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Did Twin Galaxies copy this site with permission?

If you look at the Twin Galaxies site, they've coped category writeups from this site wholesale.

Plug in any game into the "Search Game" box here: You'll see games from here with under the name "Game[-Speedruns]." Categories from here will be listed (though without Misc. categories), with the rules writeups from here.

Did they get permission before copying this site's content?


The first game I looked up didn't match between SRC and TG at all, so it's probably only for a few games, or Castlevania just isn't special enough.

Even if they did, so what? Copying categories is hardly a crime, and mirroring rules seems beneficial to me.

Nobody uses TG anyways so w/e

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Why did you copy Presjpolk's thread ( from two years ago, word for word ?

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