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@mitjitsu Seems fair. Added

@Otterstone_Gamer Moderator seems to be active on Twitter. I have send him a message. Will get back to you on this.

@Naro Added.


@Otterstone_Gamer The moderator already responded to me and informed he is unable to view the boards right now and is fine with letting someone else take over.
Therefor I added you.

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I would like to become a Moderator for Pac-Man World 2. I have been running the game for about a year now and am very knowledgeable.


@Landonn The game has many active mods.

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@JSR_ The mod is active and has several contacts, please forward your request to them.


I tried on Discord with no reply. The WR has changed hands at least 4 times in the last 2 weeks with no runs being verified, and despite his being active somewhere on, he hasn't replied to forum posts or Discord, nor my whisper on Twitch. He doesn't allow messages on Twitter.


I would like to become a mod of Gunnel Vision (
I submitted a run 2 months ago and @3rr0r, the mod of Gunnel Vision, hasn't been online in 7 months. I tried to contact them on discord but they didn't show up when I put in the discord on their profile. I messaged him on twitch 1 month ago and they have not responded. The discord on their twitch channel also does not work.


Have submitted 2 runs for
However the Mod does not appear to be active and I have tried contacting him via his site (the contact form doesn't work), YT (no reply), and he doesn't seem active on Twitch.

Others in the Point and Click discord I use have reported similar problems when they tried to contact him. He was last active on SRC 4 months ago.

I know a number of people in the Discord channel I use running the games he is sole mod for, who would be interested in taking over if he can't be contacted.

Would be grateful if someone could take a look.


Hey @Daravae , I was wondering if you got any word back from Jeser at all in regards of the Dead By Daylight leaderboards? It's been about a week and a half to two weeks for us without him being able to be reached. Not via Discord nor twitter.


@JSR_ How far back are these runs? Looking at yours, they're only a few days old and that isn't nearly long enough for us to intervene. Also, looking at the forums he appears to have replied to your thread in the past 14 days. Have you simply tried @ ing him on twitter regarding your concerns?

@AppreciativeWalrus Mod offline for 8 months and pending run, seems fine.

@ldma666 The mod does indeed appear to be inactive (and I've tried to contact this user in the past myself with no luck), but you don't appear to have any contact methods assigned. Would you be able to assign some via 'edit profile' (such as your Youtube, Discord, Twitter etc) just so other users have a means of contacting you after you've been made mod?

@Bimj You need a run. That said, you've had a habit of deleting your accounts/runs after submitting them in the past, which appears odd to me.

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I wanted to appeal on adding a category for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel. I requested a glitchless/kill all enemies category; the mod has been polite and responsive (zero complaints about him personally), but he disagrees about the need for the category. I respectfully disagree for two reasons: 1. There's no way to compete for the current record without utilizing glitches, and 2. At the end of the day, there's no strong reason against adding such a category (it wouldn't diminish current records in any way)

Thank you for considering!


@Liv added Discord & Twitch. Do I verify my own run?


The moderator for Minesweeper, @Kylovic has been inactive for over a month, I would like to be a moderator for this game, as I would check more frequently than he/she has.


Hello I would like to be a moderator of 12 is Better Than 6
I have the records in both categories and the moderator took 3 weeks to verify my videos
I do not ask him because I have seen that he does not want more moderators, but the game is quite abandoned and the moderator has not played for a year and does not seem to care much if he takes 3 weeks to verify the videos, he wants to add more rules to prohibit 16 versions of the game, to ban all languages except 1 what seems absurd to me and has not even spent a little time explaining the rules of the game, I think I can do a better job


I have a submitted run to
My run is WR snd there's only one other run on the leaderboards, completely dead game. Can I be a mod to approve my run?


@YogiBearback This is a thread meant for moderation requests, usually for inactive moderators. I take from this message you are requesting to become moderator for this game? This moderator is obviously active and has also responded back to you, so I do not see any reason to add you now. Please try and settle your dispute with him. He is the best person to try and discuss why your category should be allowed, as well as you can request to become a moderator by messaging him.

@Babick Moderator seems active on Twitter. Please try and make a substantial effort to reach out to him first through his listed socials.

@Jugador According to the logs, moderator is actively verifying runs in the past month. He also verified your run today.

@UNICOY We'll investigate this situation and get back to you.

@Wesley Moderator seems inactive for about 4 months and also shows inactivity on most of his socials. Added.

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I have submitted a run to . The only moderator on the boards has been inactive on everything for at least a year. I would like my run to be accepted (and any other runs that may have been done), so I'd like to be given moderator status for the game.


@UNICOY I'm gonna make a thread on the game's forum to try get this sorted out.


@ldma666 Should be fine now, added.
@Bimj Ok, this should be fine, as the game is unmodded anyway and I can't see anyone claiming this anytime soon.
@bdonp Have you tried to contact the mod in any way? Going off their info page they've only been offline for a month and not a year, and your run was only submitted today.


@trapmix The current mod: is active, please direct your request towards them.