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@Scarrien Inactivity is known to be 21 days. Please reach out to the existing mods before posting in this thread; as it is of "last resort".

@Cytruss Request completed.

@CardsOfTheHeart Could you please have other series moderators reach out to me to verify the information for this request. The user is not inactive, so I have no reason to suspect the issue you are mentioning.

@MelonSlice Request completed.


@Bokoblins What about my request 🤔 ?


@Voxelse I don't see any pending requests for you for this game. Typically we want users requesting moderator status to either have a listed run or pending. Along with social media links.

Also apologies, I must've missed your post accidentally.


@Horridhenry257 There is a community Discord available for this game. I took a look in there and although I could not find any request from you in there, it seems the supermod has been active there very recently. Its only been little over a week since your run and one other run has been pending. Could you please try and reach out to him in there as well?

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@Daravae ok I joined the spore GA discord and sent savage brick a message to look at my spore ga full game run

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Oh really? I didn't know that.

So I need to submit my run on a category which isn't the good one...? The game only has the demo category so that's why we want to add mods so we can update the leaderboard. But I'll submit my full run in the demo category then ^^'.

And you talked about social media so isn't Discord enough? I'm very active on Discord so if people want to contact me, they have more chance to get a quick answer than from Twitter. But I'll still add Twitter then

@Bokoblins I've uploaded/submitted my run so hope everything is good now.


Hey. I was wondering if I could become moderator for 60s to save the queen as The moderator has been inactive for 4 months. Also he doesn't have any description in his rules. The game actual name should be 60 seconds to save the queen. Also I submitted a run there and due to his inactivity he most likely isn't going to verify it.


@Otterstone_Gamer Super mod seems to be active on Twitter which is one of his listed socials. Did you try reaching out to him there?
Your run seems to be only pending for one day. Please take some more effort in trying to reach out to him.


@Daravae Hi there I submitted the run of Swing Copters and the game link is here The mod @Flutter has no contacts and has been inactive for 3 months. I think I should be the new moderator as I am more active. I also summit a run before and changed because I got a better time. So I have waited 2 weeks in total with large inactivity and no contact info. That is why I think I should become the new moderator for this game. _YoshiFruit


@yoshifruit Super Mod seems inactive indeed for a long time, no contact info and since your runs have been pending for two weeks: Added.


This is not about inactive mods but about a approved have request. My game European War 4 Has been approved for proof. But I can't find where the game is on Can anyone help me with this, Thanks.


@Otterstone_Gamer I will get back to you on this. Keep an eye on Discord.

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I need help with The Sims 2 PC moderation.
So we only have one mod, the super mod, RotKiller. RotKiller ignores the forums of the game and the only real moderation he does is verify/reject runs. For example, months ago I asked for more categories, and even though people had agreed, it was ignored. I eventually got tired of it and I asked in the forums for more than one mod, with my brief reasoning being that moderators don't have the ability to always be available, so with more moderators there could be more activity, and runs can be verified/rejected. So can I please be made a mod so at least one person is active with the community? I have knowledge of the game as I have played it for years, along with the rest of the series, both casually and speedrunning.


Then post about it on the game's forum.


@Harutomo Some of the Super moderators seem inactive but there are also ones that have been active in the last 14 days. Have you tried to reach out to these inactive moderators yourself as well and if so, in what way?

@NTRG The moderator has been active in the last 14 days. I only see one run in the queue which was created yesterday. Please allow a period of at least 2 to 3 weeks for your run to get verified. Can you state in what way you have tried to reach out to this moderator except for posting on the forums? This moderator has multiple social media accounts listed on his profile. Did you make an effort in contacting him outside the forums of SRC?

@Retro_gamer This thread is meant for Leaderboards moderation requests. Please post your question on the RE2 Remake forum:


@Bokoblins In reference to yours and CardsOfTheHearts posts, I'm also one of the Super Mods for the Puzzle League series. I can backup up Cards notion to remove Darko as a series moderator. I don't think he has much interest in that series anymore.


@TheStalkerVal From what I can see, apart from them being offline for a month they don't appear to have really done anything with the game since 2017 (I can't see he's verified a single run and from what I've been told he's not actively involved at all, and the logs do support this) and since the mods on a majority seem to be of the opinion/view that he shouldn't be there, ok.

@cheating Ok, so I attempted to contact this user myself on reddit and weren't successfully able to. I wanted to wait a few days just so I could verify he had been online on reddit and posted, and I've received no reply back to my attempt to contact, so I will assume he doesn't care or just doesn't want to involve himself. Since you have a pending run for this particular title, I will add you to the game. For the other games you mentioned, I ask that you submit a run. Generally don't like to add mods to games unless they have either a past run in said game, or a currently pending one.


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