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Could you put me as a moderator in the game Rascal racers ?, The moderator is inactive and there are no rules. I've been waiting for a while for my runs to be verified. Thank you.


I posted a run for Headhunter around a month ago that is waiting to be verified, just checked the mod and they've been inactive for a month, anything that I can do about it?


Hi! I have posted a run for The Incredible Hulk for Snes almost a month ago and it still hasnt been verified! I have checked and the moderator for that game (RantronBomb) has been inactive for at least a month. I have tried contacting him on Twitch, Twitter and Discord with no success! I would like to apply to be added as a moderator for that game. I feel like being the WR holder for that game makes me qualified enough to moderate it.

Thank you for your consideration and heres the link for the game in question!

Have a great day.


@Daravae You had no problems before about it prior and told me to do something about the current runs needing verification. And now doing a 180 and saying it doesn't need one is ridiculous. There should be at least one for the series. I got word someone plans to do runs for one of the older games. Sure it may not be popular like Mario or Zelda games but that doesn't mean no one should be series mod. And you even said one of them has been inactive for years. I'm pretty active and check nearly every day because of course some things may happen IRL to prevent a day. But I try to be active.


Game moderators for God of War: Chains of Olympus do not respond to any messages, forum posts, or pms on platforms linked to their account. The moderator themselves have a run thats in the wrong catagory and do not verify any runs, even though they can be seen online at several times a day. Looking to sort this out or if there can be a new moderator that is active in the community. update Very soon after i posted this a moderator approved 3 runs and responded to a forum post asking about activity. Yet the run still sits in the wrong catagory. A forum post for that was posted before the activity post by 2 or 3 days.


Good night.
I am one of the runners of the game Pocahontas (Genesis) and wanted to request, if possible, the moderation of it. I needed to appeal to this post because the current moderator of the game is absent (does not respond on Twitter, does not respond on YouTube and does not respond on Discord). I know that it is necessary to wait at least 3 weeks for the race to be verified, but I believe that a faster check will encourage the riders even more so that they continue to run the game. It is very disheartening when you are in the race and there is this delay in checking, which in some cases is more than 3 weeks. I fully understand that the verification is voluntary and that the moderator in question does so when possible, but in my case I believe I would be able to do the checks in a much shorter period than the current one, especially in Pocahontas where there are few less so far, as I know some people who might be interested in running the game, and they agreed that a faster check would bring more spirits to them.
Anyway, that's it. Forgive me for the great text.

Profile of the moderator in question:



Did you even try to contact @Ragnell56 who is a super mod for that game who i know is active and last i check online 4 hrs ago from the time of this post.
They have contacts and reachable. This forum is for last resort issues so take it up the the games mods first before coming here.



Hope I'm doing this in the right order. I submitted a run for Capcom vs. SNK 2 ( about 3 weeks ago and am waiting on verification. I've tried to reach out to 1 of the 2 moderators, one had no means to contact for they only had a YouTube page on their info page. The other I wasn't able to contact via. Twitter, but I did try to reach out to him on Twitch on Friday (05-17-2019), but not have since received a reply. If you need any more information please let me know, and I will provide any more info required.

I'll provide a link to my run, thank you for your time.


@Otterstone_Gamer Mods are inactive and you have pending runs, so okay.

@elsiz There appears to be rules for me, so I am confused. I will attempt to contact the current moderator on Twitch, and will get back to you in a few days if they do not get back to me.

@tastyfox Have you tried to contact them on their social media at all? They appear active there. I've tried tweeting them myself, but would be worth trying to get ahold of them yourself too if you can. If they don't get back to me or you after a several day period I can look into this further.

@LordStigmat Rantron is inactive and you have a pending run, so okay. He seems to mod a ton of games anyway, so probably for the best some of these games have an additional mod to help out.

@TheGoronMan Have you tried contacting them directly? I'll try tweet at several of the mods and direct them to your post. I don't know this game at all, definitely not well enough to know if the run is indeed invalid within that category so would rather one of these guys confirm that.

@AssisJoga Similar to the request above, Rantron is currently inactive and seems to mod more than a fair share of games. It's probably for the best there are other mods on some of these games to assist, so taking the inactivity and pending run into consideration, okay.

@uw99er Both mods seem fairly inactive, so taking that into consideration alongside your pending run I have added you.


