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@paintophobia Can confirm after looking through the logs for a bit, plus he has a banned alt here:

Re-issued the ban, since it was ban evasion and he didn't really seem to learn his lesson by the looks of it. Thanks for the heads up.

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This user provides links to unsolicited giveaways for premium currency for the MMO, Warframe, that originates from a gold reselling website, where many people of the community believes is illegitimate. While I do not find this as a bot, per se, this is the second offense this account has posted on the forums, the first of which I had deleted. I initially wanted to edit the link out of the initial post for the offender to see my response and to use this post as evidence to the developers, but I am unable to.

Can the link in the offender's forum post be deleted, but the forum post be left intact? I'll reply again if the user posts again for more severe disciplinary actions.


Caught up to here.

@zopney I just went ahead and cleared the account. Regardless of whether or not those links are legitimate, to which I won't test myself obviously, the site really isn't the place to be advertising that kind of stuff.


Doing this weird thing where every forum post has at least a single character changed into a hyperlink that always go to the same website, and made multiple posts in a very short span like this, looks like a bot.


Cleared all those up.