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Multiple spam posts but yeah not sure if hes a bot but recent account.

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It’s not a bot, but it is a ban evader

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Not a bot, but this dude was banned a while ago and just came back, same name etc, some games even transferred runs over.

Surely that's not allowed?


Pretty sure @shasta2011 is the same ban evader as before. This guy needs to get a life.

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Now he's just straight-up linking to softcore porn. Can we IP ban?


I don't know about @QuadR8.

In the case of @Wolfwoot, he has created a game, and he came to advertise.


In the case of @QuadR8, his post should be in the game forum, not the general forums. And while @Wolfwoot might not be a bot, SRC isn't supposed to be used for advertising in the first place.


@QuadR8, potentially is.

Don't reckon @Wolfwoot is though. There is also no game forum for his game, yet, so he was unable to post it there. I cleaned it up regardless because advertising your game is definitely not supposed to be done in the 'Speedrunning' section.


Apparently this is where I report users. was banned a while back for trolling and spamming discords. He came back very soon after, same name, same pfp, some of his runs even got transferred over.

He's back at it again. Came into the speedrunning community discord under an alt and trolled there. He still has the same toxic attitude in various game forums that he was banned for. It's the most blatant ban evade ever, and kinda defeats the point of being banned in the first place.

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