I posted this 3 days ago: Hey guys can you add me as a mod for default dan the current mod hasen't responded to me on discord and was last online 4 months ago. Run was submitted 15 days ago.


oi, I did a run 20 days ago for the game Orbt XL.
Currently theres only one moderator going by the name of Loliu (, he is inactive for 10 months now and there is no way contacting him in any way. D :
I play this game since over a year now and am even on the global top 200 highscorers. I wouldn't mind moderating the game, but if my run gets verified I'm totally happy with that ^^'

thank you in advance :3


RE5. Moderators willfully ignore my run. For a few days. 6 moderators...omg. But run other players they let! What to do in this case. This never happened before. What changed. It's sad..


I would like to request moderation of:

Hovercraft: takedown ( ) One of the moderators (Dracaarys) needed extra mods (and i volunteered) but he couldn't add me since he's only a normal mod. The only current super mod @Antman2BYT ( ) has not been online for 3 months and when i tried to add him on discord ( so i can message him) this happened ( ), so there is no way of contact

Also i would like to request moderation of the hovercraft series in general ( ) The first moderator of the series is @Antman2BYT, and as i mentioned above there is no way to contact him. The second moderator @Mamacita ( ) despite not been a super mod, has not logged into the site in a year. I have runs in both games {my "hovercraft - build fly retry" runs are still pending [i have about 7 runs pending] (example: ) }

Kinda unrelated to me but on "hovercraft - build fly retry" ( ) The super mods are: Antman2BYT (problems listed above) and the other one is @strawberrydog ( ) (has not been online in 11 months). So could you make @Dracaarys a super mod? ( and maybe remove the two current super mods) so he can add more people if he wants to, since currently there is no possible way of doing that.

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I was wondering if you guys could maybe help me out with removing a couple of the mods from Cars: Mater-National, those being Paynecars and NASCARrules33. They have been inactive for quite a while and they both are not wanting to continue speedrunning the game, so they have no need to be moderators of the leaderboards anymore.


I've been waiting 2 weeks for my run to be verified in , a SMB rom hack.

The moderator, ReverseDmitry, has not been online in 2 months. He has no contact info
available, so I don't know a way to contact him.

He also has seemed to neglect his responsibility as a moderator, as the rules just link
the rom download, which is already in the resources.


Can I please be added as a mod for ?
One mod has not signed in for 7 months, and the other for 2 months. I've had a pending run submitted for 2 months.



Need to raise a couple of mod issues re The Unholy War:

-Asked Kirmilfaul to verify a few runs from his Twitter link last week, and pointed out that a time submitted by the other mod on one of their own runs is incorrect. That mod has now been off site for 6 months with no way to contact. The run has not had its time corrected.

-Mentioned to K that his Discord name shown on his profile here does not work. Have not received any communication from him in any channel, he has now removed the Twitter contact.

NB: runs I submitted do not have a timer in-vision.

Today some runs were verified, but others were rejected, reason "timer was not used, incorrect timing". All videos of runs in this category show one time on their header, and another time where they have been verified, including K's own run. Given these inconsistencies I do not feel it is appropriate to reject runs on that basis.

Other runs have been rejected with the reason "obsolete". Some of these are slower times I had submitted earlier, not the end of the world (although Good Mod Guide thread advised me no run should be rejected for anything other than gameplay). However, one of them in a category nobody had yet run, and I cannot see any reason for rejecting it - there are runs in Mayhem mode which feature it as a separate category (playing as the opposite army) where times do not obsolete each other.

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@chocolatecake5000chocolatecake5000 Mod is inactive for 5 months and you have a run pending for about 3 weeks, seems okay. Added.

@ZheitgeistZheitgeist Mod is offline for over a year and there are also other runs pending for months. I added you. Could you please take a look at the other pending runs as well?

@MadnessMadness According to the Audit Log, you keep deleting your run every day and resubmitting it. Why is that? Please stop doing that if you would like your run to get verified. You should always allow a period of around 3 weeks for your run to get verified.

@CytrussCytruss I upped @DracaarysDracaarys to Super for both games. I don't think this series requires moderation so I am gonna skip on that request. I only removed strawberry since he was inactive for almost a year but I left CryoJester intact since he logged in a few days ago. Same with Antman2BYT, its only been 3 months. He could come back. I take it you guys can proceed now.

@Jak8Jak8 Mods have not been on in 1 to 2+ years, so I removed them.

@Kid_GamerKid_Gamer I added you. Could you please take a look at the other pending runs as well?

@burst_errorburst_error Seems fair, I added you.

@petaQpetaQ I'll have a look.

@powdersagepowdersage Run is only pending since yesterday. Have you tried reaching out to the moderator through socials?

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@powdersagepowdersage We are not adding moderators without any social links. You should at least add 2 of those in order to be eligible to become moderator and also, please give the current moderator some time to respond.


I would love to be a moderator for Lego the Incredibles. I know how to play the game very well and 100% it.


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