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Hello there, I would like to become a mod in a game called "Xenophobe" for the NES.
I submitted two speedruns on November 4th, but the mod never accepted/rejected 'em,
He's been inactive for 4 months so far, so I decided to send him a PM on Twitter, but his last tweet was made in mid-september, so I suppose he's inactive on Twitter as well.

Here's the game link:


Can i get moderation on , because one moder there was online 1 mounth ago and he deleted yourself profiles from all social sites?


Hello I wait since for 5 month that my run is check

can someone tell me how to check my run because the moderator does not respond

Thank you so much for your help


@Vidtendo You would have to become mod yourself, and honestly I think you deserve to be mod (if you want to be)


Mod request for:

Hi there, I'd like to see if I could become a moderator for EA UFC 3. I've got 4 runs waiting for 3 weeks now but I fear moderators are inactive as no one has submitted a new run in months. I'd like to become a mod to breath a bit of new fresh air into this game and try and encourage more people to start running the game and add new categories


@PeteDorr Since the only mod who (appears) to have been verifying runs removed themself, okay, this seems fine. There appears to be several other runs in the queue, also.

@Outworld TKK appears to have come online several times in the past few days, so to us at least he doesn't appear inactive. The actual difference between Standard/Super is so menial that we wouldn't want to overstep our bounds and start making changes without current super mod consent unless absolutely necessary, at this would just cause to issues.

@Kempy @Tanyavstheworld I've just upped Tanya for this request, though it might be worth upping a few more mods anyway. The rest of the COD discord when I originally asked didn't seem to have anyone else willing to moderate this title, either, so it appears this is probably the only option anyway. WW2 appears to be handled?

@ZeldaCrasher Since you have a pending run that's been sat for multiple weeks I'll make an exception here due to the facts that the current mod has no run of the game it appears, and also has no contact methods.

@Sizzyl Since you have a pending run, okay. Flutter has been an issue in the past multiple times, and the other mod appears to be inactive.

@Imaproshaman Bouncy Ball seems fair. It's a small game, really, but the current super mod doesn't appear to run the game and has on top of that both mods appear to have been offline for a month. I've whispered MilkKing for Monument Valley 2 on the other hand here: , I'm gonna assume that is their twitch and they simply incorrected added it to their profile here on SRC. If you could show me some form of run here that would enforce your chances I guess. Although the board doesn't currently allow you to submit runs, that doesn't stop you from just embedding the run in here.

@MadPunkerz Pending run and the current mod has no run of the game and is inactive for several months, added.

@AAAnarchyRUSSIA Mod appears inactive, and all contact methods (including his listed run) appear to be gone, this seems fine. Added.

@Vidtendo Run pending and current mod offline for 9 months, okay. Added.

@TanyaVsTheWorld You appear to now be a mod for Märchen Adventure Cotton 100% ? He appears active going by this, so your series request should go towards him as well.

@SimonShelbyMMAOnline The videos you submitted don't appear to be your own runs? It is true that both mods appear to be inactive and didn't respond back to me after almost a week, but your listed contacts and the ones for the submitted ones are totally different. If these are indeed your runs, can you @ me on twitter from the handle that appears to be connected to those videos, which would be ?

edit: Disregard the above. I had attempted to contact both mods through Youtube and neither have responded after a week so this seems fine since you have pending runs that have been sat for close to 3 weeks.

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I'd like to request to become mod of as the current mod has been offline for 6 months, and to my knowledge i'm the only one other than him with a run of the game.



Can I be made mod on the Suikoden 4 page?

I would like to create a New Game category as only new game plus exists currently.

I will also be running Suikoden 5 afterwards and no leaderboard currently exists.



@Sizzyl Okay, since you have a pending run and the current mod has been offline for 6 months.

@AJ408 Two of the three mods for the game are active, please ask them. The likely scenario is no one has done a run yet of NG so they simply haven't added the category. For Suikoden V, it can be requested here once a run has been done:

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I'd like to request to become a mod of Dirty Bomb (

All the mods have been inactive for 3+ months. I've attempted to contact one of the mods, as the other 2 mods have no contact information listed, via Discord and Steam but all my attempts to communicate were unsuccessful.

There have been major changes in the past 3 months to the game that change how many of the catagories would be run (for example, there is a completely new tutorial level so we can't run the old tutorial, and we're unable to run the new tutorial due to the old tutorial still being the active catagory)

Thanks for your time.

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Hello everyone.

I have a (super) mod request for

The only super mod currently, @ViceroyOfMonteCristo, has not been online since November 12th 2018. He hasn't streamed on Twitch since February 2018 as far as I can tell and his last Youtube upload was in September 2017. I have contacted him on Twitter via tweet but got no response so far.

My runs are only pending since a few days, but another runner of Split/Second, @Lucky77, told me that he waits for a decision on one of his runs for over a month now.

Thank you in advance and thank you for the time you all put into this site. Much appreciated.

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Hi. In , I think Kyokami is inactive. Her last reply was 22 days ago. Her last created forum was 1 month ago. She hasn't been verifying for over a month. (If she gets kicked due to being inactive, could i take the place?)


@Jack_Hase Both of the super mods are active. Contact them about it. This is a last resort thread.

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I would like to become super mod for:
Two of the mods have no runs of any game and have been inactive for a month. The other two mods have been inactive for 1 and 3 months respectively.
Also I'd like to become mod of as both mods have been offline for 1 and 8 months, and I've had a run up for 9 days.


Can please add as a leaderboard supermod? I got added to the mod of the entire game series a while back but I am not qualified to review System Shock 2 runs and Cubeface has been AWOL for a while now. M1 is more than qualified to be a game mod and even a series mod.


M1 hasn't been online in 2 months, even with WR that seems like a poor choice for mod, but then again I have no idea how frequent runs get posted to that game so idk


I have a mod request for
The current (and only) mod on there has not been online for a month and I tried contacting him through discord (he has no other social media) and I'm not getting a response.

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Hey i would like to be a mod for the game "lego worlds" due to the reason that the moderator has been inactive for over a year now.


@PiggyBow mod was on a month ago, have you tried contacting them at all?

I long while back I was working on some stuff possibly some new tech i was messing around with but never bothered to submit runs to the board since the rules were kinda jank.


@Liv Here's a run of Monument Valley 2.

(Also, I'm not involved with "Not Tonight", but it's interesting that that lb has no runs...)