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Well this is going to be awkward.

So the very first game submitted to src was Oregon Trail 5 (I was bad at leaderboard creation back then). A few months after I had the leaderboards, I changed computers, and could no longer run the game. Feeling it was time to break it up, once a couple others had ran the game, I figured it was time to pass it up. So I gave moderator to Baldr (current WR holder) and some guy I won't name cause he got banned the day after I gave him mod.

Fastforward to March 2019, and now I have a way to safely play the game on my new computer and record it. Baldr hasn't been on in 10 months, I shot him a message couple days ago on his twitter (which he has posted tweets since my message, but no reply.) And as I'm writing this, throwing in a run to submit as good measure. I know, a little awkward with it originally being my leaderboard, but I didn't feel ok moderating a game I could no longer run. Now with the ability to run the game safely, and definitely, know a lot more on leaderboard creation.

Here is the link to make things easier:



@Cmdr Took a look and noticed Baldr has Twitter which he actively uses. I recommend waiting a little longer for him to respond.



I may have used the wrong word. I meant that social medias are personal (not private). They are personal stuff of people, and not related to like "in order to have one you gotta have the other"
As I explained to you. I already tried to contact the super Mod. I made effort to contact him on "alternative" social medias available for both of us. The problem is, I don't have twitter, he doesnt have youtube or steam. So, who is to blame? Me for not having twitter, he for not having youtube or steam...? (That's the problem on depending on other medias to use the site). Who would to tell which medias one must have or not in order to be a runner?
Unless you tell me that it is a rule to must have specific social medias to use If so, then I didn't know and I'm sorry.

Liv said I don't have a way to be contacted as well. What does it mean? I am right here, lol

>> I created the right thread on the right place, at the right forum of the right game in the right website. Where super mods get notification about.

I don't plan to insist on that, But I do wan't to be fair for the fair it is:

>> I created a thread on the forum about a month ago. The only super mod available saw and ignored. '-' I contacted other Mod on steam, since this mod has steam (he had seen the thread on notification before I contacted him by the way), and he said that there's only one super mod and only one that can do something

This super mod saw the thread and ignored. So do I have to create a twiiter account and go after him and beg him?

So I create a Twitter account and go there and send messages
So he ignores my messages on twitter too.
So I come here and bring you printscreens to prove that I tried to contact him and he keeps ignoring...? Is that what "substantial efforts" mean?

You guys have an idea how far can it go instead of just giving someone ways to fix a problem? (since the only super mod available is absent)..

At least, It would be possible to give @JayTheIdiot the status of super Mod in the game? So I could at least contact someone?


Just to note, receiving notifications for forum posts/threads is not a mandatory option, it is optional. So it's entirely possible he just never saw your thread. Most people mainly rely on discords and their social media for contact. Is it kind of counter productive? Sometimes. It is what it is.

Going back to this point of your post:


At least, It would be possible to give @JayTheIdiot the status of super Mod in the game? So I could at least contact someone?

Have you tried to contact this particular user already? If they're a mod for the game, then they should be able to sort this out for you already. There is no difference between Super/Standard mod in terms of permissions for editing the board itself. So, I'm not sure what giving them Super Mod would actually accomplish for this particular task.

I've tweeted at Crisco myself on twitter for you, and directed him towards your initial post. I'll give it a little while to see if he replies. And is it a rule to have certain social medias on No. However, would it be productive for users to actually reasonably attempt to reach out before coming here? Probably yes. User's going that extra mile is kind of what is meant by 'substantial effort', because from my perspective he is contactable (unless he is intentionally ignoring) but the problem is a user's choice to not try that avenue.

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Well, it looks like ALL the boards I was moderating are being taken from me without any reason. I know a member has been submitting a plethora of games without a timer and I keep telling them to add one. the rules for each of those games also clearly state "start the TIMER..." which I thought most people would know that that means use a timer.

I read through this thread over the past few days and it says I would be contacted about moderation yet no one has bothered whatsoever and I am not someone who is hard to get a hold of. As of right now, I am messaging an admin about this at it seems fairly unprofessional to remove someone as a moderator for no good reason.


What's unprofessional is not being able to exercise any discretion as a moderator. The only action here with "no good reason" is rejecting runs for having no timer onscreen. Unless there's a very specific game-related reason for the presence of a timer being a prerequisite, it has no bearing on a speedrun. It should be obvious to anyone with common sense that if a ruleset contains the phrase "Start the timer" that it's a colloquial way to define when the timing for the run begins. Are you going to reject every speedrun that was performed before the advent of timing software became common? Maybe some benefit of the doubt can be given since you appear to be interpreting the rules in the most literal sense possible (Which still shows poor judgement, but whatever.) but to any other outside observer, it looks like you're rejecting runs because you can't be bothered to time it yourself, which is part of a moderator's duty. I don't blame the site staff for taking ownership of games away from you.

