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Are messages coming anytime soon? I have been wanting them for a while now.


Everytime someone asks this question in the forum the message system is delayed by 1 day. Together we can make it come out sooner by stop asking about it Kappa


Whatever the heck happened to K appa on here is awful OpieOP

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I think it would be cool if users liking your post didn't stack on each like.

User 1, User 2, User 3 liked your post ..

User 3 liked your post ..
User 2 liked your post ..
User 1 liked your post ..

User 1, User 2, User 3 liked your post ..
User 1, User 2 liked your post ..
User 1 liked your post ..

Oh and I've heard someone say there wasn't a privacy policy on the site. Is that something that will get added some day?

Otherwise love it OpieOP

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I really like the site with all its features and I think it is quickly gaining a even bigger community and more attention.

A feature request for the developers: Would it make sense to you to unify the Generes (e.g. by using predefined tags to describe the game)?
There are a lot of the same (unnecessary) generes like.

Jump n Run
Jump n' Run
Jump ā€™nā€™ Run

I know it should be the task of the administrators to use the most popular Generes already in use.
But sometimes this isn't the case and they don't care.

Hope this isn't a double post/request.



I've been meaning to fix the genre problem for some time. Fixing Developers and Publishers will be a whole lot more difficult.

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I keep mixing up Individual Level/Category. It would be great to have a button that switches IL Row and Column in one click.

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For increasing the accuracy of the "All Games" search, it would be useful to mark platforms as primary. That way, if I'm looking for games played primarily on iOS and Android, I won't see games like Minecraft and Hotline Miami in the search -- for these you would mark the non-mobile platforms as primary.

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It be neat to have a more "advanced" method of sorting ILs other than Alphabetical and "move up/down by 1".

tbh all I'd need would be a "move to top" button,
or the ability to create new ILs inbetween old ones.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I have recently had to transition multiple groups of main categories within the same game mode to one main category and multiple subcategories for organization's sake. As far as I'm aware, I could only change the categories on one run at a time. If I had the ability to edit multiple runs at once, those transitions would have been made a lot easier.


There should be a system to report players. I don't want to search for mods and their social platforms neither want I to post it under my username in this forum.

Edit: @Zachoholic The "work" you mean is just a really shitty way to deal with that. There is no structure or organization behind this. But you seem that you would be a good mod at pubg. They need people like you


You're basically saying "I don't want to do work" šŸ˜•


On the Final Fantasy X leaderboards we have recently created an autosplitter which also allows you to remove the loading times from the game. We have implemented the 'Time Without Loads' column to these PC leaderboards.

However it seems like you can only set the 'Time Without Loads' option on the game itself rather than the individual leaderboards, which means that for our PS2 and PS3/4 leaderboards, the run submission asks you for a time without loads, when of course this wouldn't be realistically possible to calculate for these versions. Also on the leaderboards for these, the time column is 'Time Without Loads' when really it should be Time With Loads, or just left as 'Time'.

Is it possible to have the option to set 'Time without Loads' on individual leaderboards, rather than the game? I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem or if anyone has any solutions, but I'm sure it is getting more common now with more and more games becoming cross platform but require different leaderboards for the vast timing differences.


Not sure if this is posted already, but if it is, count it as a bump.
For setting up individual levels it would be wonderful to enter a term and a number. Meaning I could write "Challenge 45" and the leaderboard would load levels with Challenge 1, Challenge 2, ..., Challenge 45. I really don't want to have to write an automation script for this... but I might.

On another note, searching for forum posts would be awesome so repeats don't happen. A simpler version of that for this thread would be one big document with every request listed with its completion status.


Suggestion: ban Clint Stevens from until he changes his username... what a potty mouth !!

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@Dugongue No

@SatanSpeedruns On the large list of things to-do


Can we have sub-categories count as categories? I only recently noticed this while submitting runs today and my categories ran never moved. it doesn't make sense why it shouldn't.


Why does this page have score entries under both Full Game and Levels when they are exactly the same categories?

Also I think there should be a general rule against adding tons of different score speedrun categories. It just seems like for some games they just chose a bunch of arbitrary numbers that can all be obtained under 5 minutes. When it's something like High Score or earning a 1-up at least that corresponds to something specific in-game.


Can we have a way to select more regions for a game than just EUR/USA/JPN/CHN/KOR? There are some games (the one I'm thinking of is Kao 2ā€‹) where individual country releases are significantly different. For example, the Polish release of Kao 2 contains a large number of extra skips than the (English/French/German/Italian/Spanish) European version, but as there is no way to select more regions runs for both versions are submitted as EUR.

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