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Hi all! With the release of the Support Hub, all leaderboard moderation requests should now be submitted here -

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have you tried making a post in the games forums about this at all because game mods may receive a notification for posts if they have not turned it off just like they do for most other activity.

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hey i have a few runs pending in the game Shifting Temple https://www.​speedrun.​com/Shifting_Temple , they have been pending for about 2 1/2 weeks now, the moderator hasn't been online in 3 months and has no contact information

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Heyo! I'm relatively new to the site, I wanted to start with speedrunning one of my favorite games, and after a submitted the run I realized the mod for it has not been online for over 3 months and has not reviewed a run for the past 7 months. The game is Circle Empires and the mods name is "tollcross". I would appriciate if the game would get a new mod, or I'd gladly volunteer as I absolutely adore this game. ❤️

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I would like to become moderator for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Dangerous_Driving . The game's page is currently moderated by three people who have no moderator experience, which is clear from the horrific structure of the board. Let's start with the fact that's according to the categories it is an IL board, even though the categories are made as Full Game categories. How did they even gain moderator position without submitting any runs? I'm am as confused as I am appalled.

If not me, then at least give moderation to someone like https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Mopsi , or someone else from the Burnout community that actually knows what they're doing.

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@afnannen136afnannen136 I am going to pass on your request due to no demand for moderation on this board. This very small board has not seen activity in two years, regardless of your current submissions.

@hekto76hekto76 Thats gonna be a pass for now since you are fairly new on this site. Try resubmitting your request in some time again. Alternatively, try and reach out to the moderator here: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​OSRSWarding

@MakkebakkeMakkebakke Firstly, did you try and approach these moderators yourselves concerning the state of the game? The initial game request requires a run. This doesn't mean the moderators actually require their run to be up on the boards, even if so they could delete the run(s) if they so please. The site doesn't force users to keep their runs up. One more thing I do wanna note is that every user in this thread should request moderator for themselves.

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@Daravae i totally understand

But how am i going to get my valid runs on the leaderboards

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Hello, I would like to request moderation status on the Dig Dug series https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​dig_dug.​ The only mod has not been online in 6 months, his twitter account has been taken down, and his twitch account seems to also have been taken down; making it impossible for me to contact him. Another user moderates some of the specific games also hasent been on in 6 months and I cannot contact him as it seems he has been inactive on his linked sites. All the games have either no rules or very vague and really need to be specified and written properly. One game has one category which is reaching the kill screen and the only run on the board is a joke thats listed as "fastest death" in the comments and has no video. This only happened because they took advantage of the fact that the game doesn't require verification. The boards all need some serious work put into them and I'm ready to step up for the task

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@Carter44 You have one run for one board, both of these mods seem to be on all the games and have been inactive. I would assume these games are similar to one another in nature. However, I will grant you moderator for all the boards I won't add you as series mod but I will remove the existing series mod. Leopold67 will remain for their respected game but I did add you along side him as well as they aren't inactive.

The reason for the series mod removal is due to inactivity, the series doesn't appear to warrant a series mod at this time. I have also gone out of the way to remove that run.

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@Daravae Will try, and will submit later, thanks for the reply ❤️.


@Daravae You rejected @afnannen136 request for mod because the game has no demand for 2 years, yet there's clearly some demand now. What sense does that make? Maybe I'm not getting something? You've basically told him: "Nah nobody else runs the game, also your runs aren't going to be verified now".

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@KomradeKomrade I would like to point you to: ''1. Discussion should be kept only between site staff and the requesting party. Anyone who cannot contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way will get their posts deleted along with a warning.'' I would appreciate it if you leave discussion between me and the requesting party. If you have something to say about affairs that do not concern you, send me a direct message. Concern this the first and final warning.

As for @afnannen136afnannen136 your runs can stay pending until more demand for moderation for this board arises. You already moderate a good amount of games and I think its good seeing as your recent history of leaderboard requests to have someone else handle moderation in the future for this board. I suggest leaving them in the queue until more runners decide to submit to this board, and someone else requests moderation for this. If that happens, we will notice soon enough.

