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I don't know why Soul Blade isn't apart of the series, but it technically is apart of the Soul series and is even stated on Wikipedia. Here is the game page
Jumpyluff: Anything marked with site tags like webgame is directly tied to the series option "Show unofficial games by default". It's not as modular as it should be, but that's how it works right now.

Slevanas: Added
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I need Gravity Falls: Take Back The Falls to be changed from 'mobile' to 'webgame' if possible

Please set all games' game type to "Fangame" and make them say "Based on Five Nights at Freddy's".
I would like to request for Jungle Book (NES) be added to the Disney Series.
would it be possible to have an Any% NG + Console on Diablo RoS?
@MrGmG you could ask one of the mods (maybe Deln since I know he's at least on the site regularly) about adding a category or subcategory like that
Nice, I do it now, thx for responding quickly!

I was looking for the page of the game : The Italian Job, but not this one. The one who was released on PS2 in 2003, Italian Job : L.A Heist.
Apparently, the page doesn't exist on the site... And soon, i'll have a decent run on the game.
I tried to contact them on twitter (@speedruncom) to create the page of the game but no reply.. Did you know how i could do ?
And if you're interested by the first italian job, let's try L.A Heist, could be fun to have some serious competition on the game !

Thank you in advance for your answers guys !

I'm new on the site, i hope it's here for this kind of request

(sorry for my english, it's pretty bad.. But I hope it's still understandable )
Ok i think i finally find.. Never mind
SpiderSponge87: Setting Base Game is broken. I did the rest.

MrGmG: Category requests go through the moderators of the game.

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Sorry to post this here but I didn't want to submit a game request unnecessarily.

What do I do when I moderate a game page and I want to set up a separate page for a modded version of that game?
Not Tetris 2 is not a Webgame. You must download this game if you wants to play
Rainbow_Lemon: If you want a separate page, submit a game request and add a note explaining the situation.

ReverseVideo: I've been using webgame as a sort of "web available indie/freeware" tag as well due to current lack of that. You can packagae flash games as downloadable windows executables pretty easily these days, so there's not much difference.

SpiderSponge87: The first one is "standalone expansion", which I don't know if that qualifies.

I said Mobile game on the second one and you put Webgame. Please fix it
Please add The Escapists to The Escapists series and Vex 3 to the Vex (flash) series (It says Vex 3 is part of the series but it isn't showing up as a game in series page).

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