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For some time already, we are regularly "attacked" by chinese spambots that post lots of crap in different sections of the forums. We usually clean them as fast as we can, but as we can't have eyes everywhere, we might miss some.

Please use this thread if you see any spambot that we did not ban/delete, by linking directly their profile. We will delete all the spam threads and ban the account.

By the way, some measures will be taken soon to hopefully prevent spambots from posting before they act.


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Saw that, and removed everything.

Just link the profile next time, we have access to all the forum posts from there 🙂


Removed, thanks


Alright, I think I cleaned everything.


Some of these aren't bots ... "DomingoBrogan" for example, seems to be not a bot. Why it would be? Just because he posted nothing?


He (or it in this case) did post various threads, we're just deleting the spam posts at the same time as banning them.

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