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So I've just got my account relogged in after years, and come across a game which the submission doesn't follow the rules.

I remember speedrun was going to implement a report feature / a chat to moderators however seems neither have been, or atleast aren't showing up.

Furthermore it's actually a mod of said game that has broken the rules.

Any help here? 🙂


Do you want to report a run, runner or entire game?

For a runner / run, talk to the moderators of that game,
if that has no success, you can try talking to a Full-Mod via any of their Social Media as a last resort.

If you mean a game is breaking the rules of game-submission,
it's usually because the rules get amended over time,
but games that have been up before that change will not be deleted because of it.


My bad! I meant, there's a runner - who is also one of the few mods on that game, who's submitted a run (a while ago) and specially says it has to be ran on PC, due to the speed of which the game is played.
This runner/mod submitted a few different runs in different categories and isn't running the PC version, he's running it on something else which actually runs the game at a fraction of a speed faster, but because of this he has the record (the guy actually accepted the runs himself x.x)

I'll try contacting one of the other mobs about it! Cheers.


If you are talking about BTD3, I see no rules against the use of iOS version. But since he is the only one who uses it, and if it's true that it's faster, it should be more fair to split into Web / iOS subcategories. You should try to post a thread on the game forum and wait for a response from one of the mods.


Just checked the rules again, and they've been changed from what it said this morning... lol

I'm personally not "too" fussed as this is only a kiddy game tbh, but it was a few other people that messaged me that noticed it (hence why it was the first time I'd logged back into my account here in like 2 years haha!)

shrugs ah well. 🙂

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