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3 things here:

1) I'm not a moderator of this game, just to make that clear. That is why Klooger's decision "outweighs" mine; I asked the other mods before posting this, and I have enough "sway and say" in the game due to my experience to be able to make a post like that

2) His defense this entire time is that it's impossible to speedhack on PS3 singleplayer/spec ops....
Obviously I do not condone the use of the above link (nor will it probably even work at this point) but the point here is that it IS possible to do so. Speedhack is one of the ones included in this list (what he's been accused of using), and they even show it on the same exact map this run is on. Point is, it's possible.

3) On this "bullying" thing; I have never attacked him, I refrain from it and simply defend myself. Others don't do the same and retaliate...key point being retaliate here. I have dealt with Racingmonster for many years and the hostile attitude towards *everyone* around him gets him the hate that you see. He is not the victim here when it comes to this, he attacks people, then gets upset when they's as simple as that. Whether or not you think retaliation is okay is not the point, he is no victim.

What I would need to see after the suspicions been raised would be:
A run starting from the start of the console, a check to show that the game is up to date (it's been years since I've used PS3, I cannot remember the exact thing...but you can verify a game is up to date which verifies that the game's data isn't overwritten), launching the game, and running from here. If it's not been hacked this should not be a problem.

EDIT: As an addendum, moderators tend to be people highly experienced in the game because cheated runs are picked out easier from the eyes of people who have seen everything about this game. Little things have been noticed and pointed out with this run and every one of his attempts to prove he's not cheating after this, to keep suspicions high.
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One last point that phantom didnt cover, you say: "Speedrunning is mostly about trust. I bet that at least up to 10% of the (overall) runs on or other sites are cheated, spliced or whatever. You can't reveal a cheater or splicer this simple if this guys know what they doing. So this is all about trust and reputation."

I can say with confidence that no verified runs in mw2 or mw3 are cheated, because i take cheating very seriously; you say that just because he did a good job of making it subtle that he deserves to be trusted with his time depriving someone else of their hard earned world record. Although it may be hard to prove to others that the run is cheated, i am 99% certain it is (barring some weird bug in his console that could increase the frame rate). Because he increases the base movement speed by something like 1% it would be nearly impossible for anyone inexperienced to spot this, but with over 3000 hours speedrunning cod games I'm quite confident that i know what I'm looking at, and it looks wrong to me.
^ That's true, just to add to it the phrase "innocent till proven guilty" doesn't *quite* work here. It is more like "Innocent till valid suspicions are raised; then suspected till proven innocent." If it was "innocent till proven guilty" then no cheated run would ever be rejected, unless a mod-menu popped up, as it could always be explained away with some kind of BS excuse that would make it not 100% proven.
So at least Phantom has delivered a way for Racingmonster for posting a new video (with an actual accepted way for proof his run) with this whole console start/verify game data thing.

To this FPS thing that Klooger mentioned. Why you not simply download the submited runs from Racingmonster and check this with adobe premiere or any related video editing software and compare this (for example) with an run of you? you can simply cut out one cycle of this strange strafe/jumping part and check the exact time by fps counting and do the same on an new run by yourself or an older run.

If you can see this with your eyes that this run is looking "wrong" to you, then it should be easy to proof this with adobe premiere if the actual movement speed is increased by an increased frame-rate.

But anyway. This whole "Innocent till valid suspicions are raised; then suspected till proven innocent" is in my opinion not the best way to work with. But if this is the regular way the speedrunning-community deals with this.. nothing to do about it. But it makes me sad. So you can easily destroy a runners reputation and with this his hard work (I guess even Racingmonster has put a much of his time is this speedruns as he said.

So the only way to get a legit run is to play on an event like GDQ? And even on an event like this, if you be able to bring your own keyboard and mouse (for example of PC runs, I don't know about GDQ but on this year ESA the most guys brought there own keyboard and mouse) you can just say the whole run looks "wrong" and point out that the runners has injected some tools/hacks by using his own mouse. That btw an actual thing that happen to the e.sports scene for games like cs:go etc. where hacks were used (which are saved on the internal storage of the mouse).

Same thing for macros etc. Long time ago I had an Logitech Keyboard which provided the feature for creating macros which could be saved to the keyboard without a need for an software to be installed. I don't know if this things still exist in this simple way because the gaming hardware wents really over the top and I'am using a simple mechanical keyboard from sharkoon without any fancy stuff. But I guess this macro features are still exist?

Anyway. If you say his run is cheated/hacked or he abused a bug for increasing the framerate you're maybe right, but you might be maybe wrong? I just didn't understand this "Innocent till valid suspicions are raised; then suspected till proven innocent" because with this you will be able to destroy every runners reputation on an easy way. But if this the way is the community wants to deal with itself, I can nothing do about this.

This just bring a lot of toxicness in. Watching GDQ and runners streams for years was a lot of fun. So I've decided to bring myself in. But what reveals after this fancy and friendly "masque" is appalling. Even I've found some cool guys to talk and play with.
1. Checking fps like that doesn't work at all since the speed increase is based on what fps the game is running at, not what fps the recording software is capturing.

