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Remove kirk from run 1. He hasnt been online for 11 months.


I’m having some trouble getting through to the Europa Universalis 4 super mod. While the game is not massively active I have suggested some new categories to which he created a strawpoll to put in the most popular ones (I guess).

That’s all fine and dandy. But he hasn’t responded ever since, hasn’t made any changes whatsoever, and even ignores my forum-posts. It’s been almost a month now and it’s really slowing everything massively down. He has even been online and verified runs. My point is that he definitely has seen my posts, but haven’t had the decency to discuss or even reply the last 24 days - and that’s a key mod-quality if there ever was one. As he has no other active social media connected to his profile, he really leaves me with no other option than to request his mod-position this way.

After all, it would be a shame if a perfectly complicated game like EU4 with sweet juicy RNG-based gameplay was diminished to a 10 seconds any% meme-run 🙂


Hi! I'd like to be a moderator for game "NosTale" This game doesn't exist in so would be very nice if i could be a moderator of this game. I could create a lot of
categories like "get any class (15 level, 20 level of profession) as fast as possible", "win space-time as fast as possible" etc. Please contact me as soon as possible for details!


Hello, can I request to become a mod for the game Sheep, a ps1 game? Since the current mod has been inactive for a long while now and I was planning to start running the game.


There is a rom hack for the NES that i speedrun named Super Luigi Bros (I used to be mod in this game). A day ago i submitted a run (31.4) in the 1-1 Fire Luigi category that is faster than a tas someone created (31.83) and a speedrunner named Xein said that the run must be sped up because its not possible to beat the tas. Then he made a forum post about it and i was banned from the leaderboards and demodded. I wasnt cheating or speeding up the game and i uploaded a video comparing xeins, the tas, and my pb but the mods still say im cheating. Is there any way that you can help?

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Going to jump in here and say I watched the video out of curiosity's sake and even with frame by frame analysis couldn't see anything fishy so I made a post to defend youtubeman and the mods pretty much just immediately moved to wanting to delete my posts and ban me. They won't provide proof of cheating and even deny simple proof that disproves every claim they can make, doesn't really seem like good moderation is taking place on the page.

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I just read the fourm posts if anyone disagrees with the run you even showed on the emu you used you can't tas and they still don't believe hmmmm and they just get really moody. Tas have been beaten before just means the tas isn't optimised any more

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MANGEYHUNTER: I added one of the series moderators to the game to open the option of adding more active users. There seems to be some level on consensus among the runners liking your post. One of the series mods being discussed self-removed from the series. Both users are somewhat active though.

NintendoBrothers64: I looks like they modified the categories since your original post. I think the discussion on the game forum has a good chance of sorting out any further discrepancies. You don't need to post here every 3 days.

jsrfaaron: You need a run pending or linked and then we could probably do this.

Low_Life: Pending run, added.

D.E.M.O.: It looks like your runs were added.

lozplyr89: I added this.

RedSkye04: Mod inactive, run pending, ok.

vajom: It looks like the run was added. There are like 8 moderators on this game, so I have to think that one of them can add more mods at their discretion and/or verify runs.

miniomegaking: I moved a bunch of stuff around.

SimplyGaming: The user was online recently. Also you typically need a run pending or listed to request moderator.

Wipeoutjack7: You didn't even post in the discussion thread, as far as I can tell.

MelonSlice: You were added to at least one of those. The others may have been deleted for having no other runs and no mods, not sure. Or the URLs were changed. I added you to Sims 3 as a regular mod since the other mod is somewhat inactive.

ClingingTomcat8: Added since you mod the series and the mod is inactive.

GOA: Runs pending, ok.

WhoIsWORM: I moved some stuff around.

xHotCoffee: I'll jump the gun slightly here and add you as a regular moderator, since you have an accepted run and it seems like the forums are lacking response to an additional category that seems like it makes sense at a glance.

Karatetiger10: Run pending, mod inactive, ok.

CaptNikolai: The game has 5 moderators, please discuss it with them.

Redloko: You need a run pending or linked, and then we can look into it.

MattHazelnut: Run pending, mods inactive, ok.

emeraldaly: Runs pending, mods inactive, ok.

Dracaarys: Runs pending, mods inactive, ok.

Rice_A_Ronin: The mod is slightly inactive and there's only one mod, so I'll add you as a regular mod.

ItsMaximum: Inactive user, okay.

MiklMaar: It's a bit presumptive to be sure a user has seen your posts. If the other runners have an opinion on this topic, they should discuss it on the forums. Currently there's you, the person who liked your post, and the mod, which makes it difficult to get any sort of consensus on the topic.


Jaypin88: Do a run, then request mod.

youtubeman06: I made a post in the game forums that hopefully leads to some resolution.

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I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, as I was giving the situation time to take its course, and I also wanted to make sure that when the time came for me to say something, it would be as sincere and genuine as it could be. I feel you might have gotten the wrong idea about the situation I had presented to you, and I would like to clarify some of those misunderstandings.

First, "Right now you seem more concerned about your personal position than the state of the board." I mean, I guess I am? It's a rather unfortunate situation when you feel unsure about making further changes due to a group of -- and this is the key part here -- uninvolved, more power-wielding moderators looming above you that can just undo everything you're trying to do for the game you are passionate about. Is it wrong that I don't want to have this nagging feeling over my head?

