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Oh boy one of these cases again.

Why are you not having this addressed privately? There's OBVIOUSLY nothing that can be done without more specific details being provided, and this isn't the sort of thing that should be discussed publicly in the first place. Just take it to DMs.


The site staff. All of the site moderators responding in this thread have social media links, and the site Discord is easily accessible through the More menu at the top. These sorts of issues when aired publicly never amount to anything but a shitstorm of flaming, and it honestly can just worsen your case instead of help it.

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@stew_ I moved your DM to another staff member, sorry I've been ill the last couple of days so I'm in no mood or condition to deal with anything at this time.


stew_: General consensus among staff is that this specific situation should be handled among the game's community and moderators due to the size of the game's community and the complexity of issues at play here. I don't think site staff can or should make an overarching rule for this situation because it is a very complex situation.

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I hate to post another thing, but on the game Sally Face, the only moderator is inactive. I’d like to request to be a mod for it.


Hey. I submitted a run for the game Queens 3 weeks ago and it had not been verified yet. Plus the mod is @nnmn and he has said before to Daravae on Twitter that he is unable to go to the site now and is fine with other people taking over as mod. Here is the link to the game


@rythin Read in the Terraria Discord that the Series moderator is okay with it, so I added you.

@Mariodude34500 I'll try and reach out to the moderator. Will get back to you soon with whats going to happen.

@sto1crose I don't think verifiers can verify their own runs, so that won't do you any good. But both mods seem to be very inactive, so I added you to both as a mod

@garadas21 You were already Super Mod of this board.

@EddventureTime58 Mod was on 14 days ago. I tweeted at him. Will get back to you soon with whats going to happen.

@Otterstone_Gamer I did indeed receive that. Thanks for the reminder. Added

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Hey, I sumbitted this run (from 18 april) but seems like the moderator is inactive (2 months) , I also tried to contact him few times on Twitter but he did not answered


@Mariodude34500 I had a talk with the moderator and he apologized for wrongly rejecting your run. He assured me it won't happen in the future. Please go ahead and resubmit your run and keep me updated on the status.

@Prakxoelpatatita Thanks for your effort in reaching out to him on Twitter. He seems to be inactive and since your run has been pending for nearly 3 weeks.. added.

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hello !

would it be possible to be added to a new game board, Total War: SHOGUN 2 ? the creator made a category, submitted a run, and seems to have vanished since. I submitted a run a day or two after his, but still awaiting verification (3 weeks ago).

so far he has not responded to twitch whisper. I spoke to a series mod on twitch, he was kind enough to check earlier today but said he didn't have access to that one unfortunately (I'm not sure if meant the run or the board). at the moment I have no way to have my run verified or request new categories / rules.


My friend Stew_ recently got world record on DKC 3 103% and they refuse to put his time up. They are caught up on political nonsense and doing my boy dirty. Reinstate him or remove those mods.


Yeah I mean unless the dude is cheating, submitting fake runs, etc. You shouldn't be rejecting his run lol.


@Daravae i had deleted that run already and my better time and quality run has been approved.


@Arran Allright, added.

@Mariodude34500 Good to hear.

@RockyRZ I will take a look. Any reason Stew_ does not address this himself?


kirkq told stew_ to take it up with the community. the same community he's having issues with. my guess is it didn't work.


Hey, the sole mod for the Watchmen series, and both games, has been inactive for over two years. I have submitted runs for both categories of Part 1 and I'll be running Part 2 in the near future. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like super on the series and both games.


@Daravae I wasn't aware Stew_ had already contacted about this issue when I wrote here. But I really appreciate it.


This is more of an administration question, but is there a way to regain some times off of lost categories? One of the other Lego Star Wars (The Complete Saga) Moderators went nuts and deleted 7 different miscellaneous categories. The rest of the community and I were going to branch off and host these times somewhere else, but we don't have access to the history anymore (tried wayback machine, failed). Any chance we could have those back from I believe less than 24 hours ago?


I'd like to be a mod for Neo Drift Out: New Technology


requesting mod for Fate/Extellla LINK seeing as neither mod has been online for multiple months