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On what would you want to see in the public moderator logs then.
See how many runs a mod accepted as count? or see a total log like: mod A made any% category, added runs, mod B added rules, deleted runs X + Y. or even a log per run what happend with it (even for removed runs then)?
And should only supermods be able to see them or every mod. and should they see the same thing or should supermods see more?

imho only supermods should be able to see the log because they are the people that can do more to other mods (like removing and adding). or even an option on who can see logs that the supermods only can change (if there are multiple supermods they would have to discuss it) if they want that.


Runs, guides, games - who added, edited, removed. Links to removed content only for mods.
Forum posts - Seeing 'post by X deleted by Y' instead of nothing.

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Originally posted by PackSciences Being able to turn the "misc categories" to "visible" by default on a profile page.

Agreed, good suggestion.

Originally posted by mobiusman this is a pretty low priority feature request, but just something I thought might be helpful - the ability for mods to add notes to runs that are currently pending verification, if they need some kind of discussion before being accepted or rejected.

Could be a good inclusion for a moderation update I also mentioned in my previous post in this thread.
At the same time though this wouldn't really be necessary anymore if that message system ever does happen.

Originally posted by xetrov Any plans to add HTTPS support?

While I agree https support is good, it's not really a priority on the to-do list at this point.

Originally posted by various people [...] moderator logs [...]

They'd be helpful in some form or other, keep the discussion going.

Originally posted by BetaM Forum posts - Seeing 'post by X deleted by Y' instead of nothing.

Yeah, something like this needs to happen.

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Bug: A forum thread here got a bit broken when the last user that posted was banned. It says there are 4 pages and 71 posts while there is really only 1 page, and clicking those pages shows that they are blank. Also, the last user posted is still shown as the banned user.


Couldn't find a suggestions thread, so I hope this is the correct place to put a couple suggestions:
1) If possible, the option to be able to middle/scroll wheel click runs to open that run's page without leaving the leaderboard.
2) The option to maybe see a notification on the globe in the top right when someone replies to your post? This seems like a stretch since currently I don't think there's a way to reply to a specific post. Still thought i'd mention it though.


an idea i've had for awhile is the ability to comment on submitted runs. i'm not gonna speak for if it's hard or easy to implement, but it would be neat.


Especially in the case of "users not on the site", I don't really like the idea of hosting a comment board without their approval. Youtube comments are able to be moderated by the user. Run comments are potentially prone to harassment

If implemented I would prefer:
1: No comments on runs by non-users
2: Users have the ability to permanently turn off and moderate comments on their runs.

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I'm writing this here because I don't have access to Skype at the moment.

You should add a way to prevent multiple posts when submitting a run or even a forum thread. It's quite common to see that some people submitted their run twice or more because the site can be slow. (The record being 13 times if my memory is good)

If it's not possible, then maybe a script that runs once a day to remove doublons could do the trick.

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I don't know how the website is made but isn't it possible to prevent this when we push the data in the DB ?
For example for a post, checking if (Username, Title, Content) aren't already in the table of the sub-forum they're going to be posted.


Putting a nonce on the submit forms would be a good idea to avoid the doubled posts.

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I'd like if people were able to edit the comments for their runs without having to get them verified again. As it stands, whenever people do this, their times get removed from the leaderboards and I have to verify them again.


I don't know if it was already suggested (And I make this here to avoid being reprimanded by Gyoo Kappa ) but it could be great to have a "Mark all forums as read" 🙂


Please I'm friendly 😱

And yes, it's a feature that has been requested for so long 😖


I know you're friendly 😉

I didn't see it so, I just remind you 😃 But I know that could be difficult to implement and this is not in a hurry 🙂


lol @ gyoo. We all know you're friendly but I still believe its best to put serious suggestions in separate threads. 😛

How about a advertise your runs forum.

People can post threads in there to advertise runs to try and get people involved and running the games.

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Huge bug on and
Runs are not obsoleting each other for some reason.
Also causing amazing profile logic:


Hey I just noticed that the Resources page for DK64 is getting a bit cluttered. We could remove a thing or two but honestly the best would be to be able to order them in a logical way.

I suggest to add a way to create groups within resources, or at least to be able to reorder everything without deleting and readding them in order. If that's already possible, sorry for sucking.

An example of what it would look like:
Fastest Routes
link link
link link

Alternate Routes
link link

Knowledge base

Video Tutorials
link link

You get the idea.

Thanks in advance!


Reordering resources similar to how categories are handled should be relatively easily implemented.

Beyond that: I'm wanting generic groups of things for other functionality as well, so writing grouping code specifically for resources might not be the best use of time right now.

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