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Issues resolved. Thank you Lonne.


Having to wait is like pulling teeth. :thinking:
What is a joke is some people's patience.

@Tokonata The mod is active, ask them.

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I'm experiencing unusual issues with "Gran Turismo" series. Especially with the "Gran Turismo 2" title. Emulators are not allowed and aren't added as category, thread here:

Okay, I understood moderator's decision. Supermoderator already blocked me on Discord when I complain about this, thanks to Thebook92 community got feedback, why emus are not allowed (dont understand why the category wasn't added)

I post new thread, where I noticed my ideas, thread here:
Community already said that IL boards (With "license runs") should be removed, because there are on cyberscore with better times (Here: ). I also wrote it to the thread above. Moderator said: "We'll leave the ILs that are already there (since, you know, they're there), but we're not going to add any new categories."...... for unknown reasons, never responded back. Can you, PLEASE, leave the Gran turismo series on me? Check my profile, I keep the boards simply, clean, fair and for everyone. Gran turismo leaderboards are "blocked" and dead because of them. I have knowledge with this series, I'm playing GT2 over 12 years... Just want to bring leaderboards back to live, thats all 🙂 .


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Their choice on whether to allow emulation is up to them, really. I'm not gonna contest them and force emulator onto the boards against their will.

I also don't entirely see how it's pointless to have ILs just because Cyberscore has them. Especially so because Cyberscore has so many listings with what seems like no actual run proof, just pictures or even... nothing at all provided?

Forcing out the moderators would just cause more issues than appointing you would fix, if I had to take a guess. I think it's a bit of a stretch to request the GT series be laid onto you due to the above requests, overall.

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I've been waiting 16 days to get my Amy Hard% speedrun approved. I've tweeted to FoldableHuman twice. Once at 7 days, and once at 14 days. I will tweet to him again at 21 days, and then 28 days if he still doesn't respond. He is active on twitter, but either didn't see me, or ignored it (likely didn't see it as he has a large following). He hasn't been online in over a month on The only other mod Vexal doesn't have contact info and also hasn't been online in almost a month. They both have only done Amy speedruns from what I can tell.

I don't even really want mod, I just want my run verified because I suffered through beating Amy on Hard mode.


GT4, for example, is one of the biggest games on Ps2 and there is only Any%, nothing else. The "License runs" in GT2 wanted to remove Super Mod himself, thread here: (He also wanted to do it in every title but suddenly, he don't care about series yet)

I never said that I want to approve emulators, I wanted to split consoles and emulators. I don't see anything bad since I'm not alone who are interested. It's a joke to require original console from 90s to be listed on the boards. But okay, that's not the worse thing than the License runs in ILs... The game have tons of other events which should be added instead. I welcome any title from series that I can save by myself, especially GT2 or GT4.



First thing first. This site isn't going to let you force emulator onto a board that doesn't want it, regardless of emulator accuracy or lack thereof. If the GT series doesn't want emulators then emulators aren't being on their boards, and all you can do with that is either try and convince the mods to change their opinion or deal with emulator not being on the boards. Seeing as you tried the former and failed (as the mods know the state of their game's emulation quite well), the latter will simply be the result until the former changes.
As a final note on emulation, the N64 is also from the 90s (released 1996) and is still emulated quite poorly comparatively, so age of the console is irrelevant here for how good the emulator is.

Secondly, they did add Arcade mode based on your request in October when you first brought up emulation to them on the 12th of October, per one of the moderator's responses on the 16th of October, and they themselves directed you to Cyberscore if you want a whole slew of ILs. Speaking from experience on another game, ILs of most games that have several full-game categories of decent length are generally underutilized by the community, and so are not usually added to most games. The demand is not there.

Finally, everything I've seen from my perspective as a fellow user tells me the game is run quite fine and is in no way in need of a coup like the one you are attempting. The site mods are not new to this and have seen it many times in the past. And as a fellow user of the site, forcing whole-team moderation changes singlehandedly when the mod(s) aren't inactive is underhanded and insulting.

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You. Do. Not. Need. A. Leaderboard. To. Run. A. Game. And. Have. Fun.

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Seems like noone understood after all...


The GT series has had its own community for decades now and has tracked time attacks way before SRC. Looks like the mod was telling you to look there.

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If you're upset about license ILs not being removed yet, it's not that big of a deal. If you're upset about emulation being banned, disc systems are hard to emulate properly. Separate board for emu? Eh, sure, up to the mods though. If you're upset about GT4 not being as fleshed out, maybe you should do some runs of categories you think should be on the leaderboard.

