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This goal of this thread is to collect feedback on how to organize times with videos, times without videos, and possibly unsanctioned personal bests moving forward. For now, things will remain largely as they are regarding this. More discussion will be helpful in making plans to improve the site. Some of this was briefly discussed in another thread, but I would like to emphasize some ideas and issues for discussion.

Runs can be mostly divided into 3 different types of data:
Case 1: Times with videos
Case 2: Community sanctioned times (on leaderboards) with no videos
Case 3: Unsanctioned personal best times (not on leaderboards) with no videos

Case 1 is currently supported for all games. Case 2 is supported for games where moderators have chosen to support it. A checkbox was recently added for users to filter to Case 1 “Videos only” Case 3 is not currently supported by the site.

Case 1: Times with videos are available for public scrutiny and are largely verifiable. Some games only currently support Case 1. currently allows individual communities to choose whether or not videos are required, which creates some inconsistency between games, which can be okay.

Case 2: Many communities have chosen to support times without videos. Some communities outside of enforce a threshold beyond which a video is required, which could also be an option implemented here. From a moderation standpoint it can be difficult to handle issues relating to this type of data set, so some communities choose not to support it. Lack of transparency of top times was a frequent issue at a previous record tracking site, and the general accuracy of the data was frequently questioned. It seems that this data is still something people want as an option for moderators to choose to support. Being able to sort to only videos helps users to get to the data set they want to look at.

Case 3: To what extent do the users want to use this site for tracking personal bests? As it currently stands, a user cannot track a personal best with no video for games where video is required. Is this something we want to support? It could possibly be implemented as a separate data set only associated with the user, and one idea might be a freeform data set with little to no moderation.

Should we look to support a data set of less moderated times specific to each user that are not featured on the main leaderboards? If this is something we should do, are there better ways to offer this functionality? Is this something the users want the site to handle, or is it out of scope?


I ¤like¤ the ability of having a way to post all of my PBs in one place, moderated by myself, and not by a gatekeeper.

I use PBTracker for that currently. It replaced putting everything into a box on Twitch, which had gotten too messy to deal with .

A way to add arbitrary rows to my user page, choosing game, category, time, and video or not, could replace that. But it'd have to be free form to replace PBTracker, unmoderated, wild.


I'm an advocate for integrating other leaderboard into this site on a one direction basis, and allowing users to post their run for those games, but with no integration back to the other site.

ie a time posted on another leaderboard would show up here, but people can post times here and it wouldn't show on the other leaderboard.

If you're going to prioritize assisting other leaderbaord you're going to run into a lot more problems than it is worth, especially when the point is to make this place the go to spot for leaderboards.


Allowing people to post times on here but not on the other leaderboard could cause that people start using this site instead of the other because it has a bigger/more accurate list of times, thus rendering the other leaderboard useless.

It'd provide competition that would cause unnecessary emotional harm to users of the other leaderboard. If we really want to provide an overview of all leaderboards for all games being run, I'd say it's best to design a system where the site links to the other leaderboards without 'stealing' its runs.


I understand not wanting to cause harm to other communities, but I like the idea of a central place for all own PBs and all WRs.
The least aggressive way I know would be to have just the WR for each game/category and a link to the complete leaderboard below it and have user PBs show up in their profile only.
A bit more aggressive would be the same, but showing all user-submitted PBs.

Either way a way to display all your PBs on your profile in an unmoderatored fashion for any invented category would be nice to have.


I think that idea is pretty good. Basically, in a specific game where you need a video and you don't have one, your time wouldn't be accepted; but you could, on your profile, add a time for a game that you claim is yours, so it is listed on your profile as one of your times, but not on that game's leaderboard. Therefore, you can show people your profile to have all your times (automatically from game leaderboards + manually entered for "lower quality" PBs with no video).

It's possible for people to lie and add a SM64 120 star 1:37 to their profile but since it'll only show up on their profile, it won't really hurt anybody. I can see the possible confusion and abuse that could come out of that though.