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  [user deleted]

I want to delete my account, but there is no option to delete an account.
Is there a reason that function doesn't exist?


That seems like something really regrettable if you make a mistake.

You can just ask any admin to do it, like you are doing now.

  [user deleted]

I asked Pac 2 weeks ago on Twitter, but he didn't response, so I hope someone else could do that for me.


No problem, I will kill your account. As for why this is not an option for everyone, I don't really know. Maybe a good chunk of our users is constantly drunk and would delete their account during binges. ;-)


You should contact the moderators of respective games and go by their policies. He doesn't have video and they got accepted, so it's up to them to determine if they want to leave it up or ask for more proof.



Hello. I dont really know if this will do anything, but my friend made an account ( Leafsfreak13 ) and hes posing a bunch of fake runs with no evidence and some of the mods have accepted his runs. I was right beside him while he was doing this, so i can 1oo% say these runs are fake. So yeah his username on here is Leafsfreak13 and hes doing this just so he can post fake runs and try to get higher then me on games i enjoy speedrunning. Thanks.

We had high suspicions about this guy, thanks for confirming everything is fake. He is banned and all his times have been rejected.


It's a shame these times were accepted though. What are mods ? Kappa