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I recently posted a run on Milos Astro Lanes, there is only 1 mod with no links on his account. He holds the WR for luigi's mansion so I joined their discord and they said, "snap is very elusive." I'm okay with becoming a mod for the game! Thanks in advance.




I wanna be moderator in Doodle Jump, because @Gogorotor not online 2 weeks.


Hello. I would like to become a mod for operation wolf (NES) . The only mod hasn't submitted a run on any games in over 7 months and has been inactive on for a month now. I tried reaching out to him several times but I never got any responses. I moderate several other NES zapper games and the zapper discord server. I'm online several times daily and have modded other games for over a year so I believe I'm up to the task


i want to be a mod for because the mod was Last online 1 year ago


Hello, I would like to become a mod, preferably super mod for both Infinity Blade 1 and 2 ( ; The only semi-active mod is Silver, but as he's told me, he knows nothing about the games and is often slow to verify runs for the games. Also, category rules need updating desperately

edit: the only super mod for both games has been inactive for 3 months


Requesting super mod status for The Secret Island of Dr Quandary ( ). Previous super mod, Neskamikaze, has deleted their account.


I want to contact the mods for Bouncy Ball and one mod has been offline for a month and the other 25 days. The 25 days mod was active when they were active and actually have a Twitter linked. Last tweet was almost a month ago but I know that doesn't always signify activity. Should I just Tweet at them and hope? Their Twitter isn't in English, but the leaderboard submissions were. I'm interested in being a mod.

(Mod in question's Twitter is "SoupG" btw.)


Oh. I copied the link so idk why, but thanks. ':D Fixed. 😉


As a side note for the case of Infinity Blade, it might be better to just keep the Super Mod as is or demod him to just a regular mod. He's on a religious mission and won't be back for around another year.


Sorry I screwed up the links in my first post. ;
Nobody's verifying my runs, and somebody needs to give the category rules a tune-up, and if that's the case @starsmiley , then I would really appreciate modding or super modding me for infinity blade 1 & 2


hello, is that I am already a moderator in a game called factory balls 4, what I wanted was to ask if they could raise my rank to super mod, I asked the other mod if I could, but since the day he added me, until today it is offline and in discord I could not contact him for the same reason


The super mod for mario paint ( has been inactive and there are no other super mods for the game. I reached out to them through discord and they were unwilling to do anything about. I would appreciate getting super mod to keep the page alive. Thanks!


@trapmix Mods are active, ask them.
@Arbliterator Done.
@Caseywho Sent Snap a message via discord, I'll give them a little while to reply/verify the run. Informed them it would be best to assign some contact methods, also.
@_MXxTeN_ Sent a whisper to the current mod, I'll give them a few days to respond.
@Carter44 I'll make an exception here because Rantron seems to mod waaaay too many games (similar to Dugongue before he demodded himself from everything) on top of there being runs in the queue and him being offline for a month. And I know Rantron in the past has added mods for these kinds of reasons when I've messaged him.
@cinemassacres Okay. Though this is one of those games I'm heavily questioning why a page even exists. lol
@warthog Okay, I added you as a mod to both games since Silver seemed okay with it also. I'm not entirely sure of the situation / agreement between JD and Silver though, so only appointed regular mod for now since I know JD is inactive for a good reason. If the other mods feel they need an additional super mod due to the situation, feel free to post again in here.
@Kirbs2002 Done.
@Imaproshaman I would suggest to tweet at them, yes. Last tweet date being fairly far back doesn't mean they still don't check their twitter regularly.
@MikuRuns Just try to contact them, or wait for them to reply? I really don't see a reason to instate an extra super mod for the game, it doesn't need new mods and the current mod isn't technically inactive yet. Nor can I verify how thorough you were in your attempted contact.
@RedOddr Message @authorblues. I can almost guarantee by what he has told me before he either has a reason to not mod you/require more mods, or you haven't actually asked him.

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@RedOddr Nice try buddy, but you haven't messaged me on Discord. Pull the other one.

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I submitted a run for the Star Wars battlefront 2015 Endor Chase level here:

Currently, neither of the moderators have been online for a long time, with one having not been online for 9 months. What should I do?


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