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@OldWorldGamer I did message you on twitter multiple times:

Between the third/fourth tweet there was approx a 12-13 hour gap where I went to sleep, after I came back on I checked to see if you had used twitter (you indeed had) and so I sent the fourth tweet. After not receiving any response at all... I assumed you were ignoring me, so we discussed it and took action as a perhaps way to fully get your attention.

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I was wondering if for the recent occurrence in the cod community if it was ok if I got to be the mod for call of duty ww2 because nobody is modding the game atm, and we would like someone in the community to be the moderator for it.
If not I recommend Klooger


@Liv that's fine, take em all, if I make new leaderboards, I will be sure to contact you guys to find an appropriate mod. If a direct message had been sent, a lot of this could have been avoided. I did not ignore anyone and I feel that not enough effort was put forth.

I'm not an admin/mod of the site, you guys make the rules and/or bend rules whenever/however you like. I submitted a board a few months back that got rejected for no timer even though there was one in game. Now if a mod of a board says anything about a timer, they're considered petty and wrong. so that's fine, I don't need to be a board mod whatsoever.

Thank you.



I've tweeted at you again (responded to the tweet you directed at me) responding to the situation again. If you'd like to discuss the situation at least, we are open to talk about it further.

Personally, I don't know why someone would reject your board/game request for having no timer, but if it happens again then DM me and I will handle it.

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The "timer is required" misconception pops up every once in a while. As a general rule timers should not be required unless there is some specific need to require them such as using "time without loads with an auto-splitter". I think this idea can be a bit of a misconception of boards norms more than anything. I don't think it's fair to assume that anyone who could have this misconception is necessarily lazy or whatever else.

I think there was some communication breakdown here and I think we should try to resolve this privately in a couple days.

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@Liv Thanks for the clear answer.
I'm sorry you had to contact someone by Twitter to solve an issue brought to this thread, it should not be needed, but anyways =P I guess it is as it is like you said... I thank you for that. If the super mod sees your twitter and not answer I supose it means he doesn't bother handling the board fix at the moment...

As for your question and explanation:
"Have you tried to contact this particular user already? If they're a mod for the game, then they should be able to sort this out for you already. There is no difference between Super/Standard mod in terms of permissions for editing the board itself. So, I'm not sure what giving them Super Mod would actually accomplish for this particular task."

Yes, I talk to @JayTheIdiot all the time in Steam and he agrees that the board is incorrect and needs to be fixed. I really didn't know that all mods have the same permission to modify boards (i never notticed because I'm super mod of most of games I mod, and not "second mod" I had no idea). It seems he doesn't know that as well '-' That's good to know! I will try to talk further to him, meanwhile!

thx a lot!

Ps. Btw, how do I quote someone's message like you did? '-'


Ah this is getting condescending, so apologizes.

As I mentioned in my previous statement, "Baldr hasn't been on in 10 months, I shot him a message couple days ago on his twitter (which he has posted tweets since my message, but no reply.)"

I can back up said statement of him being on twitter to see my message, he has retweeted this: and tweeted this since me messaging, and him even getting to wake up.

I know the typical plan is to wait three weeks and I am totally cool with waiting, but I'm just proving I've done my part.
Best Regards,

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@Cmdr I have messaged him on Twitter explaining the situation. Kindly asking to give it some time. I will get back to you if I hear something.


These posts were probably lost in the shuffle. The Puzzle League series mod team would like to remove @Darko 's mod status from the entire series. Darko was made super mod before I even knew of the existence of the board, but they have never been involved in OUR community.

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Hi, we have a third, inactive mod who is a part of our leaderboard for UFC 3.

He had created an account 3 months ago and has only been active for one month before seemingly disappearing completely. I took a look at all the account he has linked to in his account and none of them have been active since January, including his own account. We think that they likely got excited to become a moderator of the UFC3 community before they quickly lost motivation about a month later, and they abandoned their accounts.

His/her name is @SimonShelbyMMAOnline

Me and the other moderator agreed that it would be best if they were removed from the UFC3 leaderboard as if any person in the community tried to contact them, they would receive no answer from them due to their inactivity. However, our issue comes from the fact that they are a supermod, just like me and other moderator, and as such we cannot remove them ourselves.

Thank you!


I wish to become a moderator for Hamsterball Gold, as I have several records and I've even discovered a shortcut recently. Neither of the moderators (one of which is the series mod) respond to contact.

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I'm sorry for double posting, but I had posted a while back to be able to get a mod role for because all of the active mods had been removed. If not I recommend @Klooger because of the fact that he mods some cod games already.


Hello, I'm looking to become a moderator for I currently hold the top record, have a run pending, and another run that beats the pending run that I'll be posting once the pending run is accepted. I'm looking to start an active community with the game and will be attempting to have even faster runs periodically.