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Greetings. Is there any way I could get mod status (or super mod if that's needed) for "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge"? The current person modding (Badical) and myself talked via Twitter (this was back when the boards were first created, so approx. toward the end of May 2018) and when I asked him for mod status to help him with setting the boards up and helping him approve runs, he said "I don't expect it to ever get any runs or get busy, don't worry" and I was never granted mod after trying to reach out a few more times after that. The only reason I asked him is because I'm intimately familiar with both games in the series ("Battle Clash" and "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge") and am former WR holder for the first of the two games. There's a lot of things that can be added (individual level times, numerous categories that are on the first that are also on the second, etc.) and while I don't wish for Badical to be removed, I do wish to have the ability to try to make the boards look better and more organized, despite it being a game that won't get many runs submitted to it.


I come from the LK speedrunning discord and would just like to add that, in response to Kalaa's concerns regarding console lag, I suggested IGT + manually adding menu times (untested but presumably the same amount of work as load removal), since IGT is actually a measure of frames and would thus get around the (previously unmentioned) potential issue of console and emulator difference. A suggestion that was entirely to my own detriment, since I play the 50FPS PAL version and would have wildly different times under such a method.
Not that that mattered because it was completely laughed out by Kalaa on the grounds of not being RTA.

I was not privy to everything that happened surrounding her run removal and ban but she came across as highly stubborn and antagonistic to me, with no intention of listening to any compromise. I'm not happy that we lost a member but I am definitely glad that we don't have this discussion on the discord anymore because it was completely unproductive and nothing but upsetting.


Seems there's more than one side to every story.

Liv's reply was unequivocal, though, and the person concerned has run out of recourse. I hope you can each move on and continue to enjoy the speedgame even if it's in different ways. There's not much more that needs to be said.

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Hey, Iā€™d like to be a mod/verifier for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney. I contacted the most recently active mod on twitch about 10 days ago, and liv contacted him on twitter about 5 days ago.

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@PaperSerso Since they appear to have been inactive for more than 2 months, okay, seems reasonable.

@AltimaMantoid The current mod was last online less than 2 weeks ago and seems quite active on twitter, please consider asking them. This thread is only for requesting mod in cases of inactivity (3 weeks), with the mod also additionally being impossible to contact.

@Wipeoutjack7 Okay, I'll add you. Since you have a pending run and they haven't responded.

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@dracomageat Hey.

I want to state clearly on this forum that I only had to DEFEND myself from the moment I said I don't want to remove my load times after I finish a run, and I not once attacked anybody else for wanting to do it. The only thing I ever asked for was my run to display with unaltered RTA only. I never asked them to change rules, they CREATED a rule to disallow a single runner's wish to submit a run without allowing them to remove loads. It is worded "loads will be removed." In the context of me defending my love of RTA, then having my run rejected because I ONLY love RTA (RTA without loads isn't RTA to me, I get it, I'm a weird purist,) do you not see the flex of force that is targeted at only me? I literally did NOTHING to anyone. I never tried to change anything about what they want, I said that what they do makes sense if they're trying to remove RNG variance from the final time. I only wanted to submit an RTA run and have it exist on this website. They use RTA on the leaderboard already, so my run fits there. I just don't fit with the moderators because they don't want the leaderboard to have one run that doesn't have loads removed.

My only mistakes come after the target was put on me. The main mod called in the entire server to join the tear-down of my feelings. I said that emulators can't be together with consoles on a fair leaderboard. I said fuck you to a moderator I thought would understand my sadness. To everyone else, I'm just a drama queen who can't get what she wants. To me, I'm a runner who was prodded, ridiculed, and ostracized for caring deeply about my runs final product being unaltered. My mistake of privately venting is still causing me copious amounts of hurt. I love the community just as much as I love the game. I'm now forbidden to be a part of it. 0 tolerance is 0 tolerance. That person that I said fuck you to is part of my love just as much as everyone else is. It is not my feelings that decide what was or was not harassment.

This right here
is an RTA speedrun of Lost Kingdoms that happens to be 4th place, that is also never going to show on the leaderboard because of... moderators' personal beliefs. They would feel (one mod spoke on behalf of all) uneasy about the potential questions that will be raised, the potential future rule-breaking being allowed (as if using RTA breaks a fucking rule. It breaks the rule they made for me to break.)

All. I. Want. Is. Acceptance. I do not care a single bit about the run being last place, the mods care. I do not care that the community wants RTA to be altered to reflect a "more accurate" final time. What they do is a valid timing method that is SEPARATE FROM RTA, WHICH I RUN. They include RTA on the leaderboard still, so I should be allowed to put my run there. I should be, but they added a rule that plainly and forcefully states I can not do that. If they remove RTA from the leaderboard, I will not desire my run to exist on the leaderboard.

Sorry, I'm running in circles. I don't think anyone here really understands my side in this case anyway. I'm still feeling like I have to defend myself. I'm still torn about being a harasser. Idk what else to say, byebye šŸ™


It's just a leaderboard, nothing about the community's rules changes your PB. You can still speedrun the game, nothing stopping that. Sorry they don't see things your way but maybe don't worry about it so much.


@Komrade I'm still going to run the game, and my goal is still to get WR. I'm not torn by my run's exclusion from the leaderboard, I'm only... confused? Feeling wronged? Mildly sad and very disappointed? My torn feelings come from the straight up removal from the community that I earned myself. I'm a really nice, caring, honest, patient, etc... person. I have never intended to hurt anyone, ever. So I'm like... an actual wreck about being the only person who is too not nice or whatever to be in the server. Well, I don't know if I'm the only one. I just am one. It's killing me but not as bad as the other day.

The mod's inactive and doesn't have social media. Just add someone more active I don't care who.

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@ILoveSMB Since you appear to be the only player to have done a full-game run (or at least on the boards), added you.

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Doesn't seem to have an active mod.


@FRCTL Silenth ( was last online 13 days ago (not classed as inactive) and have a twitch/discord attached.


@diggitydingdong i've submitted a run and he hasn't looked at it, doesn't accept my inv on discord and on one of his videos there's a comment that someone has submitted a speedrun to momentum (2016) and that was 6 months ago or so. (

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They appear to have whispers disabled on twitch. So, that's not really an option.

I'll try add them on discord and direct them to this thread, I also commented on their youtube and directed them to this thread. Moderator inactivity is classed as 3 weeks, so they still have approx 7 days to go before that threshold is hit. Since your run has also only been in the queue for 1 day so far also worth waiting, as some users can have notifications tied to their email.

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Mine isn't related to wanting to be a moderator, but someone was asking for a question, and one of the moderators, "Halo". Halo is kind of the one being irrelevant because his reply was kind of rude. He even moderates the game, so I feel like something should be done here.


@gamerkitty101plays How is his reply rude? It's blunt, sure, but it's definitely not rude.

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@gamerkitty101plays That is definitely not community friendly, but there is nothing we can do about it. Especially being listed here. Try and see if the community has some sort of Discord where people might be a bit more friendly in there.


Hello, I found a game (Ballz) that I wanted to run but there are no mods and there's verification required (Not automatic). Can I be added as one?

Edit: The run I wanted to make was on a category I would add called Highest Score% (Miscellaneous with timer ascending)


I've also found (been told that it exists) a board with a similar property (of having no mods), so I want to see if I can be added to it. I also submitted a 'run' to it, for posterity.


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