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Requesting mod status for current moderator almost never moderates runs unless I pester them to do so. I would like to put myself, and EnchantressOfNumbers as potential new mods as EoN and I are the most knowledgeable about the game.


@crazyjesse I've pinged @authorblues regarding the request. He's active, and generally this request should be going towards him because of that.


@crazyjesse Shame you didn't just DM me to add you. I'd have been happy to do so. Always happy to pass on control of leaderboards to people who are more familiar than I am. I'm quick to respond on discord and twitter roughly 18 hours a day.

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Hi, I'm with a problem
I have a run that is now 22 days old and I want it to be evaluated.
Can anyone see this for me or can I ask for moderation?


Requesting mod status for I just brought the world record down by 20 minutes and would like to have the opportunity to moderate a game that I find enjoyable.

The WR hasn't been verified yet but if you would like proof here is the vod:


@Nikito For 'MARIO', Flutter is inactive, so if you wish I can add you as a moderator to this game? I've tweeted at the mod of also since you have a run that looks to have been sat for 3 weeks and they are active. Generally, there's no reason such a short run should be sat for 3 weeks.

@Adamo Chimp is active:, so your request should be directed at them. This thread is a last resort.


I apologize, I looked up how to become a moderator for a game on and this thread was the first result. Upon following that link, I am still not sure how I am supposed to contact Chimp. Is there something that I am missing? He is only linked through twitch and youtube and I cannot message him there.


could you add me as moderator of MARIO? now the other game I asked the moderator to evaluate but he did not answer me on twitter


@Johny5521 The moderator from LEGO Worlds has replied back to me stating he currently is unable to fulfill his role as moderator. He agreed to add you and I therefore added you to the leaderboard.


@Adamo Perhaps a post on the game forum? Strictly speaking, moderators will usually reach out to runners if they're looking for help and there is no requirement for him to add you as a mod, even after you request it. I don't think there's any point me messaging him because there's no actual issue with the game/current moderation for us to act upon in this circumstance.

@Nikito Okay, done.


Hello again,
Prior to the period of waiting two weeks now, on my request to be moderator for the game "M&M's: The Lost Formulas," I have tried to contact the moderator through twitch, and have not heard from him since. Should I consider giving it more time?


Looks like my request has been ignored, but i'll insist on it, and i quote:

Originally posted by KromerHey,

I have a run pending here: , the only active mod, 'TheKombatKing' was active 19 hours ago, but apparently he is ignoring my submission completely, since i've sent a discord message to him a month ago on the MK Discord Server about this pending run but no result 'till this day, would be better to have a moderator there that actually does the work.

Thank You!

I want to be a moderator in this game. Please approve my request.

I submitted a run this category 10 days ago. But it has not been verified.
I wrote a request about verification in his YouTube channel. Also, he does not have a reaction.


Requesting mod status for THOR.N - current mod hasn't been online in over 6 months and I'm not sure if they receive notifications for run submissions or forum posts.
Would love to build the game up a little and get some runs going.


Hey so this is just to ask if someone could remove the moderation status from Lacr1m0sa for the game Reap since i doubt he’ll ever come back to the site and i cant remove him myself since we are both super mods. Thank you!


@Jaypin88 Safe to say this moderator is not returning anytime soon. Thanks for trying though. I added you.

@Kromer Strange behavior. I have reached out to this moderator to discuss the situation. I will let you know soon.

@octopuscal Please allow a period of at least 3 weeks to pass for your run to get verified, as this thread is last resort. Also, this moderator was active 14 hours ago. I suggest trying to reach out to him through Twitch since its likely easier for this moderator to spot your message.

@Phrayse Please allow a period of at least 3 weeks to pass for your run to get verified, as this thread is last resort. This moderator also has his Discord linked to his SRC profile. Did you attempt to reach out to him there?

@BigBoiRacoonix The only linked social from this moderator also seems to point to a dead URL and he is inactive for 7 months. Seems enough reason to remove him for now. Done.

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Apologies for returning to this thread after being given a helpful reply, however I wanted to ask another question regarding the moderation status for I understand that I am supposed to wait 3 weeks before I come to this thread for help, and in addition the current moderator is very active (He seems to be on much of the day, counted 15+ times I am aware of since yesterday mid-day).

However after a quick glance at his speedrun profile, it seems that this user seems to take great pleasure in moderating/submitting times for uncommon games where he is the only runner so that he is automatically 1st place (13/24 runs). There is absolutely nothing wrong with this of course, except I have tried to contact @Chimp on all forms of communication and I am positive that he has viewed my forum post for the game and he is constantly on this website which gives me the idea that he is simply ignoring/delaying my attempts at communication so that he can continue to be first place in a game that only he has submitted a run for. His run is outdated and slow, as it is more than double the length of my run and It seems unfair that he can do this simply because he submitted the game to before I did. I wish to actually take the game seriously by making guides and improving upon my PB, however it doesn't seem fair to me that I have to go through @Chimp, someone who seems like their PB is their first run through of the game when I am actively trying to bring the WR time down. Can anything be done regarding this situation? I am not very hopeful that I will have any recourse until 3 weeks have passed however I figured there would not be much harm in asking.

Also, in the off chance that @Chimp is very busy despite constantly being on and has genuinely not had the time to respond to me, I apologize.


@Adamo Generally, we aren't going to instate a moderator simply because they have a faster time, it's not really a good basis for doing so. Moderators would be changing constantly if that were the case. What we can see is that your run has been pending for only a day, and your forum post was made only 18 hours ago. Neither of these durations are even close to what we would consider an issue, on top of the fact that @Chimp is not obliged to make you a moderator in this circumstance.

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Understood, however I would argue that its not simply because I have a faster time, but because I have an actual interest in moderating the game and growing the community because its actually a super fun speedgame. If you watch his PB, there are moments where he is testing out the new upgrades after beating bosses and also reading all of the text without skipping through to read the story, which really gives the viewer the perspective that the only reason that this game and his time exists on this website so that he can have a nice golden trophy in his profile. I definitely agree that just because someone holds the WR they shouldn't be a moderator, however my issue is that @Chimp moderates many many games where he is the only runner and it doesn't seem like he has an interest in actually moderating and growing any of them.

I believe there is a big flaw for a user to submit a game to this website and then have a monopoly over all the whole game, especially when the user clearly doesn't have an actual interest in moderating that game, only having 1st place. Like I said in my previous comment, @Chimp didn't even bother to specify rules for any% timing and a new runner would have to watch his run and time it and compare from the youtube timestamps in order to understand what rules he had used for timing, like I had to. For a popular game I agree that the mods should have 0 obligation to make anyone else a moderator, but I believe every game should be examined in a case by case basis and in this situation where we have a single user who moderates 10 different games and is the sole moderator and has a monopoly over all of them isnt fair since you can have people like me who want to grow the speedrun community for one of those games and cannot. (Edit: Upon more investigation, he is the SOLE mod for ALL 10 games he moderates and is the sole runner for all of them except 1 where his time is 5x longer than the other user. If someone is super passionate about any of those 10 games like me or that other user they are out of luck simply because Chimp happened to submit it to before them)

Thank you very much for your response however. I can see that not much can be done until more time has passed and so I will wait.


Hey, can @Theminerscode be demodded on Speed Builders? (It's a small issue, but various attempts to get in touch with him over the past few years failed and he's a super mod.)