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Asking for site mod's advice on how to deal with the situation.

Spider-Man is notorious for having many games for many consoles that share the same title, but are completely different from each other. Just to name a few, Web Of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions and all of the movie tie-ins.

However, having a seperate leaderboard for each version is also problematic, as a single game could easily cover half a page in the series page, just for no one to even run it. My idea is to have one leaderboard for the main game and another for all the other versions, seperating them with tabs for each version.

The reason I sugget to seperate the main game only, is because it always tends to have more categories. Take a look for example at the Spider-Man 2 leaderboard ( ). It has many tab for more categories for the main version, but it also has tabs for the other versions.

Examples for games that seperate version are Sonic Generation and Sonic Colors. Sure they had to deal with only 2 versions, but they still did the right thing.
Games that only seperate from each other with tabs are usually the same at their core. This is clearly not the same situation.


If the games are different enough they should be separate game pages.

If nobody runs them why set them up?


Leaving them together under one game or splitting them into multiple games are both valid solutions in this situation. Personally I would probably lean towards leaving them together, but I know very little about the Spider-Man games and don't run them so my opinion on that isn't worth much.

If you haven't already, ask the community how they think it should be handled.


All games in the series are completely different from each other. Putting them all in one leaderboard isnt a really good idea.

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If the games play substantially differently they should generally all get their own pages. When they're similar enough, moderator discretion can decide if they're split or not. If it's a straight port it often stays in the same page, but if there are notable gameplay differences it's a good reason to split the page.

I don't mind if people make blank pages specifically when completing a series.