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I would like to apply for a mod for Wolfenstein: The New Order.
The main reason being I have submitted two run attempts that have been waiting to be reviewed for 19 and 21 days (respectively).
I have also heard of other having submitted attempts and the three (now two) peoples moderating the boards is inactive and haven't even gotten a score submitted.
This is why I want to become a mod, so I can get the runs reviewed and get the scores up on the board for the people who whave submitted.


@Rayvex Not yet, I will message one of the other mods on Twitter and Steam. I will get back to you on the outcome.


Hello, I'd like to ask if anything can be done for the dead by daylight leaderboards, as the only admin hasn't been online for a month now, tried contacting on twitter and still no reply. Thank you.


Both mods haven't been online for 4+ months and can't be contacted otherwise due to inactivity online. (And thus can't verify currently pending runs)
I'd like to request two new moderators: thatonenewtagerplayer and myself due to our moderation of almost the entire yugioh series.


@Mergy seems fair. Some of their socials also dont seem to work. Added. You can add the other moderator as you so please.

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@Daravae When someone is a supermod for a page, and they are impossible to reach it seems for a verification of a run. (Tried adding on discord, Sciku tried contacting them over twitter) What is the best course of action?


@sciku @LtNakuu There seems to be a couple of runs waiting to get reviewed since the 10th of March. Jeser seems to be absent for little over a month. I will try and contact this moderator myself first. I will get back with the results on that soon.

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we from the Giana Sisters Speedrun Community (2 peoples atm) are missing our Moderators (RoboSparkle & Mmeaninglessnamee) for quite some time now.
There is some stuff to do (verifying runs, clarify rules etc) so it would be great if you could promote MightyMike9001 and me to a Moderator for this game.



@MilkToast Mmeaninglessnamee has been on 5 days ago. I recommend reaching out to him first before making such a request. Both moderators also have socials listed. Has there been any attempt from your side to reach out to them through any of these socials?


@Daravae thank you for the quick and clear answer, we'll be patient and hear back when this is sorted. 🙂


I want to be a moderator for Hypixel Bedwars 🙂

EDIT : What do I have to know to be moderator?


@RyanGames 4/5 of the moderators are active. Contact them and ask to be a moderator. This is a last resort thread.


Go to their account pages and find a social media link.


ohhhhhhh ok i messaged @Kid_Gamer on his latest YT Video Thanks 🙂


Um. Hello I'm Volt I want to become mod on a game called Robot 64 on the ROBLOX platform. Seems silly I know but, I ran the game but never had proof. I knew alot about runs of the game and knew if they were cheated or spliced or anything. I thought I'd be a good mod. reply if you can..


I suggest contacting the roblox mods about the request. This thread is for last resorts for issues with verification of runs and other board related issues.


Real roblox mods? I cannot contact them for a roblox game.


My only real way for me to contact them is to have discord, the only viable option is that. If the mods don't have discord for roblox.
I simply can't contact them.