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I'm making a topic cos' imo, it's not really feedback, more like a suggestion.
I've been on that site for some time now, and, while it seems to be more active (the leaderboards alwyas were, in a way, but the forums got a bit better since imo), i still find it kinda... well, not that active actually, especially, the forums.

I'd like to suggest adding a chatbox or something like that, i think it could be fun, maybe it'll make the forums (and stuffs like that) more active in a way. On another note, maybe it could help too, maybe peoples could actually ask about games, leaderboards, and other stuff in it, thus leading to less topics for the same things, also maybe that way the site will look more friendly to new users.

So... yeah, that's pretty much it. Thanks in advance for reading and stuff.


Well it may not be advertised much but we have an IRC channel on SRL :

Having a way to access it directly on the website... I think it has been discussed a (very) long time ago but maybe the topic was slightly different, I don't remember exactly.


Wait there's an IRC ?
Well, imo having a way to access it via the website would actually be cool. Not everyone has a program to connect to IRC (i do, but i rarely use it tbh).

Also, well... if it's the site's IRC it SHOULD be somewhere on the site imo.


Possibly the option of having each game list their IRC server/channel in the game settings and then have a chat page linked on the sidebar with an embedded IRC webchat that would go to that game's listed server/channel would be nice. I'm sure most games have an IRC channel, but it's a bit difficult to get that info out to new runners (who possibly have never used IRC before).

As for the site's channel, I'm not really sure where that could go :3