2. It seems like you are taking this "Innocent till valid suspicions are raised; then suspected till proven innocent" the wrong way, if several people with experience in the game agree that something looks fishy then that's a perfectly valid suspicion in my opinion. I think the point you're missing here is that all of the most experienced cod speedrunners are in agreement about this, the only people siding with racingmonster are the ones like you who aren't experienced enough in the game to spot the subtle differences. If some of these more experienced runners were certain that his run was legit then there wouldn't be much I could do about it.
That verify console start thing was cover in my "Talk" thread, klooger requested the live stream of me starting my run and going to various places on my ps3 before loading the game.

I can do this again, but i'll be grinding, I haven't touched mw2 since april over this. So who knows, i can get a 1.05 sub and I will be doing it again. Maybe a one last time because if i get a new world record, I know it's probably going to be called cheated again, but let's see ?

it's a real shame, my livestream that klooger asked for is down due to a error, but im happy to stream it again.
And it seems that you doesn't know how to proof a video with an editing program. It's true if you say the speed increase is based on what fps the game is running. But it's also true that you can see and compare this to another recording with an editing program. Just a simplified example:
- In Game XYZ the speed is based on the fps your'e running the game. for example the "normal" is 30 fps
- the whole animation for laying down and instantly stand up would take exact 1 second with normal speed
- you increase the gamespeed by using a bug and the whole animation wuld only take now 0.5 seconds
- It doesn't matter if you record the run at 30fps, 60fps or 144fps.
- On 30fps recording the normal/uncheated animation would end somewhere at frame 30 after starting, on frame 60 for an 60 fps recording and at frame 144 if you record in 144fps because fps=frames per second. If the whole animation duration is 1 second it is also 1 second in adobe premiere if you count the frames.
- If the cheated animation ends after 0.5 seconds the animation will end at frame 15 on 30 fps recording and at frame 30 on a 60fps recording etc.
- you get the point?
- The only different would depent on what exact time you start the recording. It's more accurate if you have a higher fps recording. just for example by 30 fps (ingame and recording) you have every frame 33,3ms display. if you start the animation and recording exactly the same the frames fit together. if you start the recording 30ms after starting the animation you will have a slightly different. but if you watch every frame you can fit the exacvt timing for this.
@PerkiePie That's not how it works, increasing fps in this game only affects strafing and its fairly minimal, basically it just makes any strafe you do slightly more effective; for example 300fps might be 5% faster than 60fps, this is another thing that can be difficult to check though since the difference in speed could also be due to the players skill in strafing, though this is more of a pc issue since consoles have locked frame rates.

I'm not sure about the rules here but i feel like we're flooding this thread with not much reason, so I'm going to stop replying now.
If you really want to fight it out, please go to the original topic instead of here:

I am only disappointed that it had to be errupted in here once again before anyone gave any proof or reasoning. Please use this topic for what it is, and that is not a war about 1 run.
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I'd like to become moderator for Section 8: Prejudice

Tyurru92 hasn't been on YT for years and his last Twitch broadcast was over 2 years ago.

Kyuketsuki is unreachable on Twitter and Twitch as he has everything set to private.
@Fireman last post a month ago *shrug*

I'd try him there, but both mods look pretty inactive so you'll probably get mod
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I would like to add Kirby Air Ride. If there is Kirby Air
Ride, add Top Ride and Air Ride individual records for each stage.
  Full modROMaster2
@Fireman I remember contacting Tyurru92 over a run that was pending for ages. He's been swamped with work and barely has any free time. You'll probably still be promoted but that's just some info.
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@KomradeKontroll I tried Twitter but he doesn't allow anyone to send him any (private) messages, not on Twitter nor on Twitch.

@ROMaster2 That makes sense, I had checked both his channels and it seems like he hasn't been online in atleast a year. Thanks for the info.
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Hello, Apologies if I'm posting inappropriately, but I have been running an admittedly very small game by the name of Freedom Fall recently, and due to the fact that the game hasn't been run for the better part of 3 years there is understandably very little activity on the board. There's only one mod for the game and the first run I submitted took some time to be approved, and the moderator hasn't been on the site in over four months, leading me to believe that I would be okay in asking if I would be able to be added as a mod to the board seeing as I'm the only person currently running the game and there is no listed ways to contact the other mod?
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A friend and I learned Mini Ninjas any% ( for the 12HourChallenge last Friday and neither of our runs have been verified yet. I looked into both of the moderators and neither have been active for ~3 months and seem to exclusively speedrun Mini Ninjas. ( &

The game would be easy to moderate since it's really a straightforward and unpopular speed game. I'm already a moderater of the entire Spyro series and it would be no trouble to moderate this board as well.

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Forget my request For MW2:
1. Because it's not gonna happen because of the same thing that always happens.
2. I'll be back in 3 months when they still never resolve the conflict of the run, and only posted here to make people feel that they are right.
Wondering if I can get a leaderboard going for Rockman Complete Works, since the boards here are barely suitable, and the ones on the mega man site are poorly run and ban a bunch of aspects of the games for no reason, and communication with them is impossible.

To add: Rockman Complete Works is a re-release japanese only PS1 game set of Mega Man 1-6 where they added remixed sounds, no lag, and ng+ features to the games, they're really epic for speedrunning and there's currently no area to post actual runs of these ports.

I don't care about any drama or huge wall of text essay spam, I just want to know if I'm allowed to add or request these and that people won't complain or riot over it.
I'm the mod for FTL and after some restructuring I wish to have the game ftl_delete ( deleted. Since that means there is now just one game page, FTL: Faster Than Light (, there is no need for a FTL: Faster Than Light series to exist anymore, so please delete that as well.

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