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Hey there, I'm a moderator of the Jet Set Radio Future leaderboard and we've recently switched to implementing a loadless tool that you run on a modded Xbox, and changed to "Time without loads" as being our primary timing method.

Currently if you have an rta "with loads" time but do not include an igt "without loads" time it obsoletes the run. To get around this we currently just say if you don't use the loadless mod (people playing on an unmodded Xbox) to simply submit the rta time as both the rta and igt time. Unfortunately this is not a good solution, and has the potential to incorrectly rank people.

So I guess the "request" behind this thread is for conditional sorting, and what I mean by that is a very simple "If there is no igt time submitted, then sort them based on their rta time." It's also easily described as being able to set a secondary timing method. This would solve a very annoying issue for us, and prevent a ton of future issues and annoyances for both runners and moderators.

Thanks for reading!

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That kind of sounds like the leaderboard would benefit more from having them be two separate subcategories. I wouldn't want to be ranked with modded console times that omit load times if I want to speedrun on a vanilla console with no modifications. As a side note, if the game is exclusively ran on a console, would it not result in similar load times for all runs, thus making it kind of pointless to need a tool to remove loads in the first place?

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Your rta wouldn't be ranked against the other runners igt (even though we're currently forced to do that thats why we want this change) because the idea is that if you dont have an rta time then it will rank your rta against THEIR rta time.

And no the load times are not the same, the 1.6 xbox has different load times compared to a 1.2 Xbox. This loadless timer mod was created so that runners could fairly compare against each other, regardless of their console version.

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Bump? I'd really like to hear a response from a full mod or higher regarding the likelihood of this feature being implemented because this current sorting system is incorrectly ranking players and causing frustrations for both mods and runners. Additionally, all of our RTA runs were defaulted to "times without loads" so uh.... yeah that was fun manually updating every single run on the leaderboard.


You made this thread like two days, no reason to be impatient. It's still post-GDQ season and one of the full mods recently stepped down, so the site is a little understaffed at the moment. There's a good chance someone will see this and respond to it eventually.

Without knowing the inner workings of the site I can only speculate on the likeliness of something like this being implemented, but if it was to be implemented, it almost certainly wouldn't be any time soon. There's only two or three people here with code access, and last I was aware one of them is focused on bug fixes and general improvements, and the other is hard at work on a redesign of the site. Any new major features seem to have been put on the back-burner indefinitely.


Thank you for your insight.
Didn't mean to be impatient, it's just put the community at a weird hold atm so I'm just trying to get an answer as soon as I can so we can decide what to do next.


Bump again, we really need this.


Pac is in the middle of re-doing the site. I don’t think you’ll see any new features added, unless they are fixing significant bugs, for a little while. Unfortunately, it’s more than likely that you’re going to have to wait until that major project is done.

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