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hi so i've had a run pending in for almost 3 weeks now, there are 3 moderators, @Other was last online 2 weeks ago but after contacting him on the only places available to me discord and twitch (he doesnt have a discord even though he's linked 1) and have yet to get hear a response. @JakeWalrusWhale hasn't been online in 2 months, i've tried contacting him on twitch but did not get a resonse, discords showing me the user doesn't excist. @Greifmaker he only has discord and the same weird problem occured it shows his account doesn't exist, he's been on the site 2 days ago but doesnt verify my runs, i dont know what else to do besides ask for moderator so i can verify my runs


I want to become a mod for Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Three of the mods haven't logged in for months, while the other two haven't approved a run I submitted two weeks ago.

Additionally, I've been requesting new subcategories from the mods and I haven't gotten any response from them. I've tried DMing @Fog on Twitter (5/15), posting on the game forum (5/21), and sending a message in the discord server (5/23) (no, the message hasn't gotten buried over time. There have only been 3 messages since asking, none from the mods).

If it makes any difference, the subcategories I'm asking for are for Co-op% to have 2/3/4 players as a subcategory and Roulette mode on/off as another, since I did a 4p run with and without Roulette mode and want somewhere to put it on the leaderboard.

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@afnannen136afnannen136 I'll try and message one of the mods who has been on two days ago

@ScarrienScarrien I spoke to S. and he will take a look at your request and runs.


Ok it worked, not sure how you did it but hey im not complaining, thanks for the help


Ok it worked, not sure how you did it but hey im not complaining, thanks for the help


@satanovskysatanovsky Try and reach out to the moderator on Twitter. He is active there.

@SuoHuSuoHu I mean, what efforts have you made in trying to contact these moderators yourself?


^Click the name. Select one of their social media links. Seems like you both have Twitch accounts, send a whisper there.

Or just use the game's forums. Same way you used this one. https://www.​speedrun.​com/Gradius_II/forum

Don't bother RottDawg about Gradius II he's not a mod for that game.


Few days ago I was looking through the web and found a very old game that I used to play as a child so I decided to speedrun it for fun. I ended up getting a WR on it, but none of the 4 game moderators are verifying my run.
Could someone please help me ? Thanks in advance.
Link for the game : https://www.​speedrun.​com/Stunt_Dirt_Bike


@HulniaHulnia You require a pending run.

@Master112Master112 Your run has only been pending for one day. Site rules on this states the following: "Moderators are considered inactive if they have not logged on or verified a pending run in at least 21 days. In the case of inactive game moderators, please attempt to contact them via social media to resolve the situation."


After 358 pages of leaderboard moderation requests, we are locking and archiving this thread and starting a new one in line with the new rulesets. New requests and responses to the last requests can be directed towards there.

New thread - https://www.​speedrun.​com/The_Site/thread/dueac/1#4bhjx

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