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send a message to GyroMan, he's active


I'd like to request that all the current mods of the game Mega Man X3 (Nu, Auchgard, LuizMiguel, Laseki, Akiteru, Hetfield90, nrgzam) be instated as additional mods of the games Mega Man X and Mega Man X2. Now that we've established all these runners have an interest in maintaining leaderboards on, I think it very reasonable that we go for the full series. Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 are the last two remaining holdouts and they rank among the most popular games among the eight. In addition, all the current X3 mods are just as skilled at X and X2 and most of them also mod X and X2 on, so I see no reason why anyone would object.

In the event that they find this unacceptable, as before, I am willing to do the work myself. I don't believe it needs to come to that, but I'm here if needed.

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Backing Crisco.
I definitely DON'T agree with having him unmodded as a side note to this, he did most of the legwork in rebuilding the boards and it just seems unfair.

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Personally, I think that if the MMX oldboy clique wants to be in charge, they should do the work related to it.


Wasnt this discussion moved by Kirkq to a seperate thread?

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This is a completely new request. The last was about X3. This is about X1 and X2.

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just for reference, these are the people who were granted moderator for MMX3., by the way.

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X2 has been copied over (buster only has not been added but can probably throw that into misc). Feel free to find me around if there are any issues.


I would like to request taking over moderation of Dragon Warrior III
I submitted a run for verification awhile ago and it has yet to be posted and new categories have been added but all times are still lumped in together in any%
There is currently 3 runners for this game and the current set of mods do not and have never run this game,

Thank you


In my opinion, we need to leave a note under the 'Post a reply...' section that says: "Please note that this thread is a last resort. So contact the regular moderator(s) first. If that doesn't work, contact the full moderator(s) and ask to be a mod with your reason. If that doesn't work, either, use this thread with your reason why you want to be a moderator."

We need to do this because some people just don't read the first post.


Thank you for the reply @tocaloni1

I do not know who any of the current moderators are. I rarely use social media and I dont use discord that's why I came to this thread.
I read the 1st post @speedyahtuan as I formatted my request the way they asked and personally I know of no way to contact these people since the only way to contact them is through 3rd party means. I am active on twitch and since they are not part of the DWIII speedrunning community this thread was my last resort.
Thank you

Edit I found them on twitch.


Hello. I would like to be a Mod of Donald Duck: Goin' Quakers. Because there are 3 Mods now. 1 has not been active for 2 Years and one for 3 months.


@Xheno - And the other one, who happens to be the super mod, and the one you skipped over, was active 5 days ago.The game doesn't seem to be particularly active with runners so only a single active mod is needed.

This thread is a last resort, and should only be used if you have tried contacting the mods, or if they are all inactive.


Boom! This is why I say we add a note to the 'Post a reply...' section.


Is the only way to get mod for a game from the series supermod If my game is moderated by the series mods only?

I contacted them via twitch but I'm not sure how long that will take. I'm worried they may have no idea who I am so I'm not 100% sure they will get my messages. how long is a reasonable amount of time to pass til you would consider mod? I'm sorry if I sound impatient, I just want my run posted. I appreciate the series mods but its almost been a month and I already have another run done and hopefully more to come.

Game Series
The specific game I am requesting mod for


Sorry for the very late response.
From what I know he just sits there. He is a supermod, I don't know if he requested it, but all the leaderboards look super-well made. I'd tap that...
He told me that after our "fight" was over he lost interest in speedrunning (he didn't have any time for it even then), so "We're free to clean up after his mess".



I'd like to become a moderator for Gamestar Mechanic. I have some new ideas for categories and am the only one on the leaderboard who currently plays Gamestar Mechanic actively.

A thread I posted nearly 3 weeks ago has no response. I have tried contacting the current moderator on Twitch, but he has not responded (I contacted him 4 or 5 days ago).

I should mention that a run of mine was accepted two weeks ago after 4 days of pending.

Even still, the current moderator shows no sign of activity, so I ask if I can become a mod.


@DryYoshi contact him, he is acitve


Would like to request moderator for Super Mario: Super Circuit ( )
Moderator Lafungo hasn't been online for >3 weeks ( )
have messaged him on twitter, but he seems to not use that very often, so dunno when that'll reach him.
run in question: (it's shit, but hey)

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@Deln how should I contact him? I messaged him on Twitch with no response and he doesn't have an actual YouTube channel. Should I post a thread in the Gamestar Mechanic forum?


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