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Excuse me moderator, I am trying to submit two new games and those are the first That's So Raven GBA game and Zack And Cody the Tipton Caper. I've finished Zack And Cody in 1 hour, 33 minutes and 46 seconds and That's So Raven in 41 minutes and 47 seconds. I want to get it verified.

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And it to the Disney game series

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@Liv i totally agree, i thought the exact thing when i first saw the speedrun page. Levels 10 and levels 20 as categories should not exist but maybe levels 1-15 sounds ok if it was in the misc due to the length of any%

secondly sure i get it if the game is not ran by a large crowd theirs no reason to add moderators but i am not the first person to submit runs to this game, and in this situation i understand why my mod request was rejected and if you guys dont want to add me as a moderator thats fine but could you at least find a way to get my valid runs on the leaderboard or at least delete the silly leaderboards that really shouldn't exist, theirs no reason why my valid runs in this game should suddenly not be allowed due to the absence of the only moderator while everyone who did exactly what i did but at a different period of time gets their runs on the leaderboard

Edit: about 10 minutes after i posted what i did above i started reading some of the older messages in "Requestion leaderboard moderation" and i notice @Daravae already kinda responded to what i was gonna request before i even requested it if that makes sence so i'll respect his decision considering thats probably one of the best ways to go at this problem anyways,

and another thing @Daravae i only moderate in 11 games (only 1 of which i moderate alone) , and most of these games aren't even very hugely ran , i only get maybe 2 runs on average every 14 days (most of which being il's which i can go through in no time whatsoever) i need to go through which i can totally balance easily 150x that considering all the crazy amount of free time i have on my hands (not even exaggerating) and too kind of add to this abit i feel like it should up to the user to decide when he/she is overwhelmed with moderator duty not the site staff for we probably know alot more about how many runs get submitted and when too much is too much for us to handle

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@KomradeKomrade Consider this your final warning. If you continue to post to matters from the requesting party without your involvement being required in them, we will take further action.

@afnannen136afnannen136 Again, looking at your history of recent moderation requests, I think its good to pass on these as of right now. If that means that your runs will be pending longer than so be it. We are not deleting this leaderboard because its so inactive, but granting more users moderator status that in your case request moderator quite often is not a healthy solution either. Consider this my final words on them.

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So what happens to the board then? We just leave it in that state forever?

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I'll post this since people seem to be having trouble understanding the point of this thread and I didn't think posting would be really needed. To clarify, I've been keeping the thread clean personally for the most part and this very thing is mentioned in the first post of this thread.

The objective in this thread is for users to request moderation for leaderboards, this is done between staff and the user, whatever is decided with staff is the final say in the matter. If a 3rd party decides they want to get involved and contribute to the decision between the two parties it has to benefit towards it. We don't want anyone's opinions or views on how something is being handled or discussed with the party, we don't care for the pointless arguments either, take it outside this thread and make a new thread but don't bloat up this thread any longer. The original thread had 400 posts, nearly 200 of those is just a bunch of pointless discussion, arguments and people intervening with staff over every single little thing and this was part of the reason we rebooted the thread along with the new rules now in place. It was hard on us trying to get to people in the old thread and trying to see who was even requesting moderation for a game when other users were getting in the middle of things and completely derailing the thread, some users didn't even get their request fulfilled and they had to sometimes post multiple times to get our attention.

Were not going to babysit anyone, if people cannot respect and understand this we'll start getting serious with users, do not post in this thread if it isn't requesting moderator status for a leaderboard. If you have questions or want to bring up a discussion about something not relating to the moderation requests of the two parties please feel free to make a thread about it.

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Hello people,

some friends and I are going to route The Legend of Zelda - Goddess of Wisdom, there's already a leaderboard for that but the guy who is the only moderator hasn't been online for more than 2 years.There's only one run on the leaderboard without video as well.
Leaderboard: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​alttp_gow/​
Would be awesome if I could become mod or even super mod to also grant mod status to other active runners in the future.