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@SakuraFreak Thanks sakura I appreciate it, I apologize if I sounded impatient. Thank you for giving me mod status and I hope you can enjoy some downtime for the holidays.


I noticed that has only a regular mod. The regular mod should be bumped up to super.


DankusSR: Those mods have been inactive about 3 months, but I think it's fine to add you given the circumstances.

g0goTBC: The mods are fairly inactive, I'll add you. It looks like someone added it to the series.

Meddadog: Seems fine, I added you

MiphaSR: Normally I'd want a pending run, but the user never added a run anyway, go for it.

starsmiley: Looks like someone else got to it before me.


Why was I removed as a moderator for portrait of ruin? And why was the new game plus category removed as well?


Why are you asking here? Seems like Rom and Hetfield are now mods for the game, which seems suitable since they are experienced runners of it.

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Requesting supermod for Zoop, as world record holder in both the categories. Currently I'm one of two normal mods with no Super. Thanks!


@JustLeeBelmont Best asked/taken up with the game mods. We don't know. They likely just wanted to get the game managed similar to how the other games in the series are.

@iriebutler You appear to already be a super mod?


Oh really I'm sorry I tried to check to see if I was before I asked, where do I find that information?


Maybe it's having a red sword instead of a green sword? Guess I never paid attention to that



Super Mod - Red Sword
Regular Mod - Green Sword
Verifier Mod - Brown Sword

Hope this helps. Keep in mind although Super Mod is the highest rank on a leaderboard, they cannot alter or change other Super Mods and so if a problem occurs you'll need a Full-Mod like Liv to address a change in moderation.


Thanks man! Sorry, excuse my lack of knowledge, that's pretty cool though. Cheers!

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Moderation Request for
Game: Dark Cloud
Page link:
There are only two mods, one has been offline for 3 years, the other for 2-3 months. Recently one of the mods (the only active one) retired from moderating the game, leaving it with two people who are very inactive. I have a run that has been pending for 9-10 days, but previously the same run was pending for 3 weeks with no response. I deleted it and resent it incase it was glitched (I submitted it about a day after that whole site-wide rollback) so really my run has been pending for a month.

I am very familiar with the run and the game in general, as I run both the NA and JP versions.


hey there 🙂

i request moderation of call of duty infinite warfare , they current mod is squidney- but unfortunately i cant contact him because he has deleted his twitch channel and his twitter

also i do have some runs waiting approval

thanks for all the help


CoDWW2 Mod was last online 2 days ago, so it would be best to contact them first if possible before requesting here.
As for the other mod for CoDIW contact them as well, they have not been on for some time.
Hopefully the Site Mods can help you out.


In the game Umfend ( ) the current moderator has been offline for 2 weeks and has no way to contact them on their profile, id be willing to moderate the game


@ZeldaCrasher 2 weeks is not really considered Inactive yet,
You also have not run them game your self or do you have a pending run?
In any likely hood it would probably be better if the current and sole runner on the board takes over if they are inactive.
The fact that the current mod has no contacts at all is odd, but have you tried posting in the forums of the game?
Moderators generally receive notifications if people post. Hopefully this gets resolved.


I currently have a run in pending and a forum post on the site, this was my last resort and I waited until after 2 weeks to see if he would come online


I would like to become mod of as one of the mods hasn't been online for 2 months, and hasn't run for 9 months and the other mod hasn't ran a game for a year or had a forum post in a year. . There is no way to contact these mods, and my run hasn't been verified for a week (even though I know 3 weeks is what is considered "inactive"). I am willing to wait 2 weeks to see if Flutter comes back on as they were on 17 days ago, but I'm not sure that they will come back within 4 days of this post being made(because 21 days=3 weeks).


The Bouncy Ball mod, soupG,'s last Tweet/being online (on src and Twitter) were a month ago, and I @ED them one week ago on Twitter. (soupG was fairly quick to verify runs when they were active.) The other mod, Dannyboy19852, has been offline for a month as well, but hasn't run the game or afaik even verified a run, so I'm not sure why they're a mod, but that person doesn't apply here.

The Monument Valley 2 mod, MilkKing, has been offline for almost a month (22 days) and their linked Twitch is a dead link. I'm not sure they'll respond to me commenting on one of their YouTube videos either, as their last video (and submitted run), were a year ago.

Monument Valley 2's board needs to be set up for me to submit a run as it doesn't have Android as a listed platform yet--or any other platforms for that matter--or IL's, or defined rules. I have run Bouncy Ball and Monument Valley 1, so I can't call myself inexperienced in either field, that be running either game or moding a board. I know I'm talking about the second game here, but still--I'm the one who got the first game's board set up with defined and consistent rules across every category and chapter.

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