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@BowMasterBlaze I'll add you to help since the Mod doesn't appear to read the forum, has been offline for 3+ weeks and Youtube is kinda ehhhh to contact people from. They also don't appear to have a run in the game.

@Renegade522 The series mods for DMC are active, ask them. I have no idea why you're requesting this here. Also, considering you requested DMC5 over 4 months prior to its release previously, I can almost guarantee you would add the game months early if this was applied.


I wish be a mod of This game , the actual mod is banned and no login ago 1 month.


Hey, I requested to be supermod for a game called Jumphobia 19 days ago. I haven't gotten any response from him from twitch whispers or on the game forum so perhaps I could become a supermod also a runner asked to be a mod a month ago without a response from the supermod

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Why can't my race be accepted? Battletoads And Double Dragon (nes) coop
do something....


@MikuRuns You would need a run of the game. And considering how in the discord you were showing some eagerness to just randomly add people to another game as mod for no actual reason, I don't think it would be the best idea, either.

@mLg Ok. I messaged the other mod nearly a month ago regarding their contact methods being invalid and they still appear to be invalid and I got no response back, so I'm gonna assume contacting them in this regard is pretty much not going to be possible. I've upped you to a super mod. I would say be careful adding people as mod simply because they request it, though. Especially considering it gives them the power to wipe the entire board.

@Outworld These can either be sent through the request form or done through contacting the series mods as they're able to add games freely. Gamebrain is very active, so I'm sure they could add these two games for you easily, though they would probably require a run be provided.

@TGR It's only been 4 days. Either wait, or message the mods?


Hello, I submitted a WR run a few days ago for My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie's Party. The mod has no contact methods and has been unresponsive and inactive for 2 months. The Supermod of the series has been inactive for 1 month, but their only contact method is Youtube.

I'm requesting Supermod of the My Little Pony series OR Mod of Pinkie Pie's Party and/or The Runaway Rainbow (another game in the series I plan to run) if possible.


I deeply regret clicking on everything I just clicked on in association with your post.

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So? I play kids games. It's not anything to be ashamed about. Just sayin', I grew up with the games I run so it just kinda makes me feel bad when people call 'em bad or regret doing anything with them.

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More in relation to the mod's profiles themselves, not the games, since I didn't click on any video footage, but I'm sure those are bad too.

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Knowing my mistakes in my run, sure, it's bad in that sense. Thank god you weren't talking about that though, sorry to assume, it just happens a lot to me and I'm awfully fed up about it.
But yeah, the mods have been gone for a whiiile. Lots of Roblox on one and no runs on the other...

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@Liv as far as im aware super mods cant give out super mod or am i mistaken ?
as for saying "im garunteed" to add the game early please do not pretend u know who i am or what i would do, i read the rejection notice i understood what it said . i was planning asking for super mod as i run dmc 3 4 DmC devil may cry and ill be running dmc5 when its out.
i would ask you if i may to request to be a super mod for the whole series coz for example karakov has been inactive for a very long time . Pvtcinna runs and mods mainly dmc4 the only person who seems activ is zero
this is why im asking to better mod the series as ive done with DmC devil may cry and to get ready for dmc5


@Renegade522 Super Mods can give other user's Mod, yes. Ask @maxylobes regarding this. He is very much active and uses the site pretty much daily. His decision is final on this.

@ControlCoreAngel Both games are under Flutter's control, so this seems fine. I've only modded you for currently due to that being from what I can see the only run submitted. If you submit runs in the future for the other games (such as the other game you mentioned), feel free to post here.


@Liv Thanks so much! I'll hit you up when I run TRR then, if Flutter doesn't show by then.


Hi, I would like to be moderator for

I have world record in the Any% category (although it is still pending for almost three weeks now). I contacted mods several times and they have not responded.

Many thanks!


Hi, I speedrun Supertux, and I was recently added as a mod to change the layout of the leaderboards better. I've noticed in our team 2 very inactive mods, and I request for them to be removed.

Currently, we have six mods, which is way too much for such a small category, and one of them is very inactive: MCMic
He is a supermod so i cant demote him, it would be great to have him demoted, since he was last online a year ago.

Secondly, AD2 is another mod who does not moderate the supertux page as well as the others. He hasnt been online in 8 days, and he moderates for like 12 other leaderboards. It's silly to regard him as a mod for this page considering how busy he is, and how he doesnt even seem to realise supertux exists. He is the other very inactive mod.

Thanks for your help 🙂

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  [user deleted]

@OscillaringOcelot I don't think AD2 is too busy to be a mod, he might still verify runs when he get the chance. Dugglez has already sad he doesn't have interest in the game anymore so I think it would be more logical downgrading him to regularmod or remove him.


@Liv hi unfortunatly your missing the point i am not applying for normal mod i was applying for "super" mod anyway ive contacted that guy about getting normal mod then well go from there


A super mod can give out super mod status as well, not just regular mod

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There's a guy on the Five Nights At Freddy's (FNAF1) leader board who claimed world records in the mobile version of the game by submitting runs that are 1ms long and with no video evidence. For example

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