication, wich then lets me chose yahoo or gmail, I don't own any of those accounts, and I can't find wrtitten anywhere on site the email address to do so.

Thank you for your time


The link is just a mailto: link which tries to automatically send you to your email services New mail - The address you want is