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@Gamerchris92: you did not read the first post in this thread.
for the first one, you want to talk to the mods of the game
for the 2nd one, you wanna use

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Hi! Can you change the game type of all games in (Armed with Wings series) to "Webgame"?


ROMaster can figure out what to do with Injustice. The rest of the requests were handled up to here where applicable to this thread, (and keeping in mind I can't add base games).

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Can you add Mega Pony to the MLP series and add the fangame tag to it? This has kind of been bugging me as the series mod of MLP.


I just found out games can be in multiple series. The Rogue Squadron games:

All need to be added to the Star Wars series, while still being kept in the Rogue Squadron series.

Preferably, it would be nice if they kept the Rogue Squadron theme.

  orsa should be in "Mega Man (Classic)" in addition to Mega Man.

thanks :>


Gave2haze: Just had to set the "Show unofficial games by default" flag for the series. Webgames and mobile games are controlled through that mechanism right now with the other types.


Oh OK thanks kirkq, I'll keep that in mind


I would like to request category 99 lives for the game "Super Mario World" which consist of making the player reach 99 lives in the shortest time possible!


You need to run this request by the mods of the game. Either ask in the SMW forum or reach out to the mods another way (they have a discord). This thread is not for category requests, this is for adding games to series and changing the game type of a game on the site.

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I did a speedrun for Wipeout 3, the game based off of the TV show. I checked this site, and saw that the First Wipeout Game Had a leaderboard, and for that reason and also the fact that i want to run other games in the series, I got a series leaderboard created for the series. How should I go about getting the leaderboard for the first wipeout game "Wipeout: The Game" into the series "Wipeout (TV show)"? Thanks 🙂


Go to the Series/Game Requests Thread


Hi, I am the mod from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood!
There are three JJBA games on the site: (I only moderate this)
I would like them to be added to a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, and possibly I'd like to moderate it. Should I first request the series trought the "Request a game" form, or should I just leave this here?


Request the serie and then you can ask them being added


EduardoRN: Category Requests go through the moderators for the game.
GaryJ: Added, this is the correct thread to request that.
ciccioDM: Game request form for future reference. Include the games in the "notes" section.


Don't know how this happened but it wasn't like this before.

titol1 should be in the titol series, but titol series doesn't display the game. titol1 however does say it's in the series.


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