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  Full ModBokoblins

@gamerkitty101plays That is definitely not community friendly, but there is nothing we can do about it. Especially being listed here. Try and see if the community has some sort of Discord where people might be a bit more friendly in there.


Hello, I found a game (Ballz) that I wanted to run but there are no mods and there's verification required (Not automatic). Can I be added as one?

Edit: The run I wanted to make was on a category I would add called Highest Score% (Miscellaneous with timer ascending)


I've also found (been told that it exists) a board with a similar property (of having no mods), so I want to see if I can be added to it. I also submitted a 'run' to it, for posterity.


Hey all,

So the games Sonic Robo Blast 2 have a few renditions on the boards so far, 4 are moderated by me and another 2 are newly added but they haven't added the right things for certain runs of the game to be added. I've tried to get in contact with the mods about it, one wanted to help but couldn't do much and the Super Mod of the games isn't responding to me. I was wondering if, given how long Srb2 in total has been moderated and how many games there are, if Sonic Robo Blast 2 could become its own series. Further to that, if it would be possible to have myself added to the boards to set up the Individual Levels for the 2 games that weren't set up properly and to help make the rules in line with the other games I'd appreciate that.
The two links are:


Update on the scenario; I've been added as a moderator to those games now, but the question of whether or not Sonic Robo Blast 2 can become a series is still one I wish to inquire about. Thank you.


Hey i would like to be a mod on Clash Royale here are the reason:
1- I would like to help a little bit with the leaderboard
2- 3 of 5 mod weren't over 3 week online on src 😀


@Spielpro One of them was online yesterday. Talk to them about it. This thread is a last resort for if all moderators are inactive and can't be contacted.

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@ShikenNuggets it is true but he can't add new categories

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Oh, I missed that they were only a verifier, my bad.


@Spielpro, the super mods still have a lot of social links attached to their account. One of them was online 9 days ago.


I contact them on discord but i got no answers yet

  Full ModLiv

@diggitydingdong Okay, I'll add you.

@PaperSerso Running a category called High Score% seems odd, and adding an additional category that's not based around time-attack just seems further odd. Me and Bokoblins were talking about clearing this game up earlier, but I'll discuss it with him and get back to you on what we decide.

Edit: You also appear to have submitted a run to the site that isn't your own. I've confirmed this with the uploader of the run in question.

@SBCz In my opinion it doesn't really make too much sense to make an additional series page for a set of fangames, and it isn't entirely necessary. Throwing more series into the mix with 'Sonic Fangames' will likely just make things far more convoluted.

@Spielpro Try Twitter:, as you don't appear to have tried twitter yet. I tweeted them and directed them here. You really should be trying every avenue of contact though, as that's what is meant by 'uncontactable'.

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I would like also to a be added as a mod on Timberman both mods are inactive one is 1 month the other 8 months and i can't contact the supermod i can't run the game because it is a PC game but it also exist on Android and IOS and i have idea for new categories


@Spielpro you should upload a run to the board still as it doesn't require verification should be really easy and you would have known that if you tried to submit a run also please try to contact the mods also 🙂


I can't the Supermod has only twitch


you have a twitch too whisper them plus doesn't change that you have no run also

ImHan has more contact methods even tho he is most inactive 😊 🙂


His twitch link doesn't work


If you have twitch you should add it, there should be at least one way to contact you


idk, but there is another mod who does have contact methods and u should really have a run before asking for mod 😊 I think if u had a run tho and submitted it all would be good tho


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