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I understood that emus are not allowed, they can't compare consoles... BUT can compare, if loading times will not count and that's why I suggested to change ILs with something interesting than duplicated Cyberscore boards... Ahh, my opinion guys, If Liv thinks it's ok, then it's ok. 🙂


I think you'd have an easier time getting an emulator leaderboard than making the argument that removing load times is good enough. Does look like some of the GT games need a cleanup on SRC, but tbh it's not a popular speedrun outside of some time attack stuff so I can see why the mod hasn't done much yet.


There are many issues with emulator in terms of comparing it to console apart from just load times, really.

The only solution if they don't want emulator interferring with actual hardware runs is to make it a separate category, and a lot of games have issue with doing this and so choose to simply ban emulator because it pushes competition away from console (playing games is easier on emulator, especially PS1, if emulator is a choice there is almost zero reason to run on console) and also it creates two separately tracked "WRs" for what are essentially the exact same thing. The only difference being one record is on an inaccurate version of the game. Which some boards don't like.

With NES and SNES and some other retro platforms it kinda makes sense because PC-based emulation for those platforms is incredibly accurate. PS1 emulation is still kinda... bad in terms of accuracy. Especially ePSXe as listed in that thread. As I've said in the past, if there were any kind of 'emulator enforced' type rules on the site, which there won't be, I would also strongly be in favour of in particular cutting ePSXe in terms of PS1. That thing is awful for speedruns.

@RecommendedPlaying Tweeted at FoldableHuman myself. I'll give him a couple days to respond/address the issue. If he doesn't, I can perhaps get around to adding you to assist.

@Derpidude It seems going by this thread: Chip_Idiot has now been made a moderator of the game.

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I wanted to report some cheating, but unfortunately it involves one of the game's moderators so reporting it to them isn't going to help.

PresJPolk posted to the ZeldaOne discord a picture of his modified controller setup for playing the Legend of Zelda which automates A button presses on controller 2. While it's not the biggest cheat out there, he is still using a tool to give him an advantage over others. If he's willing to cheat to save some inputs and time here, what else is he willing to do? He's also a moderator for this game, which questions his integrity when it comes to verifying others runs. He doesn't abide by rules himself, so why should he care what others are doing?

Because of PresJPolk automating button presses in his runs, admitting it, and posting proof of it, I call for all his runs to be invalidated and removed from His integrity as a moderator is also being called into question now, so as a result of cheating in games, I also call for his moderator privileges to be revoked

You can find his post on the discord here
or a screenshot of it here


Hello new person, welcome to SRC.

I don't know much about zelda for NES but something about that scrot strikes me as being comedic. Maybe some more context would be helpful? Is there any rule put in place saying you can't continuously hold down A?

Has anyone else taken issue with this? No offense but I have a tendency of not trusting fresh accounts that seemingly don't have a connection to that game's community suddenly popping up to not only demand that, number 1, All of PresJPolk's runs be removed from SRC, and number 2, that all of his moderator privileges be removed.

As someone who hasn't even played Zelda 1 in probably 8 years I can understand your concern! From the outside looking in it seems like some mechanical contraption is being used to gain an advantage, but in your very own scrot it seems cantaloupeme accomplishes the same task using his feet. It seems like this would be allowed, so simply creating a simple setup to not have to use your feet would seem ideal, AND be okay. That's just my uneducated opinion though.

I'm mostly posting to just say that you're off to a bad start as a new SRC member, and potentially a new speedrunner altogether, by creating an account solely to try and remove someone completely from the community. I'm sure you had a lengthy, in-depth discussion with PresJPolk and Cantaloupeme that you're just not sharing though. One that resulted in you having no choice but to come to this thread. Surely you wouldn't just lurk, scrot, and try and get someone taken down. Surely, that isn't you, Mr. NewSRCMember.

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The Sonic Fan-Game series (Link: ) has been dormant for over half a year. blazethecat has since left the community in pursuit of a cartography career, and is no longer interested in speedrunning, and I can't get in contact with her anymore. I'd like to request to become moderator of that series so that the series can continue to have moderation. I do not intend to replace her or the marvelous job she's done of the page (and thus feel no need for her to be removed) but she hasn't paid any attention to the series whatsoever, and I already know a few people who need their game requests considered. May I please be assigned as a moderator for the Sonic Fan Games? I'm aware that kirbyfan has requested this already, but I tried my best to wait a little while.


Hello i want to be mod of the game castlevania Dracula X, 2 mods are frequently online but they said never have time to verify
I have been waiting for 1month. and the mod joelcoolgames usually is off so..


Technically it's been less than 3 weeks. Some runs, especially ones claiming to be WRs take time to verify. I'll admit it's taking a bit longer than it should, but last I chatted with dingus he was looking into your run.


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