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@ Marrow - Still looks like you're mod for the series to me.

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ROMaster2: I'll try to go through this another day. It's a lot to look at.

KPCzombie: Added.

Someone000: Reviewing things and trying to recall from memory. My recollection is either the board was just empty and/or the categories were set up poorly, so I added him after he made a post in this thread in late February on that basis. You may have also been inactive at that time, I don't recall the specifics. The site log suggests the board was empty, but it's possible the log isn't logging something relevant.

PojeBunny: This situation is complex. I'll add you back as super moderator for now since you self-removed a few weeks ago, but I'm not going to remove him at the moment. Reviewing the logs, it does not look like the moderators were neglecting to verify your runs in the order of the queue. It's hard to say definitively without a very thorough review, but it really doesn't look true to me. Series moderation is in somewhat of an ambiguous hierarchical state still and the order people were added with regard to this game also makes things complex.

Beardy: I think it's at least fair to say that two people in a disagreement in this thread aren't going to successfully moderate a game together. I current manage how the game request form gets processed, and I think arguing about who did a week 1 speedrun first is ridiculous.

SpectreXS: Added.

(More in next post)

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Ozotuh: Ok

Balletdancergabe31: It looks like you were added. Series mods are allowed to add the games and set them up for runs if desired.

drewlmd: Generally the answer is ask on the game page forums, however, since you don't have a run I doubt they're going to add you.

daedlus: It looks like you were added.

kohlmannm: You posted like twice in two days. I don't read this thread daily or I would probably lose my mind. Since the run has been pending a long time this is fine.

AntoninZeKing: If you had a run pending, I'd probably add you.

gavinscousin: I'd recommend making a forum post on the game(s). I don't know if they want PC tracked in the same game or separately. I also can't see a run by you, possibly becuase your youtube link doesn't work.

Marrow: I think Streetpass was deleted for being empty or something? Then I re-added(?) it based on your earlier post and forgot to add you as a moderator until you posted because I am dumb.

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Why even have a requirement of providing a video when requesting a game if you're not even going to spend a minute or 2 checking whether or not it actually adheres to it? The issue here is that every single time something like this happens, where somebody does some shit with getting a leaderboard, you always fall back on the excuse that you're overloaded with work and have x amount of processes to go through.

It's the absolute laziness that irks me more than this random person playing victim.


It's just a board, her original submitted run must not have been that casual if current 1st place is only 26 seconds faster than what she has now, she clearly runs the game


Thank you for adding me to Super Moderators, but neverthless I'll still insist on removing others. I'm bound to my judgment on their incompetence.
There are people much more fit for moderating in our community, like mr @FireFox that are dedicated to cooperation with others instead of fulfilling their ego.

Thank you once more @kirkq

Edit 1:
I haven't noticed before as I didn't have a reason to check the CMR series, but the person mentioned (potato) went around moderators of CMR games and has requested CMR 2005 two weeks ago, which has been accepted and added by the administration. He is attempting to enforce his rule "somewhere" even though he is incompetent and rude towards other members (this week we had to disciplinary mute him on our Discord because he was breaking the rules and when reasoned with in Private kept on going in Public). We are unable to supervise him 24/7 on his actions, so I'd like to try to persuade you again @kirkq, into reconsidering my proposal.

Edit 2:
CMR 2005 might have been added by my hand. I'm unsure about that and I may have to apologise. Anyway, the above still stands.


Can I have mod on Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis Squarepantis? Current mod hasnt been on in 1 month.



i want to revive the f.e.a.r 3 speedrun page and i asked if it would be possible that they add the level to the level leader board.
i looked for all online times of the mods and saw that some of them are inactive and the supermod dont write back..
even at a forum post 3 month ago.. no answer yet.

would it be possible to add me there?

regards Sgitch

(sorry for the crap English)

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@Sgitch tru and I have both been looking into getting mod ourselves, he asked like a month ago (and recently) and I a few weeks ago, we both run the game a bit and he even has a submission for SGDQ, but anyways you would need to give it time regardless, redemption has a twitter that he's active on but of course tru and I haven't gotten anything back from him regarding mod status, you can try asking him too on twitter if you'd like (which is recommended)

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Leaderboard conflict? They both have NES runs:
Life Force
[Life Force (NES)](/lifeforce)

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Hey! Me and my friend have been speedrunning TorqueL recently ( ) and we both recently beat the 2 year old world record. It looks like the current moderator (who is previous WR holder) is inactive. Can you confirm if he is still active, and failing that pass moderation to me or the other runner


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Good morning! The Moderator for Razor Racing (Sup3rH3nry) seems to have gone dark. He hasn't logged on here in 8+ months, and he hasn't used Twitter since Jan 4th, 2015. I just broke the WR on the game by ~10 seconds, and it doesn't seem like he'll ever be back to verify it. I'm not asking to become a moderator on the game, just would be eternally grateful to have my run recognized/notarized/what-have-you. Thanks in advance!

Game link:

Inactive Moderator:

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Leaderboard conflict:
Shobon Action
Syobon Action

The first can just be deleted. The second one is the obviously used one.
I used the Twitch API to check each game to see if the Twitch Game actually exists on Twitch. Most of them are but there's still a large number that aren't even if you exclude derivatives. I correctly a large number of the more popular games, about ~680 games (mostly from a fuzzy lookup). That's obviously a large load so you can contact me when/if you're ready to correct them.

A side-benefit of checking the games for Twitch names also checks the spelling of the games.


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Super Mario 64 Rom Hack Series. I would be happy mod LG Benjamin1566 😉


@Benjamin1566 did you already try asking one of the three mods of the series already? They've been on and are relatively active, this thread is supposed to be a last resort, doesn't look like you have a twitter so I'll take it as a no on talking to one (or all) of them about it


Would like to request Super mod for Low G Man on NES. Mod hasn't been active for 1 year, no twitter/twitch to contact. Want to add the WR run to the board.

  [user deleted]

Hi, I wonder if someone would like to become a moderator of Altered Beast and Road Fighter instead of me. Here are the leaderboards:

It is not much work to do with it and the rules are already defined. A reliable successor would be great if possible.


@IDK-O-Ligeirinho it looks like you only contacted Dodi on twitter and that was 7 hours ago, it also looks like you kinda spammed the forums, judging by your last forum post you very recently submitted your two runs lol it takes time

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