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I'll be updating the timing system soon-ish (about #3 on my priority list), and I want to check that everything is covered.

This is mainly directed at moderators (FYI: 763 users moderate at least one game). In order to make sure that the site supports the timing method each game needs, there'll be a fair amount of customisation options. A lot more dynamic than it is now, basically.

So, there are three timing fields:

• Real time
• In-game time
• Time without loads

Here's what's planned:

• Any or all of the above fields will be usable
• Any of the above fields can be selected as the default view
• Leaderboards will be sortable by any of the above fields
• Different fields will be usable for full-game leaderboards and individual level leaderboards
• Different fields will be usable for different categories
• Each timing field can select times broken down into minutes, seconds, decaseconds, centiseconds, or milliseconds
• 4-player support

If I've forgotten anything, or you have any further requests for this, here's the place to tell me.

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A couple of things I'd like to request:

1) For games whose IGT doesn't contain seconds, the ability to default sort by IGT with ties sorted by RTA

2) For runs without a particular field entered, the option to either hide or show (sorted to the bottom) those runs when sorting by that field

3) (this might already exist?) If someone has two runs of the same category in their profile, one with a faster RTA and the other with a faster IGT, have the appropriate run show up depending on what sorting method you choose


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One thing I requested in another thread:

Providing an option for "gametime unavailable" for runs that don't have a reference for the in-game time.


it would be cool to be able to differ between 0 and "unknown", many people just cut off the seconds or their decimal places and that disadvantages people who time their runs accurately and there's also no way to differ between 1.XXX seconds and actual 1.000 seconds or 1:00 and 1:XX on the leaderboard, unknown would then just be interpretated as the largest possible value for sorting purposes


You mention "three timing fields", but I think it will work better in the long run just to let users add an unrestricted number of generic time fields and custom name them. (Kinda like adding a category.)

If it's not clear what I mean I can elaborate.

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Providing an option for "gametime unavailable" for runs that don't have a reference for the in-game time.


Also for runs that are sorted at time w/o loads, but only a time w/ loads is specified, in which case it is assumed loads == 0, maybe give the time w/o loads a grey hue instead of solid black/white? Perhaps at the decision of the game mods.


Yeah actually, those suggestions make a lot of sense.

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This is all good stuff, but I'd like to see a 'converted time' option as well. For games where everything's the same but text, it'd be nice if we could do direct comparisons of versions on the same board, instead of having to segregate in order to avoid phony 'WRs'

This matters for the games where the clear best runners are running on a version that has more text (Legend of Zelda, Faxanadu, Little Nemo come to mind).


maybe a low%/max% sorting method that prioritizes % over time?


Would it be possible to sort individual categories based on different criteria?

There's a category (any%) in the game I support which breaks the IGT and the rankings refuse to be ordered based on real time first.
The main category (any% IGT) is sorted by IGT making it so that all submissions for all sub-categories must be submitted with IGT as well.

Screenshot of the issue:



Each timing field can select times broken down into minutes, seconds, decaseconds, centiseconds, or milliseconds

Will you add a setting to select between showing decaseconds, centiseconds, or milliseconds? Having a time like 5.12 show up as 5.120 sucks for games that don't use milliseconds.

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Hi Pac,

In regards to 4-player support - can you take a look at this thread? We want to hide times that are not PB for any player



andypanther: We want to make timer code more modular in implementation and displayability in the future. There's discussion on this in other threads.

Znernicus: I responded in the other thread.

I'm locking this thread because it's very old, and the work pertaining to the first phase was completed, and most of the future discussion on the topic focuses on newer issues. Feel free to use the feedback thread.