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I would like to request moderation for Gensou Skydrift https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Gensou_Skydrift , I have a pending run for 24 days. The only mod has been inactive for 7 months. I tried to contact them, but had received no answer.


i was wondering. i have waited my nemo run to be veryfied like 3 weeks now. Havoc is mod there, but he hasnt been there in 2 moths. what can i do about this? there used to be no mods at all. there is only one mod so can there be added more please.



Hi, I've had a run pending for about a week and a half now for a game called My Friend Pedro ( The mod has not been active for a month and he doesn't have any contact methods on his account. Could I become a mod for that game?


Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together mod has been MIA for over 3 months.

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Hi! How are u? I have a Run pending and I would like to know if you could help me, since the moderator of the game has been offline for 1 year and their networks on YouTube and Twitch have been abandoned for a long time, the execution in question is as follows https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Top_Hunter_Roddy_and_Cathy/​run/​z5753dnm
The name of moderator is Cyborgs.
Thanks for read me and I wait for ur response. Regards

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@Kid_GamerKid_Gamer I'll send a message to the more active mod. Will get back to you.

@TFisher93TFisher93 Info seems in order. Added.

@spyrielspyriel Its been nearly a month. Info seems in order. Added.

@datoneguy246datoneguy246 Info seems in order but, could you add one more social media link besides Discord? Perhaps Twitter or Twitch. Having two platforms available to reach out to you is very preferable. After that, we will add you.

@DontStarveGodDontStarveGod Moderator Redlof was online 9 days ago, not 3 months? Did you try and message him?
Also, if you want to become eligible to become moderator in his place, you need to add some social media links.

@SilverC12OWSilverC12OW Info seems accurate. Added you. Please take a look at the other pending runs as well.

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@Daravae alright, I added two more contact links, could I become mod now? Thanks


@Daravae The name he provided for discord doesn't work, he hasn't checked the forums in months, and I've had 3 1st place runs in the queue for over 3 months. He may be logging in for himself but he is impossible to reach and is not acting as a mod.

Also I don't want to be a mod I just want some mod to be there to confirm my runs. What's the point of a leaderboard if it's inaccurate for over 3 months after all.

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@datoneguy246datoneguy246 yes thank you, added.

@DontStarveGodDontStarveGod I'll try and approach Redlof through Twitch. Edit: His Twitch doesn't work. I'll add him on Discord.
If he doesn't respond in a few days, would you like to become the moderator? If so, you would need to add some social links as already requested earlier. Since you are posting here, you are essentially requesting moderation as the title of the thread implies.

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@Kid_GamerKid_Gamer one of the mods got back to me and mentioned he will look at the pending submissions today. Keep an eye on that and let me know if your run has not been verified in some time.


I submitted a run to the page for Maximum Action ( But i noticed that the only moderator on the board was last seen online about a month ago, and trying to work out if they were still active leads me to their steam page, where they haven't been online for 2 days, but there's a comment on their profile asking about the page from the 10th. I have also attempted to contact them, mainly through a friend request, but they haven't responded to me either. This game has just went into Early Access, and it would be a shame to leave the page for it in an inactive state when there could be more potential runners.


hello so i wouid like to report the ban of garlicbox on this site who was super mod of the Papa Louie Series https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​papalouie and all the games in it. I have talked to the community and we have come to an agreement that we should report this to replace him with new moderators so we can all still run these games, after privately talking to a good group of runners most agree i would be best for moderator of the games. Papa Louie 1 2 and 3 he's been replaced in already .
in The Papa Louie Category extensions Page https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​plcategoryextensions#Papas_Hot_Doggeria if @Celeris could be bumped up to a super mod that would be great, and please add me as a moderator of the following games, Papa's Pizzaria,Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Taco mia, Papa's Freezaria, Papa's Pancakaria, Papa's Wingeria, Bumped up to super in Papa's Hotdoggeria, Papa's Cupcakeria, Papa's Pasteria, Papa's Donuteria, Papa's Bakeria, Papa's Susharia, and Papa's Scooperia with the addition of a run pending in scooperia.I know it seems like a lot but i am totally capable of moderating these games due to the large amount of free time i have on my hands and if my request gets accepted i promise to rest with these mod requests for a long while, I SWEAR
and one last thing theres a game thats fairly similar to these cooking games its called toastellia https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Toastellia theres no moderators in the game anymore and i would be happy to moderate it if it seems to be needing it
Thank You

edit: im not asking for moderator in the series for it already has a super mod and doesn't even need that

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@sugarcirclessugarcircles Your run has only been pending for 1 day. I'll try and send a message to the moderator. Please try the same thing.

@afnannen136afnannen136 Site staff will take a look for a suitable replacement for these positions.

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Hello again. So I had earlier made a post about my runs on who's your daddy and the two inactive mods. It's been about two weeks since I submitted the runs, about a week since I attempted the less inactive mod and 4 days since the Liv also tried to contact him. Idk if maybe Liv made any progress or not but it doesn't seem like the mods are coming back anytime soon and I'd really appreciate it if someone could take a look at my runs. Thank you


@TheGrammarSheriffTheGrammarSheriff I'm still mostly just giving them a chance to reply. The tweet was only sent 3 or so days ago, so I don't want to rush them if they're currently busy and can't handle it. I've tweeted them again either way, in case they happened to skim over it.

Generally we class runs as overdue after 21 days / 3 weeks, so ideally we still want to give them a chance to handle this situation themselves before acting.

edit: Mod has responded.

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I have had a run sitting waiting to be verified for 10 months now. I think the mod for the game is not around anymore. If someone can promote me to mod it. I will take over the game.


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@LastsincommitedLastsincommited moderator is offline for a year and you have a pending run, added.