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requesting mod for Fate/Extellla LINK seeing as neither mod has been online for multiple months


Hi there. I would like to become a mod for Ecco Jr. Submitted a run 2 weeks ago and mod has been inactive for 3 months. I also have been making guides for Ecco Jr. so I think I'd be valuable for the game. I know another user Killentity also has a run pending on Ecco Jr.


WARNING: Wall text incoming

Ok all, normally I don't enter this forum, but being a member of the DKC community, it was noticed that some people have requested for a time that was removed to be reinstated.

To start, the time removal wasn't due cheating or dubious gameplay. It is known for a fact that said runner never cheated on his runs. However, the removal of his time is due a different story which should've been discussed beforehand (and is something as a community is a mistake that happened).

I'm only the messenger, therefore I'm only giving an info that comes from not being at the event where everything happened and having the learn about everything after it occurred.

So, for those who don't know, Stew_ was banned from AGDQ2019. People reported him committing harassment to other members of the DKC community, which knowing the ones affected I can only trust them that everything is legit.

(For anyone who wants to read about everything, there is a Google Docs that compiles everything: )

Fast forward to the last weekend. Stew legally got WR in DKC3 103%, which brought up the discussion if he should or not be allowed to post times to the LBs (again, that discussion should've been when GDQ ban happened, but that is something we can discuss other day). After long 3 days discussion, the community decided that the runner would have his name redacted and requested raw gameplay to be provided. One of the community mods (who, same as me, didn't attend AGDQ2019, therefor, was neutral to everything), was the middle man between the community decision and Stew. He denied and decline the request and community decision. Therefor his times were removed as no agreement between the parts could be reached.

I hope this explains the situation of Stew's times. I'm not a mod, but I've been an active member of the community for a while now (I could say about 3 years), therefor I know anything that is being discussed and community decisions.

I won't get into arguments that if the leaderboards are a public space or not, but in my opinion sr.c provide communities a space to have a leaderboard without going into a hassle of creating one from scratch, but anything is a decision of each game's community, therefore that one should be respected.

Edit: minor edit cause somehow when clicking on the link it adds the ) in the end, providing errors. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Edit 2: minor vocabulary change cause reasons

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@roushmore Regarding deleted categories; unfortunately if a category is totally wiped then all the runs are also gone along with it. There is a rollback process, but at the moment it is a very manual process that requires Admin w/ Code Access intervention, which we are hoping changes in the future at some point. That said, under these conditions it is unrealistic for us to be able to rollback every issue that occurs on a leaderboard, so unfortunately right now, your best bet is to either contact an Admin or try work towards restoring those categories / runs yourself between the mods.

@mitjitsu Have you tried to contact the current mod before making this request? Just looking at his twitter, he was active just today on it and I would guess it is the same case for his other medias.

@NotJohn You don't appear to have a current run in this game ( / pending on my end, and we aren't currently looking to really instate mods who have neither simply for the sake of it.

@cheekychunk Since you look to have a pending run, the current mod has been offline for several months / has some broken contacts, okay.

@The_IL_Guy Heard nothing back from the mod after a week, and they appear to have used twitter since, so since you have a pending run I've added you.

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Hello, I ask about removing Miko ( ) from moderators team of the game "American McGee's Alice" ( ), because he has been inactive for 4 years.
There are 3 other moderators for this game, excluding him, so all will be fine without him, I guess.


Hello @Liv , I just wanted to know if you had any news of TripleStacks on Twitter for , just to see if I can submit my currently waiting runs or if I still have to wait a few more days 😉


Hello, I'd like to become a moderator for The Lost World: Jurassic Park (PS1/Saturn) as I've submitted a WR run since 3 weeks, the only moderator is offline since 2 months and I have no ways to contact him.


Not sure if this is where this belongs or not, but I could not find a better place to put it, and creating a new thread just for this problem that has arisen seems silly to me.

