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Hey I'd like to request mod for
The mod hasn't been active for 8 months
For example, I submitted a run over a month ago and it still hasn't been verified



@Mako_Shark You'll need to add some contact methods to your profile such as discord, youtube, twitter etc, like I told you in the prior post here:


@Liv Sorry, I never saw the previous post.
I've now added multiple ways of contact


Hello I would like to be added as a supermod for this game -->

Reason: Maxuwashi (current supermod) hasn't been online on for 3months (at the time of Writing this)

Let me give some more details as what I wrote first gave no real reason to add me as a supermod. I am the supermod for BFME 1 the prequel to the game I wish to become supermod of. Myself along with others wish to include bfme2 into our speedrun arsenal and continue to grow the Community I made for BFME speedrunning when BFME 1 was accepted here on this site not long ago.

As stated above the current supermod has been inactive for atleast 3 months and there is no given way to Contact him on his profile (he only linked twitch and speedrunslive) and I would argue that twitch is an unoptional way to Contact someone. Along with what's stated on page 1 on this forum post : "Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.) " So I don't really feel obliged to go out of my way to Contact someone who I can only assume do not care given the 3month absence (Although I do acknolwedge that could be because of pesonal circumstances). But with the given information I doubt that since the last run on the BFME2 leaderboard is 2 years old and would argue a lack of interest is the cause. Where as my interest is fresh 🙂

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Let me get this straight.
You decided not to suggest a game even though it was playable and eligible for the site, because it was in Early Access.
Someone else requested it later, before you did.
You tried to explain to them that this was a "mistake" because they're just a "random somebody."
And you aren't happy with their response.

😕 Do you see the situation you've put yourself in? "I thought of it first" doesn't really get you anywhere. You'll need to provide more info and possibly proof of wrongdoing to have a successful appeal to site staff.

I hope you can repair what must be a weird start to the relationship now between you and the super mod.

One tiny issue I personally noticed with the board: the super mod promoted a 1-day-old account to regular mod. That's a bit unusual, but it's not unacceptable.

Edit: wow deleted your post. Mmbyeee

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I don't believe Tanya checks this, but considering Tanya isn't in the main cod discord anymore I doubt any of the other mods know about this request. Black Ops 4 won't have a campaign so there's really no need for that to be added, and the only thing I can think of on more games to be added are stuff like or mods for call of duty games like cod 2 Normandy or something. Nothing really to do with the main titles that come out yearly.


Hey there; I'd like to be added as a super mod for , as the current supermod has been inactive for 9 months + is no longer part of the community. There's been some recent interest in the game and it'd be great if more hands were on deck for moderation and verification.


@Tyt00s he ain't a random somebody he mods the game. Theres really no way to tell how long some one has been playing either. Also there are two mods on the board. They are both active if they don't want you to mod u can't force them.


Hello! The moderators of the 2048 speedrun community are lackluster at best.
SaturnRunsGames has denied multiple runs from multiple community members with plentiful video evidence and has given no explanation. He has blocked at least one community member for reasons undisclosed.
xxxgizm0xx has no runs on the leaderboard of his own, does not approve other runs, and is not in the Discord. As far as I'm aware he is in no way involved in the community at this time.
The super mod, Dracaarys, is the single worst moderator of any game I have ever seen. He recently deleted the entire game's leaderboard. When addressing rising topics in the Discord, he asks for a summary of the conversation, stating that he "does not have time" to read everything. Saturn claims he is a "good mod" who moderates 30+ games, but it is my opinion that if you cannot keep up with the games that you moderate, then you should not moderate them. He has very poor communication skills and decided to leave the Discord after deleting another category from the game leaderboard with no notice and saying "you are hater" to another community individual on his way out.
Both SaturnRunsGames and Dracaarys incessantly reject submitted runs that have submitted time values with which they do not agree rather than adjusting the time and accepting the run.
Other community members such as myself and Nei are ready willing and able to moderate this game and keep in touch with the community, addressing needs and concerns as they arise. Nei is an Australian and I am an East Coast American so between the two of us we could be available to the community at all hours. Please reconsider the current moderation team - and by that I mean remove each of them because none of them are fit for moderator status of this game.

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The moderator for the game mini golf mundo is inactive. Both me and my friend has submitted runs and they have not gotten accepted yet.

