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Hi there, I'd like to see if I could become a moderator for EA UFC 3. I've got 4 runs waiting for just under 2 weeks now but I fear moderators are inactive as no one has submitted a new run in months. I'd like to become a mod to breath a bit of new fresh air into this game and try and encourage more people to start running the game and add new catergories


@Sizzyl You would need runs in these games, we're not looking to just add random users to games because mods are inactive because that just proliferates another issue in my opinion. Some of those pages also probably shouldn't even still have pages, they're empty and one has only a category for a demo?

@Selrec_fr The current super mod was last online 3 days ago, please take this up with them:

@Jack_Hase I know the mods are active. Runs not being verified in 3-4 days is pretty common, I would say. From the way you worded it in your message though, I'm not surprised they ignored you. Overworld is very active on discord, so try contact him there. And try not wording it in a way that makes it seem like they have to justify to you why they haven't verified your run in 3 days, and maybe they'll actually look into it promptly for you.

@happykiki Do you happen to have a run in this game at all?

@dankussr Do you have a run with sound? Per the game's current rules: "Video proof with original game sounds is required." your run would be a rejection anyway. It would kind of be in bad practice in my opinion to add a mod to a game who can't even follow the game's rules.

@JustLeeBelmont Mod is active: , ask them. Mods are also not obliged to give you mod because you ask. If you've asked and they've simply stopped responding to such a request, they probably aren't going to add you.

@TheOcto Shiko seems to go on and off for very long inactive periods and also doesn't appear to respond to messages from my own experience trying to contact them, so since you have a run I've added you.

@Rafaga I'll try talk to the mod regarding this, but the situation of Megaman is kinda... iffy, because they primarily handle their games off-site on:

@SimonShelbyMMAOnline I'll attempt to contact both of them and direct them to your post/run. If they don't respond after several days (since both of them appear to have just gone past 3 weeks anyway) I can consider adding you.

@scoagogo Mod inactive and run pending, added.

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@Liv didn’t see that heh. I’ll go record one in a bit however the mods are still inactive as they would have rejected it


Heya, would like to request a mod for Deep Rock Galactic, since the current one hasn't been online for 2 months. Their discord isn't available either.


hey i have been playing some sniper: ghost warrior. But them pages for the 3 games need some love. There is just any% and few runs. I have wr for s:GH 1 and want to start speedrunning the other 2 as well. But the other 2 dont even have a 100% category. dont think the 2 mods care anymore, which is understandable, but was wondering if i can become series mod and add stuff like that


I would like to become a mod for Super Luigi Bros and I also posted a run and messaged the mods about it but they never responded and one was online


Power rangers the movie snes

Queried in twitch more than a month ago for co op

A year+ ago someone else queried the same thing

No other media under the profile of the mod to reach out for.

Looking to get added as a mod.


@RealTPV Three of the four mods are active, with two of them having logged on in the past 24 hours. They almost assuredly don't need or want another mod.


@Liv The mod isn't active if my run has been sitting for over 24 days without being verified. I was also promised that the mod would add a category for new game plus no out of bounds for the game as well which they said they would do but hasn't happened yet sadly. I recognize that the mod isn't tied to the site and understand that it is a volunteer position but I've messaged them since october regarding any updates about adding the category and have since heard nothing back since october 9th.

I don't want to be rude as that is not my intention, I am just curious as to what to do? Aren't runs supposed to be verified within 3 weeks or something along those lines? I don't mind taking the initiative and assist in verifying runs as a moderator if possible and keep things moving, after all, wouldn't there be some merit to having more than one moderator for a game? All I want is for my run to be verified and the category added and I don't know who to talk to. I don't need to be a mod of which is fine and I understand that as i know people have their reasons, although some sort of feedback/communication regarding these things I've mentioned would be appreciated considering I have yet to get a response.

I also have 2 under night in birth runs which I submitted 2 months ago that have yet to be verified.


@JustLeeBelmont I'm pretty sure ur situation will be resolved, but there are very few overall site mods, and they have lives of their own so they can't live on the forums, just wait a little bit and they'll figure it out.


Hey what's up guys its joe_ here

I lost my old account to the hack, and I was wondering if I could have moderation privileges for the Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA leaderboards on this account?

Thank you


@joe_ contact a staff member I'm discord to get that resolved.


One month ago (15th November 2018), I posted a run on the game "Rollercoaster Tycoon 1" and other 3 runs afterwards. There are 3 mods on that game, and all of them are inactive.
Could I became mod on "Rollercoaster Tycoon 1"?

Thank you


@SpeckyYT Nice try, buddy, but 2 of the mods are active. Try contacting them.


@Nirah Since the mod is inactive and you look to have a bunch of pending runs, added.

@dagpetter1 I'll make an exception here because the mod situation just appears bad there. Bradley appears to mod a ton of games they don't run (and their only connection to GW1 appears to be a single proofless IL), so it seems like a ton of these boards just got sniped, if anything. For GW 2 and 3, I would contact BnH directly about it, I know he's active on discord. I've upped him to a Super Mod so he can add additional mods since he's the only mod that has ran the other games, so these requests can probably be sent though him. I've adjusted the mod situation on the games/series accordingly, so that it at least makes some sense somewhat. A user who has no real connection to the series from what I can see super modding the whole thing seems a tad silly.

@RealTPV Your run looks to be verified and the mods are clearly active, so please talk to them about this.

@NotNite Do you have a run at all? Despite mods being inactive the goal here isn't just to replace inactive mods with mods that (at least as far as we know) don't run the game(s).

@JustLeeBelmont I've contacted both mods (for Under Night also) through their social media referring them to your post and your runs. If they do not get back to me in a couple days or address the issues, then I can get around to adding you to the games. 2 months is an extremely long time to wait for two runs that are so short in length, not sure what is even going on there.

@joe_ DM Pac by joining the SRC discord here: and he can get you sorted with the password issue. It's a far better solution than you losing your old account.

@SpeckyYT "Mods are inactive": / - both online today. If you want to query those mods over why your run is sitting in the queue you can, but we aren't going to act over a 5-6 day wait in here.


I would just like to reiterate the fact that both Super Crate Box mods have been inactive for around a year and I have not been able to contact either of them. My run has been sitting for around 25 days now and admittedly it did break a rule I didnt see which was that it must have sound but they should have still rejected it. I have since submit a run which does in fact have sound


@JustLeeBelmont Sorry man, I was very inactive recently due university and work lol End of year is a mess for me since I'm not able to stay at PC for any more than 2 hours a day. Btw forgot to answer ya on discord, if you're willing to mod I don't mind.


Hey guys,

So about 2-3 weeks ago, this game got added to the Fireboy and Watergirl franchise , but without the series being added (was it a mistake?)

Furthermore, someone in the community told me that there is a run that has been waiting for a verification for over 3 weeks with no response from the mods.

Also, I've PMed the mods of the game, with no response whatsoever.

Could someone add the series mods to that game so that there's someone checking this game? Thanks in Advance!