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I didn't demand. Again you seem to like taking my words to extremes.
I asked which is very different and gave my reasonings for the request.

The reasons being that there are categories needing to be added. And that the current set up for Any% isn't Any%. You may think that is opinion based.
And yes perhaps my first action should of been to message the Mod, but given he hasn't Moderated before and has already set up an Any% with DLC included that is why I decided to first post here. If you feel that was an error on my behalf then ok.

Demanding would be exactly that. Demanding without giving reason.

Again to reply on the comment of 2 games in the Trials series being "neglected". 99% of Trials runs submitted here in the past 5 years have been to Blood Dragon and Fusion. They have been the active leaderboards which is why they have had rulesets and guidelines given. Nothing has been neglected. One of the two you mention is 4 years old and only had me submit a run, and in those 4 years since not a single person showed interest or desire to run it. Nothing has been neglected. Having said that I will happily add rulesets for the games you question.

"Because I didn't like what Jammy had set up"
Id like to point out this is the 5th time I've been labelled as doing something I didn't do or say.
I never said I didn't like what he has done, I pointed out why there is a problem. Not that I was in any way unappreciative or disliking to what he has tried to set up.

Why doesn't mod experiecence from past games make sense? How well do you know Trials?

Two Mario games are vastly different to eachother.
So that makes perfect sense in why one mod for one isn't necessarily beneficial to the other as you say.
The same cant be said about Trials games because they are almost identical In their structure and gameplay from title to title.


Future postings from you will result in deletion, you seem to be refusing to acknowledge anything we've got to say at this point about the "issue" and the "issue" has long since been resolved.

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This is a really helpfull thread when it comes to serie moderation

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Hello Everyone! My name is Invive322 and I set the world record for the game Farm Frenzy 1 ( ).
Link to the run
I noticed that the moderator was not active for more than 6 months. His twitter was deleted, and he showed no activity on any other services. I believe that he will not be able to verify my race. Help me please. I can not even contact him.
Thank you, greetings from Russia!

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Hello, I would like to request mod for the game Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat, reason being that the verifiers and one super mod have not been online for a heavy amount of time and have not been verifying any of the submitted runs. My run has been in verification queue for almost 3 months by now.

Thanks in advance.

To add extra details, the last staff of the game online was about a month ago, but it averages to about 2 - 3 months, some not being online this year.

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Hi. I'm the only active mod for GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT (wow/10 #rekt edition). The current super mod was hard to reach through twitter the first time and now his twitter is down. I tried contacting him through youtube 3 weeks ago with no response. I request to be made super mod so I can add as mod the guy who got WR last 4/20.

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Can someone just verify or reject my minesweeper run?

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@Invive322 Removed the old moderator and replaced them with you.

@Flynntendo - Contact the Super Mod here, they appear active on twitter.

@Sopha Removed and added you as Super Mod.

@Aradije Post your problem under the Minesweeper forum of the game.

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hi so i've had a run pending for almost 3 weeks in Google Doodle Chinese New Year 2013, their are 2 moderators, 1 hasn"t been online in 3 years the other in 3 months, neither of which have any contact information

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@Dangerless thank you, thank you very much!


Hey guys can you add me as a mod for default dan the current mod hasen't responded to me on discord and was last online 4 months ago. Run was submitted 15 days ago.


Hello, Hearts of Iron 4 has a rule stating "No mods (Of ANY type,including music or graphics)," You can tell if the person has mods on by looking at the Achievements disabled icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. One of the moderators for this game "survivalMichi" has achievements disabled for his "1st place" run (Achievements should be enable no-matter the version you're playing on, Unless you're playing in 1.0.0, which the icon does not show for that version.)


@Jonnah that sounds like something you should bring up in the games forums, this should be used as a last resort


Thanks @Daravae, but I was added for Killer Instinct not the series according to my info.


@afnannen136 Info seems accurate. Added.

@Jonnah Forward your request to the game forum first.

@Slevanas What do you require series moderator for? This seems a relatively small series. Only a handful of series are in need of actual moderation.


I asked both moderators of game Midnight Club Los Angeles but any of them answered me.

Can you pls add me directly as admin of the game?


Hello, it has been two weeks since I submitted my Tomodachi Collection 100 Miis world record, and it still hasn’t been verified. I hate to ask again, but I believe the mods for TC are dormant, for the time being. I’d like to at least be added as a Verifier for the game.


@Daravae I personally like the games and mods left where one made me one for Killer Instinct 2013. So being series mod can be good. I have experience managing pages for the Soul, N3, and Gears of War series.