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Name: NGRMarathon
Dates: We had one marathon already and we did it december 2,3,4.
Marathon is charitable, we raise moneor the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention at
Marathon is ALL online runs. we need reliable runners and streamers and people who are layout and tech savvy.
It will be streamed at

If you have any more questions please message me on discord: Hexaforce#8872 and the NGR Discord Server:


Event name: JohnCon 2018 (Speedrun Block)
Date: Saturday, April 7

This is an on-site event in a panel room at JohnCon, a gaming con in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
This is not for a charity. The purpose of the event is to exhibit speedrunning to attendees of the con.

Con website:
Stream will be:


Name - Czechoslovak Marathon 2
Staff - Corkysek [Head, Streamer], Skizzie [Scheduler and my help hand], BurningPain [Streamer], Fuzimi [Graphic designer]
Type - Online
Dates - Not set yet, July or August
Charity - Doing it for fun, no donations included

Some info - Since the previous marathon went really well, the Czechoslovak community wants another marathon! Again like last year, this marathon is mainly for runners from Czech and Slovakia. It will be happening over at like last year!

  [user deleted]

name= Rom Hack Marathon
normal moderators= Seydie, Dickson and MelonSlice
type= onsite
dates= it will start on tuesday 7 of august and we'll decie the end date over time.
socials: Discord Twitter Twitch
Charity= none for now

I and my buddies organized this event to speedrun ROM Hacks since they're a bit obscure on this site. We are a community that speedruns ROM Hacks, short games and we chill out on our Discord voice channel. If you want feel free to join the fun with us!


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Name: completithon
About: completithon is to showcase 100%/plat%/ Max% speedruns, ranging from short to long speedruns
Charity: no charity
Mods: will working on a staff for this marathon
dates: May 2nd- 6th


hi, I'd like to request an onsite, just-for-fun "meme marathon" that I'm doing with my friends. we wouldn't donate any money to charity, because we're not earning anything. 😛

it'll be next saturday, march 17th and the mods are @Seydie @MelonSlice and me

edit: it will be moved to the 25th

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Name: Voltathon: Amped
About: Online marathon running from May 4th to 6th on
Charity: The Trevor Project
Mods: Myself and M_tt
Relevant pages: , Marathon Discord , marathon stream page


Name: Classic Speedrunning Live
About: Marathon for classic games N64 or older and romhacks of these games
Charity: TBD
Mods: Me and
Relevant pages:, a discord shortly

Something we've been wanting to get together for a while. Would run Saturday 7th in April through the morning of the 8th.


@AestheticalMemes i'm curious does this include PS1 games? Probably a dumb question but curious nonetheless


@SloaTheDemon yes it includes any game from the Fifth Generation of video game consoles (N64, PS1, Saturn) or earlier. If you want to participate just send me a friend request and a message on discord. We are still getting everything sorted out and have plenty of space.


I would like to make a Difficult only marathon, where the only speed games allowed are with the "Difficult" tag on steam or for games on the Switch (or older consoles) ... we'll decide on if it's hard enough.

Name: Tough Games Marathon
Charity: No charity unless this becomes bigger than I thought.
Founders: NotSo and Me (SombraCakes)

General Stuff - - Discord - Twitch
Twitter coming soon.



Marathons are up to date.

@SombraCakes : I cannot find any user named NotSo


I would like to request a marathon titled; 'The Dragon Ball Speedrun Marathon'

This would be live from June 8th 5AM EST to June 9th (End time pending)

At this time I am also messaging in the discord because I know the mod for this thread is now leaving.

Thank you.

If your reading this, and are interested, please feel free message me on discord about running something, or even if you want to submit a per-recorded video for a late time slot.


DBCade: I'll keep an eye on this thread weekly for the short term. I didn't follow that closely exactly what precedence Gyoo had been using here, but this seems fine to me.

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Thank you for the quick response earlier kirkq, It took me a while to figure it out, but the page works perfectly, and I set up the submissions. Is there anything else I should do in conjunction with People mentioned re-streams but I wasn't sure how that works, or if thats a different thread.

For those lurking and wishing to join the discord here is the link:


Hello SRC admins,

Last year we created Hekathon in conjunction with ESA to help raise money to send some of our friends from the Mirror's Edge community to ESA 2017, and it was a huge success, so we decided to renew the marathon for 2018. The marathon will be starting this Friday and we didn't realize that you had to create a new marathon page rather than just us editing our old one from last year (, so we apologize for the late notice. Below is all of the information:

Hekathon 2018
Friday, April 13, 2018 - Sunday, April 15, 2018
Location: Online @
Discord: Will be provided to SRC admins if requested, but it is not open to the public as submissions are closed.
List of Mods: DrTChops, Hekigan, Jackintoshh, Monojira, Shafournee, ZooKetra, Sajiki, Myself (tomrish25)
The reason for so many mods is that these are all of the restreamers that will be taking the raw streams of the runner's game and streaming it to the ESA Twitch channel, modding chat and reading donations.
Proceeds will go towards helping to get some speedfriends to ESA Summer 2018, anything raised over $500 USD goes to ESA's selected charity, Save The Children

Also, if at all possible could we have the link be ?

Thank you in advance


I added one, it looks like someone else added the other.


Name: Grandia Speedrun Marathon 2018
About: A speedrun marathon showcasing Grandia games
Staff: Currently working on it
Date: Sometime in June, yet to be determined as to when the specific date will be.
Charity: None, it is a marathon done for fun.
Online/Onsite marathon: Online