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This is not urgent but I'd like to request mod for Kenseiden.

The current mod has been inactive for 2 years and I've contacted them on twitch.

If not, please remove the 999h submission.
[Edit: normally I wouldn't ask, and all I'd be doing is cleaning up the board and requiring verification so I could see that it was at least an actual run. Feel free to mod the actual active runner instead]


@EduardoRN Have you talked to the SF series mods? Some of them were online earlier today, so inactivity isn't an issue.

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@ShikenNuggets , I could not have contact with them, and already the second request that I send of the game and none was visualized ... the current one is doing 1 week


@EduardoRN for the game request you have to wait for a site admin to accept the game, this can take up to 2 weeks sometimes, as for the game itself, if they are active then you have to talk with them first, this thread is suppose to be meant as a last resort.

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Can I become a mod on "Duet" game ? Mods are inactive and impossible to reach.
Thank you.


@Aveklépiay have you tried contacting them through other than through the forum? one of them was online 4 days ago, just be patient. The post you made in the forum was only 2 days ago, give it a week or so and try to maybe contact him through the youtube link he has on his profile, if nothing happens and he doesn't come on then make a new post about it.



It's already done and it's now several weeks that I'm waiting (my initial shipment dates from more than a month ago). I had no news at the moment.


I would like to become mod on the FIFA 18 speedrun page, there is a small community and mods are not active and my runs are not being verified.

Thanks, Pookster007

I will be active on the page if this gets accepted

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Originally posted by GyooPlease keep in mind that using this thread is a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Best way to contact game mods is probably through Twitter for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

An admin or full mod will respond to your post when they review it; if there is no response, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

And plus, you are literally a member since 1 day! You need to wait a least two weeks for the run to be verified. Mods aren't doing this as a full time job.

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Hello again! I've waited about a full week for a response from bangerra (you can see my message to him here: ). I have not yet received a response from him, despite him being active in posting videos to his channel, so I am convinced that he is truly ignoring my post, and I've decided to refer back to here. Please look at my last post here as well if you have not yet read that.
Thank you! -Gizmo


Bangerra isn't inactive at all lol. YT is like a last resort, try him on twitter or discord or something.

5 days isn't that long to wait tbh

And if he's verifying runs, then what's the issue?


Well, I suppose he IS active. I just haven't seen him around the Skylanders games/series pages at all, even though he moderates the series page and one of the games. I didn't see any information regarding a Discord tag, and I would have contacted him there if he had one. I've decided to not use my Twitter, since I've only ever used it for communicating with a certain game community, and I've only ever used it once or twice.

If I must wait longer for a response, then I will do that. I'll consider contacting him on Twitter should it come to that.

Well, the first issue is what I've stated above; I just haven't seen him anywhere. My concern started when I made a post in the Skylanders series forum regarding my suggestion for a series-wide extension board (because some of the bonus missions and features are shared throughout some games in the series, and none of these are listed as categories in any of the game boards). I believe I made that post about a week ago, and I haven't seen a response from anyone regarding the idea, nevertheless from a mod, who would have the ability to request such a thing. I've talked it over with some other runners on the Skylanders Speedruns Discord server, and they seem to agree with me on the subject of the series mods being inactive. Since then, I've made an attempt to contact bangerra (as the other series mod has been inactive for years), and here we are.
He seems to be verifying runs sometimes on the one game that he moderates in that series, but that's it. (He also has submitted a full-game run on that game, which he verified himself, but that was two years ago.) I suppose that dampens the whole situation, but I'm more concerned about the moderation of the series page.

As I've stated, I may try to contact him through Twitter later, but I just wanted to see what you all thought of the situation first.


@GizmoTheDragon Unless this feature was snuck in at some point recently, there aren't any notifications for series forum posts

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Aw, really? Why's that? Well, your logic is sound, then. I suppose that means he just hasn't seen it at all, despite being active.

So, I'll try to contact bangerra through Twitter. Thanks for the info!


Hello, I would like to ask if I could be made a mod in the Minevast parkour ( because I have uploaded multiple runs and I am very knowledgeable about shortcuts and runs. It has been 2 months since I have uploaded the runs and it seems like there is only one super mod who I can contact to make me a mod myself. However, it seems as if they are inactive and I have dmed them and it has been 2 weeks and they have no responded so I would appreciate it if you made me a mod on the Minevast Speedrun forum.


@NintendoGeek101 Seems like one of the mods is "sorta active". Try him on twitter. There's about a 3 week grace period for moderation duties, though your runs sitting for months is a stretch, but he's also not entirely inactive, so idk.

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Waiting on response of my Episode Gladio run for 18 days - Sole mod only has this 1 run posted and no contact info listed. I'll mod the game, I mod Episode Ignis anyways.
On 13 days for my episode Prompto run. - That sole mod hasn't posted in 2 months. I'll mod that one too.


Escape Goat The mod has been inactive for 19 days, and I have a bunch of runs waiting to be verified. The oldest run is 18 days in waiting. I have tried reaching through their social media links, but of the two they have listed, one links to a no account -page, and the other he hasn't responded from.


Hello, i'd like to request to be a mod for "counter-strike: condition Zero". I submitted a run 27 days ago and have yet to get a response. I've also attempted to get in contact with the game's mods but with no success. I did manage to get in contact with the game series mod but he told me he didn't have to ability to mod me because he wasn't a supermod.