Just the other day, we held a discussion about a recent framerate abuse in the discord that could speed up the game by about 1-2 minutes, and everyone was definitely intrigued by the possibility of seeing its potential and was excited, and Jake shot it down and said he would not allow it to be used in runs. It gives off the vibe that everyone else's opinion was just irrelevant I guess, and basically a guy who has never submitted a run to the game, and "occasionally" verifies a run or 2 now and then can just make that decision and it ends there no if ands or buts. I could hold a vote, have everyone vote in favor of, and still not be able to make the change, and then possibly even lose the chance to have any effect at all by him demodding me and we just return to where we were before I decided to speak up against this nonsense. A decaying board ran by people who honestly couldn't give a single fuck. I hope you see the precedence that sets and the unsettling feeling I get whenever I'm going to make any sort of change.I also want to clarify I am not for the FPS change, if that matters any bit, but I still want it to go to the community to decide.

Again look at the mods. Alderius, who is this guy? He's literally not anywhere online and I can't talk to him in any capacity, it's actually ridiculous. One run to his name and then poof, he's gone. Voetiem, ok. He is sort of active in ANOTHER game, but has not responded to any sort of communication by any of us, and honestly it just seems he got lucky by requesting the game early on. I don't even think he has ever ran the game in any capacity. Socrates, he probably the most basic definition of a guy that has moved on. That's fine and dandy, I'm not saying everyone has to devote huge chunks of their time to maintaining a board for an old outdated PC game, but if you're gonna put yourself in a position of series mod, you better at least respond to people when they try to contact you, and not just blatantly ignore them. If you want to move on, step down and move on. I already discussed Jake, and he's shown the most involvement of the mods admittedly. He just has a very blunt way of posing his opinions and hasn't really shown a willingness to really get any more involved other than answering an occasional question about mechanics. He hasn't really shown a commitment to the community when it comes to listening to opinions, and comes off disinterested most of the time. Most don't even know why he's mod other than he just knows a lot of things.

I also can't help but feel a bit slighted by the way the MGS situation was handled. Now I will preface this by saying that I totally agreed with miniomegaking and the community on their situation and stand behind them, and I'm glad it worked out. However, he didn't really provide any evidence, and quite frankly the people that ended up having their mod status removed actually were involved in at least running to a degree (well, at least one of them had a decent amount of participation). You said you didn't want to do much more for thief because it was a "weird situation I don't understand", but his word was kind of just taken. Looking at one of the people demodded, he was clearly a native french speaker and probably knew bare-bones English at best. Maybe he was not involved because he couldn't even communicate at a basic level? It's not like, say, he was just disinterested in the games he moderated and, despite being fully active on social media and even in the discord dedicated to the speedrunning of the games, and just remained outside and didn't involve himself in conversations intentionally.

Yes, I am this mad about the situation. It is what it is.

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Sorry to pop in again. One moderator for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has been helpful. The other, Zen_IVAN, has been reticent on all platforms and rejected a run without clarifying the rules FOR that run, despite being asked.

I have a run submitted now. Can I PLEASE be made a moderator for this game, so I can clean up the rules for all types of run and moderate the forums (Because nobody else is doing it).


I've decided to try communicating with Jake again and he's so far been working along with us and has participated in recent votes. I'm still a bit miffed he has basically been uninvolved up until now, so it could be a one time thing or some other situation. Looking back on the post, I went a little too harsh on him, but he has in the past acted in the way I presented (just having his say be the "be all end all" for a discussion). I've edited the original post to reflect a less harsh view on him, but I still stand by that it's not very comfortable having him basically be the person wielding the most power at the time being.

I still stand by what I said for the other three mods though. None of them have shown any worthiness for their positions and were mostly the ones responsible for letting the board decay like it did. So I guess at this point the overall request I'd be making is for me and Jake to be series mods, because the other 3 just couldn't give a damn and really shouldn't be in their positions.


I am currently the only mod of the Liberation Maiden leaderboards ( and was requested by a more recent runner if they could become a mod. Since I no longer run the game I would like it if this would be made possible. I requested it in this thread before and nothing came of it. The user's name is dpebble.


You can mod them yourself. Hit "edit game" and go down to the Moderators section. You'll find yourself there plus the option to add more people.


Hello there, I wanted to apply for Mod status for the game Dauntless ( Because there are new runs and they are not added, I posted them into the forum 5 Days ago. Also there are outdated hunts, wich could be marked as "outdated". and the current moderator has no way to contact him linked, and onsite messages are coming soon. Thats why I wanted to become a mod.


@MDS_xer0nreloaded the mod for that game was on within the last 4 hours. In your one forum post on that game you fail to mention that you want to become a moderator. Try asking that there, not here. Generally a moderator has 3 weeks to respond. So you'll have to be patient. Also, not sure what you mean by "outdated". Do you mean the speedruns listed just use old strats, or were just made awhile ago? If so that's no reason to label something outdated, but I think I'm just misunderstanding something.


I just want to become moderator, because the new hunts werent added (wich are in the game for about 4 months now), also the gameversions you can assign to your runs are old (we have newer versions right now). and by outdated i mean they are no longer in the game at this moment. they got removed with the last major update, and i thought it would be a cool thing to mention it in the titles of the missions.
Aswell as the Game has different parts of progress, knwon as tiers. And right now, there is no order in the hunts here on the site, so it would be good, if its either tier based or alphabetic or something. and I know, that the mod was online recently, he approved my runs...
But its looking, like he has no idea about the current state of the game (probably doesnt play it anymore)
The whole dauntless section looks somehow neglected...

But I wll try to contact him again in the forums thanks Komrade

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