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Dear speedfriends, at some point later today, we will have Google ads on the site. Now don't worry, because:

• They'll be hidden if you're logged in
• The text-based ones will blend in with the colour theme
• They're be as relevant as possible
• They don't pop up or anything

Revenue would go towards:

• Covering site costs (like a new server, and bandwidth)
• Repaying the high cost of the domain name

We expect it to be proportional to the level of effort that has been and continues to be put into the site, and will result in better performance, as well as more time dedicated to developing the site.

We know that many of you will be using an adblocker anyway, but if you could consider whitelisting the site, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you all for understanding ❤️

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So... there's nothing to do at all ?

Damn, that rocks, if only all sites could do that.


I'd just like to say thanks, Pac, for making it as unnoticeable as possible. And please, please, please never have any plans to include pop up ads or automatically playing video (or audio) ads. They're just...the worst.

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❤️ This is a good thing then.
Support is awesome and I find that an acceptable level Pac, thanks for the update on that as well.
Good to see your back hope things went well for ESA I watched and had a blast.


The best thing imho is that you tell us beforehand, i like my senpai for being so open about it :3


(also when can we buy a Pac shirt? Kappa )

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Really nice, but I noticed that the streams list is almost empty when you're not logged in. Writing this here because I didn't experienced this before this update. Is it intended ?


So I did it, I disabled Adblock. This is the first time I ever did this on a site, that's how much I like this place ^^

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my experience with google adsense has been very positive. like, all the ads are targeted real well, and they're never intrusive. so i don't think they'll be a problem.


anyone knows how to block twitch/youtube ads on a run page but not the legit ads ?