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Hi, I'm a moderator in 2048 game and I just wanted to say that I never rejected any runs without a proper reason. Only runs I have denied are videos that don't include the ending frame showing the tile. I can agree with the fact that I made a mistake or two because I edited a certain run and changed the time and I was actually wrong. I admit to that, I was always trying to do my best as a moderator, I always looked as precisely as possible at each submitted run but as it turns out I missed something a few times. I'm saying this for a second time that I would never reject runs just because the player submitted it in a wrong time format. I always try to give an understandable rejection reason. I understand if you decide to demote me and Dracaarys, I just wanted to tell you my side of the story.

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Hey, im the second mod of 2048!

Rules were not good and everybody said that its a problem. I decided to create a survey to know what is the MINIMUM time to get a 8 tile, with 8 votes, 0.017 was choosen. After that, they said that 0.010 is possible so i decided to verify a 0.010 run and they said "nanan that was 0.017 not 0.010".

They said "incompetent mods" or "Seems a bit dumb" because their runs were rejected for some reason ( somebody who write 5s 200ms for a 520score (its for me a try of cheat) , or for video cuts!

So, i try to listen at the community ! I sended a lot of forum posts to know what categories i can add, etc...

I'm sorry about my english, i work to have a good english. I hope you understand what i mean.

And yes, when everybody criticize you ("seems a bit dumb" "incompetent mods" ) WITHOUT say what can be better or something that can help, its not cool.



"Rules were not good". Fix them? You're a moderator.
"So, i try to listen at the community !" Bit hard to do that if you leave the discord.
"because their runs were rejected for some reason ( somebody who write 5s 200ms for a 520score (its for me a try of cheat) , or for video cuts!" No, you straight up rejected runs that were faster than what you thought was possible and wouldn't consider our explanations.
You haven't provided any explanation as to how you managed to wipe the entire leaderboards by accident.

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re: "seems a bit dumb" comment from Dracaarys

This is not how a moderator should act. DzienDobry47 did say what could have been done better. He suggested the the moderator verifying his run could have altered the time and any good moderator should know that.

Kid_Gamer is in no way affiliated with the 2048 community.

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So what's the fix, guys?

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@nei i said that 120ms was the minimum, i fixed that, but you said that its not the minimum.

I listen the community with forum posts on the game on src. Everybody can contact me by my 3 social medias on my profile. Im very very active on the site.

Yes to write 520, you dont write 5s 200ms, its for me a try to cheat ! Because if you read just after its 5200.

If i didnt read your explanations ( explainations where there is "bad mods" etc... ) why did i make a survey ?

I send explanations of how i did that, just search a bit.

@Lumophile yes, when everybody is criticizing you, and you see a "seems a bit dumb" at the end of a message by a player who was trying to cheat with his submition, you re not really happy. After he said that he didnt know how work highscore on submition. So i tell him sorry.


Could you consider @nei or @Lumophile to promote as mod?
They can help you out fixing the boards and rulings. Right now the board is full of macro runs.


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Agreed that @Dracaarys is one of the worst mods i've seen. In the short conversations I've had with saturn he's seemed decent but that's just my two cents.

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Ok @diggitydingdong

I think there isnt any problem now, i added @nei @lumophile and @cros107 as mod


@Mako_Shark Sorry for the delay, done.
@hotshotwire Since the mods been offline for a lengthy time and the board probably has a lot of things that need to be done with it (as in, not sure why hard is the only allowed difficulty for example), okay.
@cinemassacres Believe I messaged you regarding this in the discord, but series moderation should be based on a community effort, as you're essentially "leading" an entire community of games. There's so many series on this site with extremely questionable series moderation, and I believe it's partly to do with the ease people could just jump in the role prior without actually any effort put into actually just talking with the community. That, and because pages were just being requested left right and center close to the sites creation.
@mobius Since @Pull is active, I've bumped them upto Super and lowered the previous Super Mod to a standard mod. That said, since @Pull is an active mod and now has the ability to add further users, your request should now be targetted towards them.
@saaampe Since there are multiple pending runs, including yours, okay
@sevalle Mod hasn't responded after close to a week, and they've been active on twitter since I messaged them and haven't come online so I take it they don't care. Since you have a currently pending run, added.

I'll address the 2048 situation via a post in their forums, as to not clog up this particular thread with lot's of back and forths.

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