About two to three weeks ago, I made a request to be a moderator for the Hexcells Infinite game. Since then, one of the inactive mods has come back and made comments on several of the forum posts that I made at that time about a month ago.

Since I'm still somewhat new to this site, what exactly happens now at this point?

Furthermore, what should I do if the other S-Mod comes back and removes my current S-Mod status?


Thanks in advance for the response!


Super mod cannot remove another one unless they ask a site staff, generally the ones who have been responding to board moderation changes to the requests would be the ones who have to be asked about it in the first place. If the reason a Super mod was replaced by inactivity or lack of then there should be no reason for them to create a fuss to begin with since they are not active in doing moderation to begin with.

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@ankaid Allright, done.

@Tromboncino Current mod is indeed offline for 2 months and has no socials. Added.

@Razorflame Super mods cannot remove other Super Mods. They can only add other mods.

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I would like to be a moderator for dragon Ball z dokkan battle I do run the game quite a lot and currently hold 3 individual level wr


@FlamingEagle_Legends Please forward your request to the game moderators first of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle since this thread is basically serves as last resort.
Also, add a couple of more social links to your profile.


Hey, could someone please unmod from
He is not active in the community whatsoever and hasn't been online since the 22nd October 2017. Thanks for your time.

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I second this as a super mod on GTA:Online, we wish to remove him to introduce other mods into the GTA:Online community who can help with verifying the runs

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I am a Super Mod for the Trials Series and have been for several years

Currently I can't edit anything for Trials Rising

Trials Rising was released a couple months ago but the mods have not carried over even though the games is listed in the series link below

The game is very new and I would ask that the moderation team be kept the same as before and not new mods if that is ok

We are in the process of setting the timing rules for categories and the guidlines for 3-4 categories. Any %, Any% w/ DLC, Platinum% and Ninja%. Jammy is currently the only Super Mod for Trials Rising, He hasn't Moderated before and has set up Any% Incorrectly and submitted an invalid run. We would ask that he could be placed as a regular mod and that the super mods from the trials series link could be carried over so we can adjust and fix this. We have modded Trials games for the past 5 years setting up the guidelines and timing rules for the community.

Vantier and Myself


@RNJesus Done.

@TheBlazeJp You cannot edit games that were manually added by us, have any of you made any effort whatsoever to contact Jammy at all? I see he has twitch linked, try whispering to them or at least post a thread under the game and give him some time.

There is no harm being done or any damage, there isn't other runs pending for the game at all, all I see this as is a few people wanting to grab a hold of a board none of them even run and trying to make up rules for categories of the game...that again they don't run (yet). There has been times in the past when we have added Series mods to games within the series before and it has created a large amount of problems among one another for the games. Also I want to also add that, you claim you are all trying to forcefully make rules for the game but then you have boards with no rules defined? and being examples.

We are not going to revoke his Super Mod status at this time nor add anyone until contact has been attempted which I feel is completely acceptable. I'm just saying because its been about a week since the game has been added at this point. Hopefully this isn't an attempt to stir up a problem that does not exist.

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@KaweedFul I haven't heard anything from back the mod in a little over 2 weeks, so this should be fine since you have a pending run.

@TheBlazeJp I don't see any reason myself why the moderation should be adjusted. There's no issue currently, and this would likely just create one. That said, I've never really cared for this particular method of handling series moderators, that being them having control over every individual game within their series. It always seemed to cause more issues than it helped, which is likely part of the reason this exact permission was stripped from the series mod role years ago.

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I've submitted a run for the game . After telling a friend, who's been speedruning for a long time, he told me that the mod probably won't answer and I'd have to ask someone here. The current mod hasn't been online for 9 months and he doesn't have any social accounts linked on his profile.

If I should wait for a longer time that's fine. 🙂

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Hi I submitted a run for SeppuKuties and I recently just noticed that the game has no moderators at all. I would like to become moderator of SeppuKuties so the run can be verified. Game link is right here

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