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The Bioshock collection: Bioshock glitchless xbox and the Bioshock collection: bioshock all collectables runs by KPC sitting atop the leaderboard attempt to troll the leaderboard.


Adding onto what @JWILD said, it seems that the mods have recently taken down @JWILD 's completely legitimate first place runs, while still leaving up @KPCzombie 's illegitimate ones.

Great job mods Kappa.

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It appears this thread would only be for requesting moderator but it's not, on the contact page they redirect you to this thread if you have complaints about a game's moderators, so his comment being in this thread is valid.

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Hi, just leaving a request here that's a bit different from other requests maybe. I would like to obtain supermod status on Sniper: Path of Vengeance ( on the basis of my fellow moderator, the leaderboard creator ssGamma having gone completely off the grid. Their youtube channel is down having taken their PB with them, their twitch channel has been inactive for ages and their last submitted run is approaching a year now, and there's some decisions I need to make with the leaderboard that required their abilities to accomplish. Hope that's no big trouble.

EDIT: Want to specify, I tried to get in touch with them a month ago via Twitch, and have not heard back. They're on my follow list and I've not once seen activity. I also swear they must've pulled all their contact listings from their userpage on this site, because I vaguely remember this being how I got in touch with them in the first place. I'm not wanting to fully remove them from moderator status in the hopes that maybe they'll return someday, I just need to take up supermod in their absence.


I would like to be a moderator for Plague Inc. I support the community by seeing what I can do to help them as much as I can. I hold the WR for Casual - Bacteria and 2nd place in Normal - Bacteria. I'm really good at the game and I've even got a guide for it.

WR is here:

2nd place Normal - Bacteria is here:

Thank you in advance!


@ChanceCossitt This is a last resort thread, please ask the current moderator of the game and read the first post of this topic.

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Maybe if you asked this person ( ), she could agree to give you the task of moderator.


It's been almost 2 WEEKS and not a SINGLE moderator has verified my Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha WR (hopefully) run! Can I become moderator now, or should I just wait one more week?


@TylertheTyrrific All of them are active on social media, contact them there first


@TylertheTyrrific "You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Best way to contact game mods is probably through Twitter for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow."

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It's been two week and my run of enliven haven't been approved yet.
i leaved a comment on his youtube run and sent him a message in the about section on his youtube account but still no response.
I really should stop running dead game, but yeah.


Toby_Butcher is Afk since 2weeks and he's the only mod of the game "hungry shark evolution". Please can you add me mod, i am very actif !!!


Hi, i have a little problem! I play the game "1010!" and i want to run on this but the moderator is inactif since 11months ago!
Link to the leaderboard of the game :
If you can do anything you are wonderful, if you want im agree to become moderator of this game. Thank youuu


@Dracaarys Toby_Butcher is active on Twitter, ask him there


Hey @Dracaarys you don’t have to repost your comment, kirkq usually checks these forums about once a week, so any time now!

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Would normally say 3 weeks but he's been off almost 18 months... Should be taken care of when the thread is next checked.


Hi, could you did something for the Darkwood's moderator bcs he's inactive since 2 months already pls, thank you


Why is Hungry Shark Evolution in the site? It is not even a game compatible for speedrunning.


Hello, I'm a series moderator for Harvest Moon.

We have a moderator for a game in the series (Harvest Moon DS Cute) who we haven't been able to get in contact with.

I'm not sure if this game was added to before the series functionality was available or what exactly happened, but our Series Mods (Super Mods) are not able to approve runs or make changes to the game.

If you could fix this for us, we would be very grateful!

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Raichu: Just link videos or your youtube channel if they're recent.

Jaypin88: Added.

ZEN_Ivan: It's still my opinion that the rules and categories were confusing and being changed too much without a clear vision for what they should look like. I just now added another moderator to look for better consensus on the matter.

Mikkelhess: The user has only been inactive for two weeks, this thread uses three weeks as a guideline.

Dracaarys: Mod is highly inactive, okay.

soupG: It looks like you were added.

SneakLily: Bumped to super, removed other mod for being highly inactive.

SpacePilot3012: One of the mods was active recently. I'll give them time to verify the run, else we can look at adding you.

cgl50038402: Used didn't do anything much with the board, so I added you.

Prisoner130597: I added some of the other users from the series, hopefully that can resolve the situation.

Wipeoutjack7: Mod highly inactive and boards had some setup issues, ok.

MaxCash: The game has 4 mods total, discuss it with the others. If the other mods want an inactive user removed, they can ask.

Surviv0r: I bumped one of the mods up to a super mod so he can add people at his discretion. I'd try to resolve this through discussion, adding more users disagreeing about something doesn't generally solve a problem.

JWILD: I made a post in the game's forum.

Twan_Jones: It could probably be worded more clearly. Generally if someone is raising a reasonable issue with a moderator and they aren't willing to moderate themselves, it's difficult to find a solution.

AlbertHamik: User was online after your post, but I'll bump you up given the circumstances.

ChanceCossitt: Discuss it with the mod on the forums please.

TylertheTyrrific: Your run was processed.

Cuttyflame: Mod is highly inactive and run pending, okay.

Dracaarys: Regarding the second request, the mod gets 3 weeks until we look at adding more people.

MrBlueFox: Pending run and added due to inactivity.

Demo: Added, I'll let you add the others if they're interested.

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