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I'd like to request that Wild Arms Alter Code: F ( be added to the Wild ARMs series tag ( Thanks


Could the game badland: goty edition be added to the badland series. Thanks


Could Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn ( be added to the Shaq Fu series?


Could Give Up Robot & Give Up Robot 2 have the webgame tag removed? I asked for that tag to be added and it broke the series screen. Thanks!


@merpell I fixed the issue. The webgame tag is treated as an "unofficial" game in relation to a series page, so all you need to do is edit series and tick the 'list unofficial games' box. They should show up in the series page now.


@SpiderHako Seems to be fit more into the fan games series, as it's a fangame.


I mod Wordtris (SNES), Wordtris (GB) and Hatris (NES). There also exists a Hatris (GB), but I do not mod it.

When I requested Wordtris, it was part of Tetris series. Later I requested Hatris (NES) as part of the Tetris Series. But I guess because the Hatris (GB) already had a page that wasn't part of the Tetris series, when Hatris (NES) was accepted, it was added separate from the series.

I'm requesting two new series pages get made, Wordtris and Hatris, and then those four games assigned appropriately, OR
Just adding the two Hatris games to the Tetris series. I do not have a preference either way.

In case it wasn't clear, Tetris, Wordtris and Hatris are slightly different games by the same creator with similar vibes. Given the number of Tetris games, I can see the reasoning why variations on the game should be their own series.


@NihilistComedyHour Done I think, I left the two Wordtris games also in the Tetris series as well as adding them to the Wordtris series.

If you want them removed, or also want the Hatris games in both Tetris/Hatris series, then let me know here.


@Liv Oh yeah, I forgot games could be done in more than one series. Yeah, I guess we'll do a tetris/hatris one as well.


could you make badland and badland 2 mobile and webgames each? thanks


Can you add this games:
Hypixel SkyWars
Hypixel BedWars
Hypixel - Turbo Kart Racers
Hypixel Category Extensions
Hypixel SkyClash
Hypixel Server Parkour
Into "Hypixel" series? Some of this already in "Minecraft" series somehow


Could you please create an OutRun series with: OutRun OutRun 2, Turbo OutRun, and OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast?



@elGrott Done.

@btrim Done:

I've left the moderation for the OutRun series alone for now, since there doesn't appear to be any users who moderate the majority of the games, it only seems to be users moderating individual games. That said, if you want to get the game mods together to arrange some series moderators, feel free to post that on the forum for the series.