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Hello, I did a run for Stray Cat Crossing : claiming the 1st place in Any% but the moderator didn't connect since 3 years, I would like to replace him, in order to add other categories, and to do some other runs.


In a short explain These mods are inactive plus I have runs waiting for months for these following games. and and . I would like to be the new moderator for those games. Thanks


I forgot something about the randomphoenix03 post, It is probably if I contacted him, which I did on discord. (I know his username on discord on "Roblox Speedrunning" because he made the server. Image proof that I contacted him:

If you want the post again, here. (Tell me to stop asking about this if you want to.)
Hi, could you please switch the mod's on
to make @TheBronzeSword be super mod and @randomphoenix03 a mod?
Also could @randomphoenix03 be a mod instead of a super mod in since he is 30(+) days inactive


Good afternoon.I really want to become a moderator of this wonderful series.I'll sperano a long time and love this game


@Vova777663 Both mods of the game are active. Talk to them first-this is a last resort thread.


To put everything in one post. Flutter is inactive and no contact plus I have runs in and so I should be mod to get them verifed and to make the other runs verified as well. -Yoshi Fruit


MuffinLoL: Added

Skriff_ITP: It looks like you were added.

Jack_Hase: I didn't find all the posts on this topic, but I bumped one of the mods up to a super which should resolve the issue for the short term I think? The user hasn't been inactive all that long, we could look at bumping down or removing at a later date.

Vova777663: Moderator requests should go through the existing moderators when at all possible.

Otterstone_Gamer and yoshifruit: Neither of you have pending runs in anything you're claiming. They're tracked right here:


The game "Gravinaytor" is on, but it exists as "Gravinator", which is spelled incorrectly. Would you change the name of the game to the correct name? I'm not sure if moderators are allowed to do that.


heyy wondering if we can get this removed board removed as we combined the leaderboards with the wii and pc versions 🙂 thank you

Also could IcarusPanda be removed from super mod mysims racing when we talked last year he said he would but he must have missed mysims racing when he was doing that as he was a mod of all the games in the series at the time so it was a lot to remember 😊 thank you

Thank you very much 😃


Please add me as a series mod on OutRun.

We've had some requests for new platforms and categories for the main OutRun game and it's becoming untenable, so we need to be able to add a few new games so we can cleanly achieve this. I've discussed this with another mod (Tenebrae) and he agrees, since these ports are all so different.

I've posted on the series forum and the game forum for the one game that would be most affected and have had no negative responses, so now I'm asking here.

Thank you.


Hi, I would like to remove some super mods from Payday 2 ( as they have inactive for quite a long and didn't get really involved in the game.

@Lavender_cobra (Last online 1 year ago)
@CommanderCH (Last online 8 months ago)
@mnbmnb336 (Last online 6 months ago)


Hi. Can MDK_ be removed as a supermod from Europa Universalis IV? ( ) He hasn't interacted with the leaderboards since he added me as the second super mod (~a year ago) and played no part in the recent rework of the leaderboards. He furthermore has no active contact methods, so I can't ping him to remove himself. Thank you 🙂


The current mod for this LB ( is inactive and they are the only one, it would be great if I could have mod for it and also the other CSGO maps by uLLetical, thanks!


I was wondering if I could be upgraded to a super mod for Viscera Cleanup Detail because our supermod isn't on as much as we need him to be and he is very slow with adding things to the page. I am a regular mod ATM but we're trying to add new members to be verifiers and change some really old runners into mods to assist me in handling the game because our active super mod isn't on enough for us to change major things.

Thank you in advance for your help.


The Ikaruga mods don't seem to be around anymore (or maybe just not interested in the game). I've had a run pending verification for 5 weeks (
The super mod only has their YT linked, and the verifier hasn't been logged in for around 9 months. I posted in the forum as well, but no replies.